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The Role of Open Source Software in Radiology Eliot Siegel, M.D. Professor and Vice Chairman University of Maryland School of Medicine Dept. Diagnostic.

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1 The Role of Open Source Software in Radiology Eliot Siegel, M.D. Professor and Vice Chairman University of Maryland School of Medicine Dept. Diagnostic Radiology Chief Imaging VA Maryland Healthcare System

2 Open Source Software in Radiology Many freeware projects in Radiology –Best known include Osiris, NIH Image, eFilm before they were acquired and became a commercial product, and others Very limited number of Open Source Projects

3 Open Source Programs VISTA Raynux CDMedic MIRC

4 VISTA: Veterans Administration (Dept. Veterans Affairs) Information System Technology VistA is a fully integrated, hospital- wide information system Currently made available to the general public under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) The source code is available to the general public under the FOIA but it is not a traditional open source project One part of VistA is VistA Rad which is a multi-media PACS that includes a full featured Radiology PACS

5 VISTA open source within VA Community best EMR available SAIC fascinating example of commercialization of this open source software sold to DoD despite being free –Commercial version has fallen far behind open source version and requires separate purchase/contract with every modification VistA has been ported to a completely open source stack of Linux and GT.M Mumps Previously, VistA was only available on a proprietary platform of Microsoft Windows and Mumps

6 VISTA WorldVistA is a non-profit organization incorporated in California with the mission of furthering the cause of affordable health care information technology worldwide Acts as coordination point for work on VistA done outside the VA, to ensure that all such software changes are available under an appropriate open-source license, and to feed bug fixes and enhancements back to the VA for consideration for inclusion in the VA's VistA Their stated goal is to help establish for VistA the virtuous spiral of open source by bringing together a critical mass of developers and users...

7 Raynux Project The project goal is to realize a wide radiologic software laboratory which is completely free and Open Source, without any commercial limitation RIS software (ESO) and image & report distribution software developed at The University of Padova, Dept. of Medical & Diagnostic Sciences and Special Therapies Based on Linux Server with Interbase 6.0 as database engine and a DICOM server application developed starting from OFFIS library (Oldenburg Germany)

8 CD Medic: PACS and Image Tools

9 CDMedic Intended Audience: Education, Healthcare Industry, Science/Research License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Natural Language: English, Spanish Operating System: Linux Programming Language: Perl, Unix ShellEducationHealthcare Industry Science/ResearchGNU General Public License (GPL)EnglishSpanishLinuxPerlUnix Shell

10 BolinOS IntRad Multimedia authoring platform and Web operating system for Internet radiology. Project, undertaken in the radiology department at Geneva University Hospitals in Geneva, Switzerland, utilized an Apache Web server, pre- hypertext processor (PHP), and MySQL database open-source code as its application base

11 Medical Imaging Resource Center

12 MIRC Key Concepts Libraries cooperate by supporting a common query mechanism. The Query mechanism allows users to find information anywhere in the community MIRC supports all information storage formats

13 MIRC Libraries MIRC libraries can archive a wide variety of text, images, and multimedia information –Teaching files –Research data and reference image repositories Collections of disease specific radiographs Normal variants Functional brain MR data sets Clinical trials images and related data –Journal articles –PowerPoint –Presentations in all formats

14 MIRC Components Query Service The entry point into the MIRC community for a user on the Internet. Accessed with standard browsers.

15 MIRC Components Storage Service: a cooperating information library. Can be a web archive or a database indexed to respond to a MIRC query Index: the librarys card catalog. Each storage service implements its own. Server: the librarys shelves. The place where the content of a MIRC site is stored and retrieved.

16 MIRC Components Internet Server Index Server Index MIRC site B Server Index Query Service MIRC site C Server Index RSNA site User MIRC site A

17 MIRC Query Service: The user fills in a query form:

18 Search for Hemangioma InteractEd2 matches MedPix13 matches MyPacs.net26 matches Indiana U.6 matches National Neuroscience1 match Institute Singapore Casimage Teaching File7 matches Mallinckrodt 6 matches 61 Matches with Early MIRC Sites Total Query Time: 3.7 seconds

19 MIRC Teaching File Display:

20 How to Participate? Use MIRC to perform searches for images and information Be an author Set up a MIRC site: –Connect your existing Teaching File system –Build your own Teaching File system: Use the RSNA MIRC Site implementation Use someone elses Come up with your own and make it MIRC compatible

21 MIRCat – MIRC Authoring Tool An editor of text and images that uses the MIRC document format. Facilitates creation of content for MIRC sites An open source component available to be extended.

22 MIRCat – MIRC Authoring Tool MIRCat can be used to create many kinds documents: –Teaching files –Index cards –Articles –And much more… Based on customizable templates. Users can create their own look for a MIRC document

23 MIRC Authoring Tool Document Editor

24 MIRC Authoring Tool Image Palette

25 MIRC Authoring Tool Image Editor

26 RadLex

27 RSNA RadLex: What Is It? A lexicon for uniform indexing and retrieval of radiology information resources A common vocabulary to improve medical communication

28 MIRC Open Source One of the development requirements for MIRC was to make it: –multi-platform –open source Both the MIRC application and Tomcat itself are written in Java and have been run on all the popular platforms

29 MIRC Open Source RSNA is looking into possibility of releasing all the MIRC software as an open source project, perhaps through SourceForge The plan would be to have a project manager who would moderate the project and attempt to guide developers in a common direction The moderator would review submissions to the project and make recommendations to the committee on whether to accept or reject them.

30 Software Used on a MIRC Site Java –Available from Sun for free –Not open source. Tomcat is an open source project of the Apache Jakarta project Multipart Form Library (cos.jar) is an interesting open source project –Written by Jason Hunter as part of a book –The MIRC project distributes the executable library under the terms of the license –The terms for commercial license are:

31 Terms for Multipart Form Library "Permission is granted to use the com.oreilly.servlet.* packages in the development of any non-commercial project For this use you are granted a non-exclusive, non- transferable limited license at no cost For a commercial project, permission is granted to use the com.oreilly.servlet.* packages provided that every person on the development team for that project owns a copy of the book Java Servlet Programming (O'Reilly) in its most recent edition The most recent edition is currently the 2nd Edition, available at

32 RSNA and Open Source RSNA currently looking into implications of releasing MIRC software into the open source community and associated intellectual property issues Will continue to develop software and make it freely available on

33 Need More Information? Go to The Documentation link guides you to all the software, installation instructions, and documentation for setting up a MIRC site and creating content RSNA Forums: –http://forums.rsna.org –User Comments, Questions and Answers –RSNA MIRC Software Announcements –MIRC Implementers Corner –MIRC Technical Review Committee Subscribe on the Forums site

34 Other Courses This Week How to Author MIRC Teaching File DocumentsHow to Author MIRC Teaching File Documents How to Set Up a Personal Teaching File SystemHow to Set Up a Personal Teaching File System Inside the RSNA MIRC SoftwareInside the RSNA MIRC Software

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