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See Aggression Do Aggression -Noah Watson and Alex Walker.

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1 See Aggression Do Aggression -Noah Watson and Alex Walker

2 What is Aggression?  Aggression is heavily researched in Psychology  Very hard to define- so researchers look for sources of aggression instead  Why do People engage in acts of aggression?  Biologically Programmed  Situational Factors  Aggression is Learned

3 The Bobo Experiment  Experiment led by Albert Bandura, Dorothea Ross, Sheila Ross in 1961 at Stanford University  Goal- Demonstrate how children learn to be aggressive.  Bandura is the founder of the “social learning” theory of psychology  Learning is the primary factor in personality development  Belief that behavior in children could be shaped  Bandura had 4 proposed theories before the experiment

4 Experimental Proceedings  Subjects- 36 boys 36 girls aged 3-6.  24/72 Children were part of a control group  The remaining 48 were divided  24 received nonviolent treatment  24 received violent treatment  Each treatment group divided by gender  They were split again into same sex treatment vs. opposite sex treatment  Bandura rated each child's initial level of aggression

5 Experimental Proceedings (cont.)  After being divided into groups- the experiment began  Each group had the same setup (minus treatment) to avoid error  Four responses of aggression were measured  Physical Aggression- Hitting/Kicking/Punching bobo  Verbal Aggression- Saying violent phrases (ex. “Hit him”)  Other Mallet Aggression- Hitting things besides the bobo  Nonimitative Aggression- Other physical and verbal not shown by model.

6 Results

7 Recent Applications:  In last 10 years- large increase in number of violent behavior in children  In 2000 six national medical associations addressed Congress  Said that violent media triggered aggressive behavior in kids  Also leads to desensitization towards violence  If kids are exposed to violence it will not go away due to age. Conversely, kids who are exposed to violence at a young age are more likely to commit violence later on.  These violent acts occur regardless of a kids socioeconomic status, intelligence or parental factors.  Efforts have shifted away from stopping children from viewing violent media to preventing media violence from translating into real life aggression

8 How does this relate to my life? Did Violent Video Games have a role in the Sandy Hook Shooting? 0:00-2:07

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