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Medical Imaging Resource Center A Tour of the MIRC Community.

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1 Medical Imaging Resource Center A Tour of the MIRC Community

2 MIRC The MIRC Objective: Support the production, storage, indexing and distribution of medical imaging resources: –Teaching files –Scientific & technical documentation –Research images & datasets –Clinical trials data

3 MIRC A little history… MIRC was originally conceived as a large central database of images and related clinical information that would be maintained by the RSNA for open access by the medical imaging community.

4 MIRC Evolution of the concept… It soon became evident that a more effective strategy would be to leverage existing on-line electronic resources while creating new ones.

5 MIRC The technical approach… A virtual community –of medical image libraries –with a distributed index –supporting a distributed search mechanism A kind of radiological Napster The final result…

6 MIRC An open community of medical imaging libraries and teaching files around the world, cooperating by sharing information through a common query format

7 MIRC Image Searching Prior to MIRC Use of a search engine or multiple search engines to locate specific images or information. Alternatively, find a website with multiple links to teaching files.





12 Image Searching Prior to MIRC Therefore, somewhat limited with only having the ability to query the single storage repository.

13 MIRC Image Searching Prior to MIRC Or… Find another database link via the search engine.



16 Image Searching with MIRC

17 MIRC MIRC Sites Query Service –An entry point into the MIRC community for a user on the Internet Storage Service –A cooperating library Index: the librarys card catalog Server: the librarys shelves

18 MIRC MIRC Sites Internet Server Index Server Index MIRC site B Server Index Query Service MIRC site C Server Index RSNA site User MIRC site A

19 MIRC MIRC – a technical definition MIRC is defined to be a set of servers (query services and storage services) that support: –the MIRCquery and –MIRCqueryresult XML schemas MIRC places no constraints on how servers display their contents

20 MIRC Query Services Provide users with query forms. Translate a query form into a MIRCquery XML object. Distribute the MIRCquery to all selected Storage Services. Collate the results and return them to the user.

21 MIRC Standard Query Service Using the standard query service w/out the case navigator allows you to view the results in a typed page format.

22 MIRC Query Form

23 MIRC Query Form

24 MIRC Standard Query Results

25 MIRC Query Services Selecting the case navigator will take you directly to the first case. The next case will be just a click away.

26 MIRC Query Form

27 MIRC The Case Navigator Intended for teaching file cases

28 MIRC Storage Services Respond to queries from Query Services and serve content to users. Each storage service maintains its own index Each storage service is responsible for the display format of its content


30 Casimage Case Display

31 MIRC MedPix Case Display

32 MIRC Case Display

33 MIRC Neuroscience Institute Display

34 MIRC RSNA Case Display

35 MIRC Complex Query Can specify a complex search simultaneously across multiple medical image sites

36 MIRC Complex Query

37 MIRC Complex Query Result

38 MIRC Unknown Query Can use for teaching cases –Resident board preparation –Test skills in a specific modality or organ system

39 MIRC Unknown Query

40 MIRC Unknown Query Result

41 MIRC Unknown Query Result

42 MIRC RadLexiconRadLexicon

43 The RSNA MIRC Software Query ServiceQuery Service Storage ServiceStorage Service Storage Service servlet Submit Service servlet Admin Service servlet XML Server servlet Authoring ToolAuthoring Tool

44 MIRC The RSNA MIRC Site Software Serves all kinds of MIRC documents Runs on all platforms Personal/departmental teaching file system Clinical trials support coming soon Free / open source

45 MIRC The RSNA MIRC Authoring Tool Creates all kinds of MIRC documents Runs on all platforms Submits documents to MIRC sites running the RSNA software DICOM Store SCP and Q/R SCU Free / open source

46 MIRC MIRCat – the Editor pane

47 MIRC MIRCat – the Display pane

48 MIRC MIRCat – the ACR code pane

49 MIRC MIRCat – the Selector

50 MIRC MIRCat – the Palette

51 MIRC The Image Editor


53 MIRC MIRCat – DICOM Store

54 MIRC Case submission

55 MIRC The Finished Product

56 MIRC The Future Clinical Trials data collection software release (early 04)Clinical Trials data collection software release (early 04) Normal variants repositoriesNormal variants repositories Research data repositoriesResearch data repositories Presentation submission mechanismPresentation submission mechanism

57 MIRC Query cases on MIRC

58 MIRC Questions/Answers & Help RSNA Forums: –http://forums.rsna.org –User Comments, Questions and Answers –RSNA MIRC Software Announcements –MIRC Implementers Corner –MIRC Technical Review Committee Subscribe on the Forums site

59 MIRC Other Courses This Week How to Author MIRC Teaching File DocumentsHow to Author MIRC Teaching File Documents How to Set Up a Personal Teaching File SystemHow to Set Up a Personal Teaching File System Inside the RSNA MIRC SoftwareInside the RSNA MIRC Software

60 MIRC Thank You

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