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IHE Pharmacy profiles Roadmap summary – June 2010.

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1 IHE Pharmacy profiles Roadmap summary – June 2010

2 Goal Provide interoperability solution for : Medication Workflow in hospital Prescription – Pharmaceutical Advise – Administration Doctors – Pharmacists - Nurse Exchange of Prescriptions and Medications on community level GPs and Community Pharmacist Focus on basic flow to get demonstratable results within 1 year Complex scenarios will be tackled in subsequent years

3 Scope of Year 1 In-scope : Nominative Dispensing Global dispensing (Hospital) Patient Admission and Discharge Retrocession Concurrent medication regimes Community Intra-Hospital (when several IT solutions are present) Emergency medication administration Out-scope : Workflow related to medication ordering

4 IHE- Approach Create a common data model for pharmacy domain Profile existing standards : Hospital pharmacy : HL7 v 2.x standard (Message-based) Community pharmacy : XDS standard (Document-based) Technical Framework describes the details of each Integration Profile (data model, messages) Organise a Connectathon (Pisa, April 2011) to validate implementations IHE Pharmacy Integration Profiles Welcome additional members (users, vendors)

5 Common Data Model Data Model describe the data elements and their relations Common for hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy Instantiated in HL7v2 messages and CDA documents (HL7v3 RIM)

6 Milestones Sept. 2010 – Internal review of Technical Framework Oct. 2010 - Public Review and Release for Trial Implementation April 2011 – Validation of implementations @ Connectathon 2011 (Pisa, Italy)

7 Resources Ftp site : (username :iheyr2; password : interop) Mailing list : Google groups (mail archive):

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