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Faster Language Learning with Englishtown Englishtown IMS GLC Learning Impact Award Last Update: 25 th Mar, 2011.

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1 Faster Language Learning with Englishtown Englishtown IMS GLC Learning Impact Award Last Update: 25 th Mar, 2011

2 Index I.Englishtown II.Our Challenges III.Why were different IV.Facts and Figures V.Recognition VI.Key summaries

3 I. Englishtown Weve been pioneering online English training since 1995 Globalization requires improved English skills to manage and leverage interaction across borders Over the last decade, Englishtown has invested more than US$55 million dollars to develop its advanced learning system, and we have successfully helped more than 15 million people around the world improve their English skills. The #1 online English school

4 How to provide the total learning experience across borders How to maintain teachers as the fundamental in language learning How to engage and motivate learners during the courses How to cope with learners need based on its accessibility and flexibility How to manage individual needs II. Our Challenges Tackling global issues

5 III. Why were different Teachers as Our Fundamental Our native English teachers network allows us to grant access to live, online teacher-led classes around the clock We focus on active communication skills. One- on-one environment allows students to get undivided attention and faster results Innovative and Target Oriented Lessons Our course gets entirely customized for each user and his/her specific needs Each lesson kicks off with an engaging movie, and as the user follows the plot and the characters, they start to learn without even trying

6 III. Why were different Convenient and accessible anytime, anywhere Our school opens 24/7, 365 days Each user learns according to their own pace and individual needs New learning style To encourage more proactive learning, we have developed multiple tools to help users We are on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even our own Social network – Community. FREE Daily English lessons help millions each day learn new words and understand how to use them in real life situations Our EF mobile English iPhone application is totally free for students and allow them to enrich their vocabulary anytime, anywhere Our brand new iPad application will also allow students to take their interactive classes along and learn on the go.

7 III. Why were different Backed by University of Cambridge Partnered with the gold standard in education, University of Cambridge. Together, we are exploring how to revolutionize the way students learn English EFCELT, the EF Cambridge English Level Test, was developed together with Cambridge ESOL for all EF students. It indicates English language proficiency level according to the Common European Framework of Reference.

8 New school launched in March 2010 Students have completed over 53,130,169 activities and 578,500 units since March 2010 Number of activities taken has increased by 51% Average study time is now 8.5 hours per month, up 20% since last year Over 350,0000 students have enrolled to our course since March 2010. They are coming from over 150 countries. IV. Facts and Figures Students in More Than 200 Countries

9 Englishtown 10 is amazing! When I used it for the first time, I knew learning English wasnt difficult and boring. … I can learn English and make progress easily and happily. And I can expand my knowledge as well. So I enjoyed Englishtown 10 and I enjoy being a student here. Ivy Yue – Student in China V. Recognitions 98% of users recommend us! Trusted by leading companies around the world:

10 V. Recognitions Breaking down barriers in language, geography, and culture Official Language Training Supplier of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Selected by Brazils Ministry of Tourism as part of their initiative Ola Turista (Hello Tourist). Training 80,000 Brazilians in preparation to the 2014 World Cup

11 Immersion learning Massive content EFCELT Precision testing & progress tracking Coaching Powerful productivity tools Social learning Mobile study tools It is… Faster More engaging More customized More flexible Grounded in Science Built on Research Online teachers 24/7 Native teachers Synchronized curriculum Hollywood movies Advanced speech recognition Well designed schools More interactive learning Adaptive learning It offers… The Defining Facts about Englishtown 10 VI. Summary

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