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Diagnostics for e-Healthcare SmartSensor telemed Ltd

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1 Diagnostics for e-Healthcare SmartSensor telemed Ltd
James Jackson Managing Director SmartSensor telemed Ltd

2 Introduction

3 Key Elements of Diagnostics for e-Healthcare
Electronic test systems, with data output Easy communication to databases & health records Security measures to control access to systems & records Expert decision making User friendly for patients & healthcare professionals

4 SmartSensor telemed Mission Focus Improve access to healthcare
Allow healthcare providers to reach more people Support people with self-management Focus Screening for chronic diseases Monitoring & patient support Initially, detect & manage T2 diabetes & prediabetes

5 Prediabetes - Major Risk Factor For Type 2
7 million in UK 55 million in US 60 million in EU …and it’s reversible

6 Near Patient Test Devices

7 Diagnostic Test Sites Test Site Barriers to diversified testing
Laboratory & Point of Care Patient must visit clinic for sample or test Lack of resources, facilities & capacity Over the Counter Rapid Tests Quantitation difficult & costly to achieve Risk of user misinterpreting test result Postal Services Sample potentially infectious & unstable Logistics & cost

8 Issues With Current Home Tests
Health Which? Evaluation of home testing kits

9 Key Requirements for Near Patient Tests
Robust & reliable Accurate & precise Easy to use Connectivity to health records Responsible interpretation of results Cost effective

10 SmartSensor telemed Diagnostics for e-Healthcare

11 SSt Service Concept Interactive home-based diagnostics
Test System Medical Professional User EPR Device issue & test results linked through web-based electronic patient record (EPR)

12 Makes home testing part of an integrated healthcare solution
SSt Device Concept Disposable & cheap quantitative home test requiring no instrumentation Data Module (connected to biosensor) Test Card Detach Electronic Data Transfer Data Module Perform Test Dispose of Test Card Sample Port (containing biosensor) Makes home testing part of an integrated healthcare solution

13 SSt in Operation User responds Obtains Performs test to influence
Advertising Health Awareness and Concern Healthcare User responds Professional Obtains Performs test to influence SSt Device at home Test report sent to Doctor SmartSensor doctor manages user User returns data to SSt Test report sent to user

14 SSt Communications & IT
Secure Gateway Healthcare Support Test Device (SNOMED) XML Record System Web Navigation Secure Digital Archive Digital Signature Burned into XML Encryption Password Digital Signature

15 SSt Data & Results Delivery
Device data output Tailored to target user or market Results stored in EPR Wireless to PC Wireless to Phone Public Access Scanner Mail Results & healthcare delivery Supports multiple service models Doctor or nurse Online to EPR @ Digital TV Telephone helpline Pharmacist

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