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2 Revenue Reductions 2008 - 2011

3 Reductions 2008-2011 Reduced certified and administrative salaries by 7 days and classified salaries by 5 days. One-time funds from federal jobs legislation restored 5 days for building-level certified and administrative staff and 3 days for classified staff. Reduction in employee benefits Elimination of district funds for staff development program Reduced school supply budgets by 30% 15% in 2009-2010 school year Additional 15% in 2010-2011 school year Cut 11 district office positions, both administrative (Assistant Superintendent, Director of Operations, Math Curriculum Coordinator), managerial (Construction Supervisor) and clerical

4 Reductions 2008-2011 Reduced district’s textbook accounts other than textbooks for new students This year the district budgeted $48,000 to purchase textbooks for approximately 600 new students Decreased transportation budget by $1.1 million by consolidating routes and eliminating 1400 stops $160,000 savings from re-negotiated copier contract Moved certified and classified positions into federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funded accounts Self-funded workers compensation insurance: estimated savings $300,000 Spent $11.5 million in school district’s reserve fund over last 3 years 2008-2009 reserves: $18.5 million Current projected reserves: $7 million These reductions are not reinstated in the 2011-2012 budget

5 2010-2011 Carry-over Reductions The following were funded this year by one-time federal revenue that will not be carried over for next school year. 12.2 Resource Room Teachers (funded by ARRA) 17 Resource Room Aides (ARRA) 3 School days (restored this school year with funding from Federal Jobs Bill) 4 Non-School days (2 days restored with funding from Federal Jobs Bill) Certified staff scholarship program (provides scholarships for teaching staff who earn credits toward teacher certification requirements) 2.8 Counselors (Federal Jobs Bill) 1.6 School Nurses (Federal Jobs Bill)

6 Decrease in Revenue for 2011-2012 Fund Balance from the 10-11 budget: $3.92 million This school year’s budget includes one-time use of the districts fund balance (reserves) that are not available to be included in next year’s budget Emergency Levy: $1.44 million The loss of students during the school year will result in a lower net gain in students from fall 2010 to 2011 resulting in less emergency levy revenue. Decrease local supplemental levy: $10 million Decrease in state funding: $6.4 million Based on a projected increase of 520 students for fall 2011. Total Funding Reduction target for 2011-2012 school year: $21.76 million

7 Balancing the 2011-2012 school year budget Target Reduction Amount: $21.76 Million Fund Balance Commit district’s reserve account to 2011-2012 budget: $7 million The district’s fund balance in 2008-2009 was $18.5 million Administrative Staff Reductions 3.5 Secondary Assistant Principals: $327,568 7 Elementary Assistant Principals: $474,000

8 Balancing budget, continued 2 Maintenance staff: $95,203 1 transportation Mechanic Supervisor: $56,768 1 purchasing agent: $68,800 2 district clerical staff: $64,259 web specialist: $49,450 1 tech support specialist: $48,259 1.4 educational technology trainers: $104,279.8 Administrators Special Projects: $64,575

9 Balancing Budget, Continued School Staff Reductions 28.6 Elementary teachers: $1,274,540 5 middle school teachers: $283,084 27.91 high school teachers: $1,583,343 3.8 school nurses: $233,249 10 custodial positions: $321,639 4.8 school counselors: $295,918 12 secondary school classified positions: $298,273 Shorten school librarian contracts: $41,800

10 Balancing Budget, Continued School Year Shorten school calendar by 6 school days: $4,500,000 (salaries for all staff -- school administrators, district office staff, teachers and school support staff -- will be reduced by an amount equal to the number of days reduced) Shorten school calendar by 1 staff training day: $680,000 (the amount saved is the salary reductions for all staff accept employees who only work when students are present)

11 Balancing Budget, Continued Benefit Reductions Eliminate administrative professional development: $243,224 Eliminate long-term disability insurance: $280,000 In addition, to the total $21.76 million in reductions, the district experienced a 17% increase in the premiums for health insurance. This increase in cost will be passed on to employees: Dental and vision insurance optional at employee expense Employee contribution of $25 per month for health insurance

12 Balancing Budget, Continued Transportation Mid-day kindergarten busing: $1,300,000 Kindergarten will be all day, every other day. For one semester, one half of the student body will attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays; the next semester the same students will attend on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Extracurricular and Co-curricular Activities Self-funded middle school athletic and extracurricular activity program: $650,000 Partially self-funded high school athletic and extracurricular activity: $800,000 Athletic and extracurricular fee: $100 See handout for additional detail

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