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Scaling-up the UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative January 2007 environment for the MDGs.

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1 Scaling-up the UNDP-UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative January 2007 environment for the MDGs

2 History UNDP Poverty and Environment Initiative Donors: UK & EC DFID+EC+UNDP+World Bank at WSSD Establishment of the PEP UNEP Poverty and Environment Project Donors: Norway, Belgium & Sweden Joint UNDP/UNEP Poverty and Environment Initiative

3 Activities to date Jointly-supported country poverty-environment mainstreaming programmes in Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania UNDP-supported programmes in Vietnam and Nicaragua UNEP-supported programmes in Mauritania, Mali, Uganda and Mozambique - in cooperation with UNDP Cos Regional and global support

4 Some achievements to date Facilitating country-led poverty-environment mainstreaming processes A growing body of operational and replicable country-level experience Significant improvement in UNDP-UNEP operational cooperation at global and country levels Model for UN Reform - joint work plans, joint staff, pooled resources

5 Some key lessons Commit to facilitating a country-led process - need for adequate time and flexibility, way of working Need for programmatic and operational approach to mainstreaming - multiple entry points at multiple levels Thorough assessment of country situation, especially institutional setting and governance processes Country-specific evidence of links between poverty, environment and pro-poor growth - the economic case Identify key entry points and related activities Link-up with and support in-country donor coordination and harmonization processes Long-term success depends on mainstreaming into budget process and sector programmes, capacity development for implementation

6 Some key areas for improvement Achieving a better balance between top-down and bottom-up processes - esp. scaling-up local experience to planning and policy levels Engagement with Parliaments/legislative bodies More explicit focus on gender issues From mainstreaming to implementation Private sector engagement Supporting learning processes, knowledge management/sharing

7 The proposal To significantly scale-up the PEI: In the context of MDG 7 and the need to integrate environment and energy issues across all MDGs In the context of UNDP and UNEP strategic mainstreaming priorities In the context of UN reform (One UN approach) Building on lessons learned from country experience to date (and continuing to learn!)

8 Implementation approach A programmatic approach Regionalizing PEI Implementation through UNDP CO via UNDP and UNEP regional mechanisms Support regional experience exchange and learning An expanded partnership with PEP members to support country poverty-environment mainstreaming processes - PEI as operational extension of the PEP

9 Implementation approach Country programme preparation Country programme implementation - Phase I Analytic and diagnostic work, dialogue and advocacy Mainstreaming in planning and policy processes Country programme implementation - Phase II Sectoral planning, working at decentralized levels Capacity development Moving from budget to investments, sustainable finance Donor coordination and harmonization Monitoring poverty-environment outcomes

10 Specific targets 2007-2011 Environment effectively integrated in national development processes (incl. MDG-based strategies and implementation) in up to 25 countries Institutional capacity is strengthened to integrate environment in multi-sectoral strategies, plans and investment programmes in up to 15-20 countries Funds leveraged for country operational programmes from donors

11 UNDP and UNEP working together A joint UNDP/UNEP Poverty and Environment (Partnership) Facility in Nairobi Mobilizing UNDP and UNEP resources and networks to enhance capacity to support country poverty- environment mainstreaming processes, working with and through UNDP/UNEP regional centres/offices Developing broader partnerships with PEP members and others Developing and adapting practical approaches and tools Knowledge management – information, good practices, knowledge-sharing

12 Current momentum Strengthened cooperation between UNDP and UNEP at regional level - e.g., Asia/Pacific Donor partners to date - Denmark, Ireland, Sweden UNDP MDG Support initiative - entry point for country engagement, growing country demand for support on mainstreaming environment UNDP/Spain MDG Achievement Fund UN Reform

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