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1 1 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Second session, 15 – 19 June 2009 UNISDR, Geneva ISDR Support Grooup Geneva, 7 October 2008 R. Glenn Mittermann, Senior Coordinator

2 2 Issues covered in this presentation What is the Global Platform ? Outcome of 2007 session Who participates? Supporting processes Agenda / Programme for 2009 Milestones towards 2009 session Governments role

3 3 What is the Global platform? Main body of the ISDR system Goal: to sustain world-wide momentum to build the resilience of nations and communities to disasters Convened by the USG as Chair of the ISDR system Brings together a broad range of partners Four fold objective (A/RES/62/192, paras 15, 11 February 2008): Assess progress Enhance awareness Share experience and learn from good practice Identify remaining gaps and actions to accelerate implementation

4 4 Global Platform First session June 2007 Statistics: –3 day session –120 + governments –105 + organizations –1150 + participants

5 5 Outcomes of 2007 session Higher profile for disaster risk reduction Knowledge sharing by organizations Networking / partnership-building Chairs summary: recommendations on –supporting country efforts –programme focus –ISDR System development

6 6

7 7 Who participates? By invitation USG as Chair of the ISDR system Member States Organizations UN agencies Regional bodies IFIs Representatives of civil society, the private sector and the scientific and academic communities

8 8 Government participation Official invitations through missions in Geneva Copied to NY missions Information also provided to partners in countries national platforms for disaster risk reduction concerned government ministries other major organizations / institutions in the country UN country team Government decides on composition of national delegation Multi-stakeholder delegation encouraged

9 9 Supporting processes Regional platforms Major conferences & events Thematic platforms Global assessment report Scientific and technical committee

10 10 Key regional events - regional platforms Europe International workshop: for a new governance of natural risk (27 – 28 October, Istanbul) Asia Third Asian Ministerial Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction (2 – 4 December, Kuala Lumpur) Africa: Senior Level regional platform meeting (4 – 6 February, Addis Ababa Americas Second Regional Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction for the Americas (10 – 12 March, Panama) West Asia and the Middle East Second Middle East and North Africa regional conference on disaster risk management and reduction (tbd, Sanaa, Yemen)

11 11 Themes / Agenda (under discussion) Exploring linkages among disasters, poverty & vulnerability Increasing investment at all levels to reduce disaster risk Increasing resilience to drought and floods in Africa Making schools and hospitals safe from disaster

12 12 Themes / Agenda (under discussion) Progress and challenges oGlobally (Global Assessment Report) oBy region (region-specific discussions) Preparations for mid-term review of the Hyogo Framework Identification of actions to accelerate national and local implementation

13 13 Programme (under discussion) Monday 15 June (prepartory day) Tuesday – Friday 16 – 19 June (session) Plenary sessions (Tuesday - Friday) Thematic orientation High level dialogues, statements Committee of the whole (Tuesday & Wednesday) Supplements plenary sessions Disaster risk reduction marketplace (Monday – Friday) Presentations & booths

14 14 TimeframeKey milestones 2008 MayBook participation of SG at the opening of the Global Platform Disseminate 1st announcement Launch Global Platfom 2009 website ( JuneLock-in venue (CICG), UN security; begin logistical preparation JulyDisseminate 2nd announcement September - October Identify partners (agency, government, NGO etc.) to contribute to particular aspects of the session Informal working group of Member States convened to act as sounding board on preparations October – November Special invited high level participants identified and contacted On-goingMember States kept informed about preparations Raise funds, especially for developing country participation NovemberIssue 3rd (final) announcement (including agenda and timetable) December Brief ISDR Support Group on Global Platform preparations

15 15 TimeframeKey milestones 2009 January - February Issue formal invitation from USG to permanent missions in Geneva / head of invited organizations. Follow-up on the invitations to ensure they get in the right hands Finalize budget to support developing country delegates February All major organizational and logistical issues in place and under contract as required March All major partner contributions on track Identify developing county participants whose attendance will be funded Most session and background documents ready in original language April Make session documents available to delegations (most in E, F & S) MayLaunch of Global Assessment Report 15 – 19 JuneGlobal Platform session at CICG in Geneva

16 16 Governments role Participate in preparations through Support Group –before & in follow-up to Global Platform (e.g. mid-term review of Hyogo implementation) Prepare (appropriate delegation, substantive inputs) Participate actively in lead-up processes (regional platforms etc.) Provide financial support Attend and contribute to the session

17 17 More information Inform the secretariat of your interest to participate in an informal group to advise & support the secretariat in preparing for the 2009 session. E-mail: with a copy to: ISDR Support Group web page (user id is isdrsg and password is support:) networks/private/support-group Information on the 2007 session and plans for the 2009 session:

18 18 Thank you United Nations, secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction International Environment House II 7-9 Chemin de Balexert, CH 1219 Chatelaine Geneva 10, Switzerland Tel: +41 22 917 8908/8907 Fax: +41 22 917 8964

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