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Evaluation of bandura.

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1 Evaluation of bandura

2 Strength Further support:
Patterson et al (1989) demonstrated that role models are important in the development of aggression in boys and girls. Questionnaires found that very aggressive children were raised in homes of high aggression and little affection. This supports the idea that role models are important in determining aggressive behaviour

3 Strength Reliability: Bandura’s research was a laboratory experiment
Therefore there was complete control over the IV (whether there was positive or negative reinforcement) and the DV (behaviour shown by the child). As a result, the findings have been replicated suggesting that the SLT is a reliable explanation of aggression

4 Strength Cross-Cultural Evidence:
Mead (1935) investigated aggression in the Arapesh tribe in New Guinea. The tribe did not like aggression and therefore there were no aggressive behaviours for individuals to model The Mundugmor tribe were opposite and felt that aggression determined status The Mundugmor tribe was more aggressive This demonstrates that SLT can be applied universally

5 Weakness Lacks ecological validity:
Although the children hit a bobo doll does not mean they will hit a real person It could be that the artificial research design may have led to aggression Therefore findings from this research cannot be applied to real life situations

6 Weakness Lacks internal validity:
The research design may have led to aggression This is because bobo dolls are designed to be hit, therefore it is not surprising that the children behaved this way Therefore it can be questioned as to whether the children are actually displaying aggressive behaviour As a result, there are methodological flaws with the research and this limits the extent to which it provides valid support for SLT

7 Weakness Ethical Issues:
Bandura’s research can be criticised for causing the children involved psychological harm as they were being encouraged to be aggressive and rewarded for this behaviour If the principles of SLT are correct then this experiment is essentially causing individuals to behave aggressively Therefore research that supports SLT can be criticised for valuing psychological knowledge more than individual participants involved

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