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Feiyu KANG The School of Continuing Education,

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1 e-Learning in Tsinghua University Current Status and Future Development
Feiyu KANG The School of Continuing Education, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China

2 History of On-Campus e-Learning
Started in 1997 with only 10 courses By 1998 had 137 courses; Java and OOP were used by 975 students March 1999, courseware on-demand system launched July 1999, Web-based Testing System launched October 1999, Tsinghua Web School opened October 2001, Tsinghua Web School (2nd Edition) available to all teachers and students

3 e-Learning Facts (2002) Tsinghua Web School Web-based Testing
1,014 courses 25,734 users (2,034 teachers, 23,700 students) 1,080,000 login accesses (does not include guests) 180,000 online hours Web-based Testing about 2,000 students took final exams for “English” about 1,000 students took finals for “C Language”

4 On-Campus e-Learning Facts during SARS
Month Visiting Numbers Per Day Students Tutorials Per Day Jan.-March 4,445 300 April 7,192 660 May 8,565 720 June 8,587 1,050

5 E-Learning Enabling System
Synchronous virtual-classroom Courseware On-Demand Administration Accounting Question & Answer Assignment Quiz and Test Resource Management Quality Evaluation

6 Tsinghua Web School

7 Everyone Enjoy English Website

8 Computer Cultural Foundation Website

9 e-Learning for Off-Campus
First and largest distance education unit in China (since 1997) More than 100 off-campus learning centers established in China 22,000 degree-track students; 9,000 students in short course training Nearly 200 courses via Internet and satellite

10 DLC:over 100 DLCs throughout China

11 Role of Tsinghua University in Off-campus e-Learning
To provide: Authorization and certificates Multimedia equipment for simultaneous viewing in different classrooms Online courseware as well as CD-ROM and other materials Web-based discussion and tutorial platform: Supervision and training for teachers in learning centers

12 Data Transportation modes
Hybrid System: Internet (CERNET: Gigabps) Satellite (Asia Sat II: C-band, 6.5 Mb) Cable TV Video Conference (ISDN) CD-ROM F2F tutorial Online tutorial & seminar: multi-points communication by MCU

13 Technology base: s interaction through satellite and ISDN, online education:courseware ,offline education:VCDs and textbooks

14 — A National Key Research Project

15 Project Objective Establish a Comprehensive System for Web-based College by:
Developing a platform for Web-based teaching,discussion,Q & A, assignments, exams, payment and registration Supporting Web-based teaching administration Promoting Web-based distance learning Promoting the application of national standards for Web-based education

16 System Requirements Develop a copyrighted support system for Web-based education Set the national standards for Web-based education The system must be: Safe, reliable, stable,user-friendly Reusable, accessible, interoperable, durable

17 Learning Planning Quality Control Course- ware Test Register Diploma
Teaching Monitoring Courseware Course- ware Test Database Classroom On-line Assignment BBS Chat Independent learning On-line group discussion Imitative experiment Virtual library Register Diploma Teaching Line

18 Web-based Subsystems Online Teaching Courseware Ordering
Resource Management Assignment Management Questions and Answers Tests and Assessment Quality Evaluation Educational Administration Accounting

19 Courses and Key Features
Civil and Commercial Law: Online simulated courtroom (Mootcourt) Oral English:Online listening and speaking activities Computer Technology:Online experiments Art Design:Online design studio Theory and Method of Design:Online teaching and interactive activities

20 Example 1: Distance Education for Poverty Relief
China has 592 key impoverished counties There are 12 provinces in the west These areas have undeveloped economies and lack educational resources Technology: Sat, Internet, ISDN and CD-ROM Courses: Law Teacher training Agriculture technology Hospital and health care Business & management ……


22 Example 2: Industrial Training via Distance Learning
Offers a training platform for enterprise Develops more highly skilled training programmers Introduces excellent educational resources from around the world Provides: Programs for 200 companies Tsinghua IT certificate Financial and actuary Urban planning Project management Management (MBA & MPA) High technologies

23 Example 3: Legal Studies via Distance Learning
Goal: Provide continuing education for staff in prosecutor’s offices and judicial departments Students: lawyers, public prosecutors, notaries public. Courses: 20 courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Student totals in 2002: Lawyers and notaries: 1,659 Public prosecutors:2,294 Planned total for : 10,000

24 Example 4: English Training via e-Learning
Needed for: 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing 2010 Exposition in Shanghai Governments and industries (post WTO entry) Businesses Tourism Study abroad 50 Learning Centers Tsinghua International English (Tsinghua-ACL) University teachers English training: (Tsinghua-Cambridge U.) Online courseware F2F tutorial

25 Example 5: Crisis Management Forum of Tsinghua University

26 Thank you for your attention!
E-Learning provides us excellent education resource with low cost.

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