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Budget Development 2015-16. Roseville Area Schools.

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1 Budget Development


3 Roseville Area Schools

4 Suggested Areas Increase in revenue sources Enrollment changes Increase in per pupil funding Changes to legislative mandates Increase in categorical funding ( i.e. LEP)

5 Proposed Expenditure Adjustments Districtwide Administration$255,000 Extracurricular Activities/Athletics$ 50,000 Fine Arts$ 13,000 Technology$105,000 Clerical Support$110,000 Buildings & Grounds$ 45,000

6 Proposed Expenditure Adjustments (Contd.) Paraprofessionals$100,000 Class Size Adjustment$880,000 Staff Retirements$200,000 Transportation$ 40,000 Contracted Services$ 30,000 Travel$ 50,000

7 Proposed Expenditure Adjustments (Contd.) Food Service Chargeback$ 45,000 Curriculum Development$ 10,000 Special Education Services$445,000 Utility Costs$ 20,000 Review Negotiations Parameters$250,000 Professional Development Costs$ 75,000

8 Proposed Expenditure Adjustments (Contd.) Restructuring of EMID Collaborative$175,000 Reading Recovery$ 110,000 Copying Costs$ 42,000 ATPPS$ 34,000 Supply Budgets$ 14,000 Postage Costs$ 2,000 TOTAL PROPOSED ADJUSTMENTS$3,100,000

9 Budget Timeline January 27, 2015Mid-year budget approval January 27, 2015School Board approves preliminary budget assumptions and timeline for February 3, 2015District Leadership Team Budget Meeting February 4–23, 2015Building Budget Meetings February 5, 2015Budget update at Principals meeting February 17, 2015Public Hearing to review preliminary budget projections/targets February 24, 2015Proposed recommended budget enhancements and adjustments presented to School Board February 26, 2015Staffing allocations set for March 24, 2015Budget update to School Board April 28, 2015Update the School Board on Budget development May 26, 2015District will hold a public hearing to share the DRAFT general fund budget and collect any public comment June 23, 2015School Board formally adopts Budget

10 Feedback Opportunities Other areas not considered? Questions? Future Meetings – Building staff meetings in February – Public hearing on February 17, 2015 – Regular Updates to Board through final budget adoption on 6/23/15

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