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Philosophical Roots of Education

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1 Philosophical Roots of Education
Chapter 6 Philosophical Roots of Education

2 Philosophy’s Basic Questions
Metaphysics: What is real? Epistemology: What is knowledge based on? Axiology: What is moral and right (ethics)? What is beautiful and good (aesthetics)? Logic: How can we reason?

3 Emphases of Different Philosophies of Education
Idealism: Great and enduring ideas Realism: Humanistic and scientific disciplines Pragmatism: Problem solving Existentialism: Creating a self-concept through significant choices Postmodernism: Democratic criticism and social change

4 Connections Between Educational Theories and Philosophies
Perennialism >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Idealism Essentialism >>>>> Realism and Idealism Progressivism >>>>>>>>>>> Pragmatism Humanism>>>>>>>>>>>>>Existentialism Critical Theory>>>>>>>>>Postmodernism and Existentialism

5 Emphases of Different Theories of Education
Perennialism: Enduring human concerns, great works of Western culture Essentialism: Skills and subjects that transmit cultural heritage and contribute to socioeconomic efficiency Progressivism: Problem solving and group activities Critical Theory: Social conflicts

6 Constructing Your Own Philosophy of Education
Is knowledge based on universal and eternal truths? Is it relative to different times and places? What is the purpose of education? To transmit culture? To provide social and economic skills? To develop critical thinking skills? To reform society? What are schools for? To teach skills and subjects? To encourage personal self-definition? To develop human intelligence? To create patriotic, economically productive citizens?

7 Constructing Your Own Philosophy of Education (cont.)
What should the curriculum contain? Basic skills and subjects? Experiences and projects? Inquiry processes? Critical dialogues? What should the relationship be between teachers and students? Transmitting heritage? Teaching learning skills and subjects? Examining great ideas? Encouraging self-expression? Constructing knowledge? Solving problems?

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