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Tallinn University of Technology TUT main entrance in Tallinn, Ehitaja road 5, Estonia.

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1 Tallinn University of Technology TUT main entrance in Tallinn, Ehitaja road 5, Estonia

2 Logo of Tallinn University of Technology TTÜ means Tallinna Tehnikaülikool, it´s name in estonian.

3 History Tallinn University of Technology, TUT (Tallinna Tehnikaülikool, TTÜ in estonian) was founded in 1918, rights to be an university got 1936. Name has changed over the years. Was scattered all over Tallinn. Started out as a small technical college, with 6 domains.

4 Today 8 faculties, 4 colleges, 14 000 students, 2000 workers( 1200 involved in science and teaching) Campus is growing on Ehitaja road, now almost all faculties and student housing is there. Most studies takes place there aswell 5 new buildings over past 10 years Flagship of Estonian engineering and technical education

5 Faculties Faculty of Civil Engineering Faculty of Power Engineering Faculty of Information Technology Faculty of Chemical and Materials Technology Faculty of Science Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Faculty of Social Sciences

6 Colleges and institutes Kuressaare College of TUT Tallinn College of TUT Tartu College of TUT Virumaa College of TUT Institute of Geology at TUT Institute of Cybernetics at TUT Institute of Marine Systems at TUT Library Certification Centre of TUT Technomedicum of TUT

7 Campus 80.6 ha of which campus at Mustamäe 53 ha Total area - 150 000 m 2 72 buildings, of which 18 are study buildings 4 dormitories affiliated institutions - 15 buildings Sports hall Glehn's castle

8 Studying Hundreds of different fields of study Educated and innovative staff WiFi basically everywhere; computer classes Many courses are web-based Tutors Courses available in estonian, russian and in english

9 Student life Successful basketball team Many student organizations(AIESEC, BEST, ESTIEM, IAESTE among local ones) Several newspapers and magazines Own pub-nightclub Several gatherings organized by TUT

10 Juulius and Juuli, TUT mascots Juulius have been a student in TUT for ever and Juuli is he´s female counterpart

11 Main entrance of Kuressaare College in Kuressaare, Rootsi 7

12 Introduction Saaremaa is the biggest island in Estonia, with Kuresaare(pop. 14 926) being it´s center Kuressaare College of Tallinn University of Technology(KCTUT) is one of two schools in Saaremaa, that offer higher education. It is the biggest Has a notable part in the development of the region Saaremaa is known target area for tourists, especially finns, russians, latvians, swedish, estonians

13 Curriculas The curriculas here are specifically designed to meet the needs of local economics and therefore include three of Saaremaa's most important business areas: tourism, boat building and electronics The oldest curricula in Kuressaare College is tourism and catering management Electronic Systems is for future electronic engineers, as there are two medium sized electronic manufacturing facilities in Kuresaare

14 Ship building is the current rising trend in this region, so curriculas for preparing staff for ship building companies have been implemented Small business administration is being taught as well. The college itself is rather small and therefore fits right into the idyllic small-town life of Kuressaare.

15 There are currently no international curriculas in Kuressaare College, but for those interested in exotic experiences, after completing a preliminary course on Estonian language, a rather isolated island life with an opportunity to obtain education from one of the best universities in Estonia could be an interesting challenge

16 KCTUT on way to a Waterrace Annual event in Kuressaare, were schools build boats and race in the Kuressaare Castle´s moat

17 Links - TUT homepage in english - KC TUT in english _q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Saaremaa&sll=58.57 1117,22.61261&sspn=0.633028,2.469177&ie= UTF8&hq=&hnear=Saaremaa,+Estonia&z=8 – Google Maps, Saaremaa _q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Saaremaa&sll=58.57 1117,22.61261&sspn=0.633028,2.469177&ie= UTF8&hq=&hnear=Saaremaa,+Estonia&z=8 y_of_Technology -Wikipedia on TUT y_of_Technology

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