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Budget Development 2015-16. Roseville Area Schools.

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1 Budget Development 2015-16


3 Roseville Area Schools

4 Suggested Areas Increase in revenue sources Enrollment changes Increase in per pupil funding Changes to legislative mandates Increase in categorical funding ( i.e. LEP)

5 Proposed Expenditure Adjustments Districtwide Administration$255,000 Extracurricular Activities/Athletics$ 50,000 Fine Arts$ 13,000 Technology$105,000 Clerical Support$110,000 Buildings & Grounds$ 45,000

6 Proposed Expenditure Adjustments (Contd.) Paraprofessionals$100,000 Class Size Adjustment$880,000 Staff Retirements$200,000 Transportation$ 40,000 Contracted Services$ 30,000 Travel$ 50,000

7 Proposed Expenditure Adjustments (Contd.) Food Service Chargeback$ 45,000 Curriculum Development$ 10,000 Special Education Services$445,000 Utility Costs$ 20,000 Review Negotiations Parameters$250,000 Professional Development Costs$ 75,000

8 Proposed Expenditure Adjustments (Contd.) Restructuring of EMID Collaborative$175,000 Reading Recovery$ 110,000 Copying Costs$ 42,000 ATPPS$ 34,000 Supply Budgets$ 14,000 Postage Costs$ 2,000 TOTAL PROPOSED ADJUSTMENTS$3,100,000

9 Budget Timeline January 27, 2015Mid-year 2014-15 budget approval January 27, 2015School Board approves preliminary budget assumptions and timeline for 2015-16 February 3, 2015District Leadership Team Budget Meeting February 4–23, 2015Building Budget Meetings February 5, 2015Budget update at Principals meeting February 17, 2015Public Hearing to review preliminary budget projections/targets February 24, 2015Proposed recommended budget enhancements and adjustments presented to School Board February 26, 2015Staffing allocations set for 2015-16 March 24, 2015Budget update to School Board April 28, 2015Update the School Board on Budget development May 26, 2015District will hold a public hearing to share the 2015-16 DRAFT general fund budget and collect any public comment June 23, 2015School Board formally adopts 2015-16 Budget

10 Feedback Opportunities Other areas not considered? Questions? Future Meetings – Building staff meetings in February – Public hearing on February 17, 2015 – Regular Updates to Board through final budget adoption on 6/23/15

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