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IHE Pharmacy profiles Hospital Medication Workflow status – July 2010.

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1 IHE Pharmacy profiles Hospital Medication Workflow status – July 2010

2 Goal Provide interoperability solution for Medication Workflow in hospital Prescription – Pharmaceutical Advice – Dispense – Administration Doctors – Pharmacists - Nurse

3 Status Roles identified Prescription Placer Pharmaceutical Adviser Medication Dispenser Medication Administration Informer Transactions described between those actors

4 Features Supply chain is independent of clinical process Complexity of dispensing schemes is not influencing the model Supply chain can be modelled in the future

5 Prescription Placer Creates Prescription Orders Informs the other actors that a prescription is available / updated Receives updates about the actions for the prescription: Pharmaceutical Advice given Dispensed Administered

6 Prescription Placer Patient A. Everyman should get Doliprane® 1000 mg tablets, 1 orally three times a day for the duration of the admission Check for ICA, see if advice required Start preparing the distribution, if needed (e.g. check stock levels) Can start preparing the patient if needed

7 Pharmaceutical Adviser Receives prescriptions and checks them to Add notes and Advice Validate (depending on the implementation) Requests and Receives Current Treatment from other repositories (inside or outside hospital)* * Not yet covered

8 Pharmaceutical Adviser Prescriptio n = Validated Will make sure that the medication is given to the patient Will give it when the time comes. Here, 3x day = 7h – 15h – 23h For A. Everyman, I have validated the prescription of Doliprane® 1000 mg. This medication should be dispensed and administered

9 Medication Dispenser Receives prescription orders and advice, to dispense Medication for a patient Also does all the actions and management required to deliver the medication to the patients stock – including stock redistribution if needed*. * Not yet detailed

10 Medication Dispenser Prescriptio n = Dispensed Got the pills for the patient for the next week Here are 21 tablets of Doliprane® 1000 mg for patient A. Everyman.

11 Med. Administration Informer Receives Prescriptions, Dispense messages and Pharmaceutical Advice to administer the medication at the defined time. Sends the report of administration to the other actors.

12 Med. Administration Informer Prescription = Administere d I add this to the patients dossier I know the patient only has 20 units left now. I have given one of Mr. Everymans tablets of Doliprane (this tablet) at 15h00

13 Next Define the needed / expected information in each message Validate model for expected scope In-scope: Define the actions needed by the Medication Dispenser, to address supply chain requirements

14 Resources Ftp site : Mailing list : Google groups (mail archive):

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