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William Weadock, MD Frank Londy Sarah Abate James Ellis, MD

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1 William Weadock, MD Frank Londy Sarah Abate James Ellis, MD
Incorporating Radiology Teaching Files and Microsoft® PowerPoint® Files into a MIRC System Department of Radiology University of Michigan

2 Introduction - MIRC Web-based teaching file system
Upload images and text Search for text with web browser Free text search Database field Free software created and supported by RSNA.

3 MIRC Basic Concepts 3 Main Components Storage Query Case creation
Web-based authoring tool Web-based editor Our institution uses RadPix as the authoring tool

4 Why do we use MIRC? Created and supported by RSNA
John Perry very responsive to questions and suggestions Ability to create / edit / export cases Well documented Emerging standard for teaching files Integrates with other systems, etc.

5 Why do we use RadPix? PC program DICOM client to receive images
Cropping, annotating, window / leveling Slide creation MIRC database fields History, Diagnosis, Pathology, etc. Upload completed PowerPoint presentations Search for text in presentations

6 Why do we use RadPix? Supports our library of collected DICOM images
Since 1997 Logical and flexible workflow Does not require Java installation Locked down PC’s in reading rooms

7 Owner, Weadock Software, LLC
Disclosure William Weadock, MD Owner, Weadock Software, LLC

8 Goals of Teaching File System
Public area – accessible to the department Private area - accessible only to the individual Content Images and text PowerPoint® Files Movies, animations, PDF’s, etc. Quality control Simple to search

9 Teaching File System Requirements
Easy to Install Easy to Use Retain High Quality Images Add Textual Material Edit Cases Output Cases Simple PowerPoint® Slide Creation HIPAA

10 RadPix and MIRC Meet these Goals

11 RadPix / MIRC Workflow Review case on PACS
Send individual images to RadPix DICOM client from PACS Load images into RadPix Enter textual data for case Upload case to MIRC from RadPix

12 Workflow Example

13 Workflow Animation in Progress
Step 1 Exported images STEP 1 Teaching images are exported from PACS

14 Workflow Animation in Progress
Step 2 Images in RadPix STEP 2 Images are opened in RadPix

15 Workflow Animation in Progress
Step 3a Send to PPT STEP 3 – Option A Images can be placed directly into a PowerPoint® Presentation

16 Workflow Animation in Progress
Step 4a Power 2 MIRC STEP 4a – Option A Use Power 2 MIRC to upload text and images to MIRC server

17 Workflow Animation in Progress
Step 5 View on MIRC STEP 5 – Option A View on MIRC server

18 Workflow Animation in Progress
Step 3b Export to MIRC STEP 3b – Option B Export to MIRC server

19 Workflow Animation in Progress
Step 4b MIRC Authoring Tool STEP 4b – Option B Add information with MIRC Authoring Tool

20 Workflow Animation in Progress
Workflow Animation Complete Step 5 View on MIRC STEP 5 View on MIRC server

21 User Roles - Public Two levels of users Authors Publishers
Faculty, fellows, residents, others Contribute material Publishers Approve authors’ submissions Faculty

22 Document Ownership Private files only they can access
Multiple owners of a document Proxy creators Secretaries, others can create documents for faculty

23 Michigan PACS Configuration
Separate DICOM client for each division NeuroPC, BonePC, ChestPC, etc. Single PC with multiple DICOM clients receives all images Same IP address Different AETitle Different port Workstations configured to send images All images routed to department-wide Novell network (n:\)

24 Image Routing DICOM Image Catcher Abdomen Neuro Chest

25 Image Routing Bone images -> n:\bone\images
Result Bone images -> n:\bone\images Chest images -> n:\chest\images… Could also be configured as separate system for each radiologist

26 Problems Images collect on server
Inadvertent sending of very large data sets Images Disk drives fill up! Users must choose representative images

27 MIRC Authoring with RadPix

28 RadPix MIRC support Windows®-based Loads DICOM images from PC Network

29 RadPix Upload to MIRC

30 MIRC Authoring – Patient Information

31 MIRC Authoring – Case

32 MIRC Authoring – Categories

33 MIRC Authoring - Images

34 MIRC Authoring – Images - Annotate

35 MIRC Authoring - Access
Video Files can be included Other files, including PDF, TIFF, DOC, XLS, etc. can be included

36 MIRC Authoring - Access

37 MIRC Authoring - Quiz

38 Sample Case – Annotated Image

39 Sample Case - Quiz

40 Uploading PowerPoint® files to MIRC with RadPix Power 2 MIRC

41 Power 2 MIRC Features Extracts text from PowerPoint® files
Includes titles, text boxes, notes Splits PowerPoint® files For example, if there are 15 different cases in a presentation, they can each be uploaded separately into MIRC MIRC data fields History, findings, pathology, etc.


43 Power 2 MIRC Features Creates MIRC-compatible file
Uploads to MIRC server Includes: Snapshot image of slide Text & notes from presentation AVI video files Other embedded files Original PPT file

44 Sample PowerPoint® Slide
Notice the text on slide and in slide notes area Slide notes

45 Example Slide in Power 2 MIRC

46 MIRC Search – “TOF”

47 MIRC Query Results – “TOF”
4 Documents found

48 Sample PowerPoint® Slide in MIRC
Extracted Text Extracted Notes MIRC

49 Extracted Text from Slide

50 Extracted Notes from Slide

51 Current Status of our System
CT, US, MRI conferences AVI’s included PPT files split up - 1 for each case Standardized template for conferences Medical student lectures – upcoming article in Journal of Digital Imaging

52 Future Local PC / Laptop support Extract certain cases to local PC
Search Local PC External UM MIRC site? RSNA Radlex Replacement for ACR coding Access from outside world via Internet Virtual Private Network (VPN)

53 MIRC Admin Hardware Software

54 Michigan MIRC Server - Hardware
Dell 2.4 GHz PC 512 Mb RAM (2) 250 Gb disk drives Mirrored RAID Back up system!!!

55 Server Configuration Inside UM firewall
Private UM IP subnet ( _._) Available only inside Institution Accessible via secure VPN over Internet

56 MIRC Server - Software Sun® Java 1.4.2 Apache Tomcat 4.1.29
Windows® 2000 Server Network Associates VirusScan 7.1 Microsoft® Security Patches MIRC ( Sun® Java 1.4.2 Apache Tomcat

57 RadPix - Software Download trial software from
Includes : RadPix DICOM client (RSNA SimpleStorage) RadPix MIRC Authoring Tool Power 2 MIRC

58 Conclusions MIRC is becoming an integral component of University of Michigan web-based teaching file system. RadPix and Power 2 MIRC are used as authoring tools. PowerPoint® presentations and case files can be uploaded to MIRC system. Content may be either public or private.

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