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ITB Site Update Affan Basalamah Huahin, April 2006.

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1 ITB Site Update Affan Basalamah Huahin, April 2006

2 Outline DV-Box UNSYIAH Installation Unibraw Frequency that currently used by Unsyiah to listen course from ITB TEIN2

3 DV-BOX Replacement for SonyBox Working OK! In the very rare case of malfunction, we cold-booted the box

4 Unsyiah Site ITB guys helps the installation Installation begins just after the last AI3 meeting in Phuket Me with Husni Setup BDL and UDL Link Use SonyBox from ITB, ITB use DV-BOX Test the setup with SFC and listening to the Marine course Use ITB-Unibraw frequency to conduct DSP Courses to Unsyiah by Dr. Armein Next presentation






10 Unibraw Frequency for Unsyiah Course ITB provide DSP courses to Unsyiah Lecturer : Dr. Armein Langi We use Unibraw satellite frequency to send courses to Unsyiah In every ITB-Unsyiah course, we have to change RX freq We would like AI3 opinion about frequency utilization for ITB-Unsyiah course

11 Network Reconfiguration We configure ITB POP for easier management Concentrate BGP process in the lesser number of router

12 TEIN2 network TEIN2 connection from ITB is operational! 45 Mbps IP-VPN to TEIN2 SG-POP Install GRE tunnel to simulate single link, since IP-VPN provided by two MPLS network Still need fine tuning on routing advertising –Prefer commercial traffic through AI3, and RE traffic throught TEIN2 –AI3 and WIDE has configure larger local-pref for AS4796

13 Network Diagram

14 IP-VPN Network

15 Any Questions ?

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