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What Is A Seed?.

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1 What Is A Seed?

2 The Plant “Family Tree”
Cuticle Vascular Tissue Seeds Fruit & Flowers Green Algae Ancestor Bryophytes Ferns Gymnosperms Angiosperms The Plant “Family Tree”

3 What is a Seed? The embryo of a plant
The pollen is the “sperm” or male gamete The egg is found within a flower if the plant is an angiosperm; or the female cone if the plant is a gymnosperm Fertilization results in an embryo or SEED!

4 Gymnosperms have “Naked Seeds”
The male pine cone contains pollen The female pine cone is the typical woody cone; it contains the eggs or ovules

5 Mature ovulate cones and seeds

6 Angiosperms have male and female parts (think of lab last week!)

7 The seed of an Angiosperm is found within fruit!

8 In Conclusion… What is a seed? How is it important to the lifecycle of a plant? Let’s investigate…..

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