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Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass

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1 Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass
Asia Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Country Update By Dr. Sureswaran Ramadass APAN Malaysia

2 APAN Malaysia - APAN-My was formed in 1997 to promote advanced research in network technologies using High Bandwidth networks. One of the main purposes of APAN-My is to link the main research network within Malaysia. APAN Malaysia is an active member of APAN. APAN-MY heads the Multimedia Working Group and the IPV6 WG and also involve in numerous other APAN activities.

3 APAN Network Topology

4 Network topology for AI3


6 Testbed Environment for Malaysian Multimedia
Applications and Networking (TEMAN) + Others TEMAN was formed in 1997 by a collaborative effort between the Government, Universities and Telecommunication Companies. It has setup a high speed 155 Mbit network testbed for research and development. This has expanded to include more universities. Satellite Bandwidth Obtained for research as well. Now have support from the world’s first Dark Fiber 2.5 Gig Backbone network to also support connectivity. Manis IPv6 research backbone already running


8 MSC Area Support

9 Malaysian Scenario AS 7544 Nasionet AS 3561 Cable & Wireless, USA
TMNET BGP AS 4788 AS 5727 AT&T WorldNet AS 9290 PutraNet

10 Malaysian IX-1 AS 10204 ARCNET AS 17650 Global One AS 10152 Easycall
Nasionet AS 4774 A-BONE TMNET AS 4788 TMTAPS AS 9986 AS 3561 Cable & Wireless, USA AS 9290 PutraNet AS 10211 IVANET AS 9833 HICOM AS 5727 AT&T WorldNet AS 2042 MIMOS

11 Malaysian IX-2 AS 9534 MAXIS-1 AS 17815 NRG USM AS 9833 HICOM AS 10081
DiGi AS 6453 Teleglobe AS 17784 MAXIS-2 AS 10211 IVANet AS 4717 AI3 MIMOS AS 10111 DATAONE AS 17992 AIMS AS 2042 AS 7473 SingTel AS 9986 TM TAPS AS 4818 DiGi-IX AS 701 UUNet Technologies AS 9930 TTNET AS17736 SOLSIS IDC

12 Malaysian IX-3 AS 6453 Teleglobe AS 17666 FreeNet EAST GATE AS 17971
ABONE AS 10204 ARCNet AS 17464 TM MyLoca AS 18001 Columbo DIALOG AS 4788 TMNet

13 Malaysian Connectivity
AS 7544 Nasionet AS 9833 HICOM AS 9290 PutraNet AS 10152 Easycall AS 17666 FreeNet AS 2500 JPNIC AS 17971 EASTGATE AS 10211 IVANET AS 18001 Dialog, Columbo AS 4778 iASiaworks TW AS 2042 MIMOS AS 10081 DIGI AS 7374 Valueserve CA AS 4774 A-BONE JP AS 17650 Global One AS 4788 TMNET AS 9986 TMTAPS AS 4697 NTTV6Net AS 3561 Cable & Wireless, USA AS 10204 ARCNET AS 17784 MAXIS-2 AS 4717 AI3, JP AS 17464 TM IDC AS 5727 AT&T WorldNet AS 9534 MAXIS AS 7473 SingTel AS 9930 TT-NET AS 2687 IBM, NH AS 4818 DIGI-IX AS 10111 DataOne AS 4766 KIX, Seoul AS 4000 Sprint VA AS 10030 CELCOM AS 4637 Reach, HongKong AS 9581 Cable & Wireless Korea AS 701 UUNet Tech AS 2571 DHL USA AS 1743 MCI WorldCom AS 7046 UUNet, VA AS 2914 Verio, CO AS 6453 Teleglobe

14 USM Connectivity to APAN and TEMAN


16 Working Groups - APAN Malaysia Working Groups Multimedia IPv6 Satellite Multicast Digital Library Bio-Informatics Agriculture Earth Monitoring

17 Earth Monitoring And Disaster Warning WG
Objectives Disseminate fire detection products Smoke, Haze and Ash warning Torrential Rain and information and warning Regional hub for other observations missions

18 Initial Project Remote Monitoring System (RMS)

19 Multimedia WG New Charter/Update Charter Success of old charter:
Spinning-off newer WGs and Technology (Digital Video etc.) Some took off, and some did not. Creating a video conferencing network between Temasek Poly, USM, Keio Univ and AIT. AI3 NOC has setup server and being used. Distance edu classes will be conducted using this system. APAN NOC has setup the MCS server which was used in this conference. New Projects Virtual Gaming/Conferencing/ in an immersive cave type environment. Current commitments from NRG USM, Temasek Poly for Phase 1 and possibly ANU and AIT for Phase 2. Markus is also providing some input about GRID in this area.

