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Internet2 Infrastructure. An advanced networking consortium whose members include: – 221 U.S. universities – 45 leading corporations – 66 government agencies,

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1 Internet2 Infrastructure

2 An advanced networking consortium whose members include: – 221 U.S. universities – 45 leading corporations – 66 government agencies, laboratories and other institutions of higher learning – 35 regional and state research and education networks – Over 100 national research and education networking organizations representing more than 50 countries Operates a best-in-class national optical network with 17,500 miles of dedicated fiber, the latest 100G routers and optical transport systems with 8.8 Tbps capacity Engages stakeholders in developing new technologies critical to their missions Plays a unique role (15 years) in pioneering advanced network applications and technologies and facilitating groundbreaking research Internet2 Overview 2 – 2/15/2014, © 2011 Internet2

3 3 – 2/15/2014, © 2009 Internet2

4 Dedicated large scale national optical network Built on new 17,500-mile national optical infrastructure equipped at 8.8 Tbps Utilizes future-ready Ciena 6500, supporting up to 100GE interfaces, with enhanced capabilities in process 100GE IP infrastructure Variety of wave services 10G/40G/100G and beyond 50+ colo facilities, 10 router nodes, 300+ Ciena 6500 optical elements, 40+ planned SDN nodes ~1PB of traffic per day Internet2 Technical Summary

5 Internet2 operates a 24x7 Network Operations Center (NOC) housed at Indiana University All equipment and facilities operated and maintained at production levels Internet2 NOC specializes in the supporting the needs of high bandwidth users Heavily instrumented (measured) network allows real-time validation and characterization of underlying transport system to aid in troubleshooting Operates in a highly transparent manner to the end user Works collaboratively with other networks to provision services or identify and resolve trouble Internet2 Operations

6 Provider of DOEs next-generation infrastructure to support its Advanced Network Initiative – 4.4 Tbps national partnership includes regional build-outs to national labs National network provider to NOAAs research network: N-Wave Internet2 partners or connects with dozens of agencies and international networks to enable collaboration on a global scale Internet2 as Government Network Partner

7 Sample Listing of Government Affiliates

8 Research efforts are increasingly becoming collaborative Data sets are growing so large that the physical resources required to support that data are growing to the point where real estate and utility costs are becoming significant decision drivers Data is becoming more remote from the user Operational and administrative functions are moving to the cloud Shift in network use paradigm: from casual browsing to mission critical, high capacity data transfer capabilities Data archiving and access: policy and problems The importance of access to flexible, scalable, cost effective bandwidth is growing and accelerating 100G replacing 10G Changing Nature of Research and Networking

9 Costs of Dark Fiber Networking 9 – 2/15/2014, © 2011 Internet2 One Time Cost Allocations for Creating Dark Fiber Networks Ongoing Cost Allocations for Operating Dark Fiber Networks Regardless if there is 10 Gbps or 1 TBbps of active capacity, the one time and ongoing costs of a national optical network are essentially flat Fiber expense is frequently over shadowed in TCO analysis of dark fiber networks by the combined equipment and colocation expenses required to use the fiber High fixed costs of dedicated fiber networks are quickly becoming less economically attractive as spectral efficiency increases and market pricing for capacity decreases

10 Dedicated Large Scale Dark Fiber Networks: Inefficient Use of Capital for Community Members 10 – 2/15/2014, © 2009 Internet2 Percentage of Capital Used to Create Duplicative Infrastructure Percentage of Capital Used to Operate Duplicative Infrastructure 89% Inefficient 1 91% Inefficient Given current networking capacities and its continued to growth path, it is no longer an efficient use of funds to create and operate duplicative network infrastructure to serve a single entity or mission where the bandwidth need can be met in several waves on an existing system Internet2 aids the community by allowing them to more efficiently utilize their capital to support mission and programs rather than having those funds consumed by non-value adding infrastructure and support expenses; this is done while simultaneously providing members access to all the network capacity and control that they would have utilized in a dedicated solution 1) Lighting a single ITU wave at 100G on a system

11 Internet2 strives to provide highly flexible and customizable solutions and is eager to support its members Please contact us with any questions or comments Christian Todorov, Director, Business Development, Internet2 office: 734-352-7098 Internet2 main: 734-913-4250 1000 Oakbrook Dr, Suite 300 Ann Arbor, MI 48104 Further information regarding Internet2 can be found on the Web at: Questions and Contact

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