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Travels in Turkey Susan Daly. Strait of the Dardanelles.

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1 Travels in Turkey Susan Daly

2 Strait of the Dardanelles

3 Turkish Gallipolli Memorial

4 Seljuk Fortress


6 Asian side of Dardanelles

7 Cannakale

8 A Kodak moment

9 Trojan Horse

10 Troys outer walls


12 Defensive walls are sloped to make climbing them impossible.

13 Many levels of civilization



16 Troy represents many layers of civilization. Each one is built on top of the earlier one.

17 A small Roman built theatre

18 Pergamum – a Helenistic city

19 A Temple


21 Egg and dart decorations

22 A spectacular view


24 This theatre seated 20,000 people.


26 A walkway through the fortress

27 Beautiful construction over 2,000 years old.

28 Plans for these temples when new.


30 Huge stones were used.


32 Acanthus leaves decorate a column


34 Old and new Pergamum


36 A theatre

37 There was a hospital at Askelepios where the famous physician Galen practiced medicine.It specialized in treating mental illness.


39 A bath complex

40 A Roman arch

41 This was used for treatments

42 When patients were admitted to this hospital, they were told that death could not enter here. They were given warm baths and encouraged to exercise. As they walked through this tunnel, they heard voices telling them they would get well. These were the physicians talking through the skylights.

43 A physician s cadecus

44 A sacred spring




48 Library

49 The holes and the channel are to let lead flow so the column stays together.



52 The Temple of Artemis

53 Basilica of St. John

54 Statue of Artemis

55 Seljuk fortress & Isa Bey Mosque

56 A stork on top of the column

57 Afrodisias School of sculpture



60 Rich soil in this valley

61 Theatre

62 Remnants of the stage

63 Uvunc & Rebecca

64 Stadium seating 30,000

65 Stadium

66 Marble details

67 Hieropolis is a gigantic necropolis with more than 4,000 tombs. Some are mounds of dirt called tumulus,others are single sarcophogus and the rest are family mausoleums. Since Pamukkale was a spa in Roman times, sick people came here for treatments and some died and were buried here.

68 A tumulus tomb at Hieropolis

69 Main street at Hieropolis

70 Ruins of the Baths

71 Pamukkale white pools


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