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Click to edit Master title styleWhy study in Estonia?

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2 Click to edit Master title styleWhy study in Estonia?

3 Modern and innovative European country Nordic values and living standards Green untouched nature Affordable prices Homeland of Skype Known as e-Estonia Strong start-up culture Quality education International community Amazing student life and great networking possiblities!

4 Click to edit Master title style Why Tallinn University of Technology?

5 ABOUT TALLINN TECH Public university (1918) 13 500 students Only technical university in Estonia Fully accredited programmes Internationally recognized professors from abroad Green, award winning campus Newly renovated dormitories Modern facilities, computer labs, library Free wifi 8 faculties 9 faculty research centers

6 Click to edit Master title style The most international institution in Estonia – TALLINN TECH

7 Tallinn Tech is active in international cooperation networks, such as CESAER, BALTECH, UNICA, EURAXESS etc., and in organisations such as SEFI, EUA, EAIE, NAFSA, etc Tallinn Tech cooperates with the top universities of the world (Stanford, Berkeley, Aalto etc.) In addition, there is cooperation and various agreements with the leading universities in Europe and Asia.

8 Tallinn Tech is the only university in Estonia that has an office in Silicon Valley, California Tallinn Tech has also International Center in Shanghai, China (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan) Tallinn Tech campus is also home to 150 national and international high- tech companies, including SKYPE

9 International student body (students from 75 different countries) ~ 1000 international students ~ 100 international professors Participation in various EU projects About 250 ERASMUS agreements Bilateral agreements with 50 universities and institutes in 20 countries

10 Click to edit Master title style International degree programmes in English

11 Tallinn Tech offers 21full time degree programmes in English: 3 Bachelor’ s programmes (180 ECP, 3 years) 18 Master’ s programmes (120 ECP, 2 years) Variety of fields on PhD level

12 Click to edit Master title styleStudent opportunities!

13 CAMPUS LIFE – EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME! Modern, award winning campus area Newly renovated dormitories Innovative new library – five stories high equipped with state of the art technology! Free Wifi on campus area Student House – enojoy your lecture free time!


15 CAMPUS AREA AND DORMITORIES 72 buildings on campus area (covering 55,5 ha) Modern facilities and buildings Newly renovated dormitories Alltogether 6 dormitories In campus, walking distance (even 2 minutes!) Box-system: twin or single rooms Free Internet Fully furnished Clean and warm

16 LIFE FULL OF ACTIVITIES: Student Union events International Club trips, international dinners, parties, theme events etc. Student organizations culture club, folk dance, chorus, student theatre and many others Sports Center basketball, volleyball, football, floorball, tennis etc.

17 SPECIAL SERVICES FOR TUT’S STUDENTS Orientation Days Student Dormitories Student Tutor Health Care/Insurance Career Center Student Councelling Exchange programmes Summer Schools

18 ENJOY YOUR OPPORTUNITIES AS A STUDENT OF TALLINN TECH Seminars and lectures Conferences Internationally known professors and industry experts European Innovation Academy Start-up platforms for new ideas and solutions like MEKTORY and START-UP INCUBATOR Student trainings in Silicon Valley Competitions Work and research possibilities (laboratories, institutes, companies) Networking with industry representatives!

19 ESN Survey 2010 results show that Estonia is: Top 1 European country for stay during exchange period Top 10 European country for studies iGraduate survey 2011 results show that: students studying in Estonia are very satisfied with living and support services international relations office accommodation student organizations

20 ESTONIAN EXPERIENCE: Education Innovation Nature e-Country Price level Location

21 Suur tänu! Thank you!

22 International Study Centre Phone: +372 620 2022 E-mail: www: Address: Room III-211A Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn iTUT


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