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Proposed 2011-12 Budget March 24, 2011 Jefferson Township Public School District.

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1 Proposed 2011-12 Budget March 24, 2011 Jefferson Township Public School District

2 What are the numbers?  Budget:  Is FLAT – NO 2% CAP Increase  NO request for adjustment for cost of benefits  NO request for a cap waiver  General fund budget for 2011-12= $52,939,229

3 With a flat budget what is the savings? NO 2% tax levy increase = $714,325 savings for taxpayers

4 What has impacted revenue sources? State Aid 2011-12: $ 14,574,220 increase of $531,417

5 Priorities considered as the budget was developed… Instruction and Student Achievement State Mandates Safe and Secure Schools Efficiency and Savings

6 This is a “Maintenance” budget… Strives for a level of service consistent with 2010-11 Many items cut from the 2010-11 budget not restored (e.g. non-competition field trips, high school rotating block schedule, district support staff, elementary guidance, middle school vice principal)

7 What staffing needs are included in the proposed budget? Middle School 4 Teachers - $ 186,860 - 7 th Grade (Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science) –restoration of 3 rd team based upon enrollment Special Education LLD class at middle school and MD class at high school $93,430 - To meet state mandate Job coaches/MD transition program at high school $32,000 – To meet state mandate In Class Support (p/t) at Middle School - $23,357 – To meet state mandate High School Assistant Coaches – Ice hockey, wrestling, indoor track $10,617 Elementary Librarian $46,715

8 What are the elementary class sizes? Elementary Schools Proposed 2011-12 class sizes: K @Briggs = 5/23 K Milton = 6/21 1 st Briggs = 6/211 st Cozy Lake = 6/22 2 nd Briggs = 6/222 nd Cozy Lake = 5/23 3 rd Stanlick = 7/20 3 rd White Rock = 6/21 4 th Stanlick = 5/234 th White Rock = 6/23 5 th Stanlick = 6/21 5 th White Rock = 6/24

9 What program needs are being addressed? District New Social Studies textbooks/materials Elementary NO impact on class size RESTORATION of librarian Middle School RESTORATION of 3 rd team for Grade 7 High School ADDITION of American Sign Language, Psychology AP, Family and Consumer Finance (with existing staffing)

10 What are some program needs that will have to wait? No rotating block schedule - HS – cut in 2010- 11 No restoration of elementary guidance counselor - cut in 2010-11 Technology No restoration of field trips (non-competitive) - cut in 2010-11

11 Middle School - Roof repairs – $297,000 Milton – Window replacement - $374,456 district cost 60% = $224.674 (state grant) District – Replacement of 4 Buses $348,000 2 Vans $125,000 (lease purchase of buses annual cost over 3 years $121,220) What are some of the facilities needs included in the budget?

12 What impact does the relocation and renovation of board offices to Drummond have on this budget? NO funding is allocated in the 2011-12 budget (or in this year’s budget) “Rent” money used to pay this debt over a 15 year period District currently pays $107,000 rent and taxes per year.

13 What are some projects that will have to wait? Replacement of 300 Student Lockers – HS $60,000 Replacement of HS auditorium house lights - $65,000 Refurbish PE lockers – MS $90,000

14 Some critical points to consider about this budget… Budget is FLAT -NO 2% tax levy increase = $714,325 Savings for Taxpayers “Maintenance” budget - addresses critical district issues/needs Budget still impacted - $2.6M loss in state aid and additional $300K cut last year Budget has NO impact - courtesy busing Budget includes NO “pay to participate” fees for athletics or clubs & activities and restores assistant coaching positions - ice hockey, wrestling, and indoor track Budget has NO impact - elementary class size and restoration of elementary librarian Budget includes restoration - 7 th grade middle school team and athletics/clubs restored last year remain in place.

15 Budget Vote - April 27th (polls open 2-9PM)

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