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Information Technology in Hospitals Siemens Information Systems Ltd

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1 Information Technology in Hospitals Siemens Information Systems Ltd
B K Kulkarni General Manager Siemens Information Systems Ltd

2 Agenda Healthcare in India - Paradigm Shifts
Hospital Information System A Paperless & Filmless System - Reality? The Future Role of IT in Hospitals Industry Buzzwords - Decoded Towards Paperless & Filmless Systems - Approach

3 Definitions Less Paper More Paper EPR
HIS : Hospital Information System - Fully automatic - Fully integrating all IT-systems - Interactive functions - Full data synergy AI <=> CI EPR : Electronic Patient Record HCS : Hospital Communication System - Not fully automatic - Partly integrated IT-systems - Some autonomous systems - Partial data synergy DIS : Departmental Information Systems - No automatic features - Not integrated - Autonomous IT-sectors - No data synergy Less Paper EPR More Paper

4 The Future: A Shift of Paradigm
Disease Management Treatment model Premature Death Disability Symptoms Signs High-level Wellness Awareness Education Growth Neutral No discernible illness or disease Health Management Wellness model

5 Hospital Information System
Registration Consulting ADT Nursing Pharmacy Stores & Purchase Radiology Laboratory OT Blood Bank Diet & Kitchen And more...

6 Data Integration Medical Modalities Laboratory instruments
Picture Archival & Communication System Device Interfaces Third Party Softwares

7 The Future - An Insurance Scenario
On line Eligibility Verification Co Payment information ICD10 / CPT code driven charges and caps Duplicate Lab exams and limit on Pharmacy filling Secondary Insurance deductible information Electronic Authorization for procedure Insurance Claims forms Electronic data transfer

8 The Buzz Words Paper-less Hospital Film-less Hospital
Electronic Patient Record (EPR) Digital Convergence Data Mining & Data Marts Web Based Applications Voice to text Telehealth Applications Artificial Intelligence - Statistical disease analysis & clinical expert systems

9 Hardware depreciates at 30% - 50% every year
Elements of a Total IT Solution Elements Priority Hardware Networking Infrastructure Application Software Hardware depreciates at 30% - 50% every year

10 Implementing a HIS Solution
Typical Implementation Period: One year Have a BIG VISION; START SMALL; BE REALISTIC Stages Involved System Requirement Study Gap Analysis Customization Implementation & Training Final Integration & Testing Support

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