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2011-12 Final Budget Review As Presented to the Board of School Directors on June 23, 2011.

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1 2011-12 Final Budget Review As Presented to the Board of School Directors on June 23, 2011

2 Overview of the Budget Process January, 2011 – Presentation of Initial Budget Projections – PDE Form 2028 – Board Resolution to stay within the 1.4% Act 1 Index – $11,000,000 deficit March, 2011 – Governor’s Budget Proposal – $3,700,000 in state cuts – $14,200,000 deficit

3 April 13, 2011 – Community Budget Forum releases all of the details of the Preliminary Budget. April 28, 2011 – Board Adopts the Preliminary Budget May – June, 2011 – Staffing changes implemented and proposed changes in state revenues studied.

4 Current Proposals for State Revenue 2010-20112011-2012 March 2011May 2011 Budget Governor's Budget Proposal and Current Budget Under Consideration House Republican ProposalFinal Budget Funds Not Utilized To Fund Budget Basic Education Subsidy$ 14,415,466 $ 12,698,851 $ 13,625,016 $12,928,710 $ 696,306 Accountability Grant 425,000 -156,159 Charter School Reimbursement 75,000--- Reimbursement of Social Security 4,030,183 2,544,1014,032,846 4,056,762- Total Impact $ 18,945,649 $ 15,242,952 $ 17,814,021 $ 16,985,472 $ 852,465

5 Final Budget Overview $9,100,000 - Expenditure Reductions. $1,100,000 of salary changes offered by CREA/CRAA. $1, 700,000 (Pending State Approval on June 30, 2011) of increased state revenue based on the restoration of the full state share of reimbursement for Social Security payments. $4,000,000 Application of fund balance. This includes $1,000,000 of the Revenue Stabilization Fund set aside from proceeds of the Melsky sale.

6 Financing the Budget Revenues$194,563,108 Expenditures$198,563,108 Use of Fund Balance$ 4,000,000 Current Millage Rate110.68 New Millage Rate110.68 Tax Increase0.00

7 2011-12 Final Budget BUDGET DETAIL This presentation outlines the majority of reductions made to reach the $9,100,000 in expenditure reductions. Details provide examples or lists of these reductions.

8 EXPENDITURE REDUCTIONS GENERAL CATEGORIES Supply Categories These cuts range from books to software and occupy the 600 portions of our budget. -$270,000 Not cut – supply and book lines in individual building allocations Details Software – Teen Biz Text Books – Business and World Language texts deferred to next year

9 EXPENDITURE REDUCTIONS GENERAL CATEGORIES Technology Reductions -$183,900 Continuing payment for software licenses for students and staff, repairs of technology, and the technology lease. Details Reductions through volume discounts in the Microsoft License ($55,000) Reductions in other software licenses ($63,000) Reductions in repair accounts ($34,600) Reductions in Library databases ($31,300)

10 EXPENDITURE REDUCTIONS GENERAL CATEGORIES Professional Development Includes dues and fees for registrations, travel, summer workshop expenses and reductions in substitutes for school year workshops. -$150,000 There still remains some money in the budget for Induction programs ( required by school code) and professional development that corresponds to the terms of the CR Supervision and Evaluation Plan. Details Summer Compensation – Coordinators- for Curriculum Development ($20,000) Summer Compensation – Teachers – for Curriculum Development ($34,000) Reduce budget allocation for professional development release days ($65,000) Reduce Printing ($5,000)

11 EXPENDITURE REDUCTIONS GENERAL CATEGORIES Facility and Maintenance Budget The cuts range from savings in procurement to reductions in supplies and services -$1,000,000 There remains funding in this budget line for routine maintenance, staffing, and energy costs. Details Reduce budgeted expense for Energy Manager ($70,000) Elimination of certain Contracted Services ($60,000) Reductions based on procurement ($853,000) Reductions in overtime ($20,000)

12 EXPENDITURE REDUCTIONS GENERAL CATEGORIES Extra - Curricular Activities Reductions in both the scope of program and the costs of running our extra -curricular program. -$350,000 Not Cut : The extra-curricular programs remains intact – sports, music, art, clubs. Details Reorganization of 9 th grade sports ($105,000) Freeze EDRPP Salaries ($61,000) Eliminate 5:00 busses ($120,000) Athletic Fund Reductions ($61,000 represents 10% of all budget lines but Salary)

13 9 th grade sports (6.23.11) 9 th Grade Programs Cut Truman Wm Tennent Quakertown 9 th Grade Programs Modified Pennsbury Neshaminy Bensalem 9 th Grade Sports In-house CB West CB East CB South Intact Pennridge

14 Staffing Reductions Professional Staff Elementary teachers – 9 Elementary Specialists ( Including Reading Recovery) - 4.45 Secondary teachers – 18.50 Gifted Support – 3.7 Special Education – 6 IU Contracted Social Worker - 1

15 EXPENDITURE REDUCTIONS Support Positions Support Staff Positions Reductions in Support Staff Positions and substitute funding DETAIL/Current 3.8 FTE Technology Aids 1.0 Shipper/Receiver HS 10 Teacher Assistants Detail/Not Filled.5 Cafeteria Monitor 1.0 Clerical Support 1.0 Business Offc Clerical Support 1.0 Maintenance Support

16 EXPENDITURE REDUCTIONS Administration Administrative Support Reduction of 4 positions Details Elimination (.5/.5) Deans of Students Elimination of Supervisor of IT Elimination of Purchasing Manager Reduction of 1 Middle School Administrator.

17 2011-12 Final Budget $9,100,000 expense reductions $4,000,000 in fund balance $1,100,000 salary concessions 1,700,000* increased state revenue 0% Tax Increase Adopted by the Council Rock Board of School Directors on 6/23/11

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