20 Activities Current Target Projects : Distributed Multimedia Conferencing System –Currently Implemented over all TEMAN and selected APAN sites Mini Cave/Tele-Immersion – Future project among TEMAN and APAN/AI3 members

21 Digital Library WG Objectives
to develop the infrastructure (common standards and protocols) that will advance the use and utility of digital resources by the higher education community in the region to develop a broad resource base of digital scholarly information resources and services to strengthen communication and collaboration among education, government and research institutes in the region to contribute to lifelong learning opportunities available to the populace of the northern region

22 Activities participants will prepare their OPAC (On-line Public Access Catalogue) for inclusion on the website. The OPAC should be in a universally accepted format e.g.MARC (Machine readable Cataloguing) or standards such as Z39.50 to encourage members to develop search tools (directories, inventories, indexes) establish links with CLH (Connected Learning House) set up by the National Library to develop links with APAN (Asia-Pacific Advanced Network)

23 Digital Library Network Diagram
Central Repository Server Internet Network Research Group USM NRG-Exchange APAN TEMAN KDU Penang USM Library Informatics Penang Disted-Stamford College Penang Public Library Penang Skill Development Centre (PSDC) Inti International Systematics British Council 16Mbits 1.5MBits Legend Leased Line

24 Agriculture WG Objectives
Facilitate the sharing and exchange of data between organisations Facilitate public access to agriculture Provide efficient and timely electronic distribution of information between offices provide a national information network to be shared by agriculture organisations

25 Objectives provide organisations participating in the AGROLINK facilities to access international databases. complement the services provided by MAMPU through the Civil Service Link (CSL) on matters relating to the agriculture

26 Satellite WG Objectives
To provide a stable link between USM and APAN backbone To provide the link to other working group for their research

27 Projects Reliable Multicast FTP for satellite link Setting up MCS Ver 4 (Multipoint Multimedia Conferencing) Satellite based high speed multimedia access Satellite Distance Education Program

28 IPv6 WG Objectives Participate and contribute for protocol standard development Soon to be a RFC and Int. Draft To investigate and assist the government and organizations plan for the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. To experiment and develop Internet applications using new IPv6 specifications. Promote IPv6 activities at National Level among Universities

29 Conference and IETF participation
Activities & Projects Conference and IETF participation Testing IPv6 NOC in Malaysia Providing an IPv6 testbed with APAN connectivity for research activities. Porting existing MCS application to IPv6 Quality Of Service experiments on IPv6 Network monitoring and management for IPv6. Seminars & Workshop

30 Successfully setup IPv6 network and applications are being tested
Continue IPv6 over Satellite (AI3 Project) connection has been established Presentation at Global IPv6 Summit, Osaka, Japan (18-19, Dec. 2000) Participation at APRICOT2001, K.L (February,2001) Anycast Analysis IPv6/IPv4 Application Porting Issues Tutorial (Gopi/NTT) APAN-MY/ IPv6 Tutorials (21 August 2001) Presentation at Apan-Penang Meeting (August, 2001) Achievements Successfully setup IPv6 network and applications are being tested 10 papers has been presented internationally, 1 RFC and 1 internet draft.

31 REAL TIME monitoring of V4 and V6 – Implementation of first stage done
Continue FOCUS AREAS V6 WITH SUCCESS: IP and V6 BASED High quality Multipoint Conferencing – in process. REAL TIME monitoring of V4 and V6 – Implementation of first stage done Dynamic Host Name Resolution Protocol for V6 Multicast over Satellite for V6


33 Sureswaran Ramadass APAN Malaysia
Thank You Sureswaran Ramadass APAN Malaysia

34 Needs: Veni -Input from Grid -Leaders for all areas
-Need input from Edu Wg -Involvement from telcos -Urgent: Reply from ministry on MY-Kr link -

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