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Job Seeking Skills Lumberton High Sci Vis II V201.03.

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1 Job Seeking Skills Lumberton High Sci Vis II V201.03

2 Letter of Application  The letter should be one page in length, usually 3-4 paragraphs long.  The letter should be formatted using full block or modified block format. (Template can be used).  The letter should be readable, using 12-point type.  The letter should express your interest and qualifications for the job to which you are applying. It should reflect what is in your resume.

3 Letter of Application  Use an introductory paragraph that indicates what job you are applying for and any special credentials you may have.  In the next two paragraphs, highlight your academic degrees and work experience. Tell the employer about any special qualifications.  In closing, indicate that you are interested in being contacted for an interview. Tell when and how you may be contacted. Express your enthusiasm for this opportunity.

4 Job Application  Be sure the application is complete and correct.  Contact any references so they will be prepared to reply to any questions asked by the prospective employer.

5 Resume and Electronic Portfolio.  The resume may be a hard copy or on a CD. If the resume is electronic, make sure the format is compatible with most computers. The electronic portfolio may be in the form of a presentation.  In the resume be sure to include the following: Personal Information, Career Objective, Education, Work Experience, Honors and Activities, Special Skills, and References.

6 The Interview  Research the company beforehand and memorize important facts.  Arrive early but not more than 15 minutes.  Make a good impression. Dress neatly, appropriately and conservatively. Do not dress trendy or outlandish. Do not wear a lot of perfume or cologne.  Be enthusiastic and demonstrate a good attitude.

7 The Interview  Stand up straight and use proper posture. Use eye contact.  Be brief and accurate with answers. Try to avoid one-word answers.  Do not criticize past employers.  Prepare a resume and work samples to give the prospective employer. Have a list of references with addresses and phone numbers.  Send a thank-you letter afterwards.

8 The End

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