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1 1 Results and way forwards in Europe Paola Albrito UN/ISDR secretariat Europe Coordinator Meeting of European NPs and HFA focal points April 2008

2 2 Overview of the presentation 1.Accomplishments to be achieved and Regional Landscape 2.Achievements 3.Challenges/Way foreword

3 Accomplishments to be achieved and Regional Landscape In line with ISDR secretariat mission accomplishments to be achieved: Enable national and regional partners; Provide visibility to partners initiatives; Strengthen coordination and exchanges among partners; Build on existing institutions and capacity; Attract attention of other partners and donors in SEE. Players Council of Europe EUR-OPA Agreement; European Network of National Platforms; Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative; EU/EC CEUDIP– OECD UN/ISDR system partners

4 4 Council of Europe EUR-OPA Agreement Continuing the implementation of the Marrakech Work Plan aimed at supporting the implementation of the HFA and reducing vulnerability to disaster at the regional level; Developed MoU with UN/ISDR – some key activities within MoU: - Collaboration on the Reviewing Progress in HFA implementation; - Development and support of NPs to be Workshops; - Supporting synergies between NPs and Specialized centers; - Key involvement on the issue of Education and DRR; - Call for key meetings to facilitate exchanges between NPs and HFA focal points in Europe – 2nd European NPs and HFA focal points meeting (Paris April 2008) UN/ISDR contribution/role: - Provided the Review Progress in HFA implementation mechanism (on-line system) and indicators guidelines; - Developed a two days workshop on how to establish National Platforms (linked to tool-kit); - Overall collaboration with EUR-OPA on `DRR issues. 2. Achievements, Opportunities and challenges

5 Achievements, Opportunities and challenges EU/EC -DG Environment: Elaboration of Green Paper on Climate Change Adaptation; -DG Env. Civil Protection Unit: Review on EU and Disaster Prevention and Preparedness and development of a strategy to be shared through a communicate by December 2008; -Under the Presidency of Slovenia: Seminar on Strengthening Cooperation with Candidate Countries and Western Balkan Countries in the Field of Civil Protection, held in Bled from February 2008; -DG Enlargement: Launching a programme on DRR in SEE (2 millions Euros each year); -DG Dev: Elaboration of EU Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction in Developing Countries. -DG Research: project call made for European collaboration of NPs. -Elaboration of comments to Green Paper on CC adaptation from NPs perspective and UN/ISDR secretariat. Exchanges on this topic on going with DG Environment; Exchanges with CV Unit on "EU Initiative on Disaster Prevention". The UN/ISDR secretariat has provided information to the pool of consultants working on this task. Through Slovenia presidency stranger coordination with Western Balkans. Agreement on coordinating efforts within the training activities to include DRR issues. Created link and strengthened collaboration between DPPI and DG Enlargement (based on the active Slovenia Presidency and Croatia DPPI chearing); WMO and DG Enlargement. Stimulating resources for DPPI and WMO.

6 Achievements, Opportunities and challenges UN/ISDR contribution/role -DG Environment: Submission of comments to Green Paper on CC adaptation exchanges and participation to key meetings related to this topic; Facilitated exchanges between DG Environ and a Network of NPs; -DG Env. Civil Protection Unit: Contribution and exchanges with consultants review on disaster Prevention and Preparedness; Coordination and collaboration within the SEEDRMAP (Civil Protection Review in SEE); Exchanges with CV Unit on "EU Initiative on Disaster Prevention; -Bled meeting: Participation to the event, agreement on coordinating efforts within the training activities to include DRR issues; -DG Enlargement: Stimulated thought the SEEDRMAP the development of the DRR programme. Facilitated exchanges between DG Enlargement with DPPI and with WMO. (Identified as coordinating body and implementer of the initiative together with UNDP); -DG Dev: Provided comments to draft close circulation draft 0 strategy -DG Research: established exchanges and information sharing;

7 7 Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative -Signing of MoU among countries in SEE – recently Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina have sign agreement. -Implementing regional projects such as Earthquake Hazard Mapping in collaboration with partners such as NATO, DEMA etc… -Strong component related to Training – over 12 workshops organized in the region each year. -Through its Secretariat at their Previous (Slovenia) and current (Croatia) chair very active in supporting events related to DRR: a.i. Ministerial Meeting on Disaster Prevention and Preparedness. -Ministerial meeting on Disaster Prevention and Preparedness – Bulgaria 9 April Adoption of Ministers Joint Declaration on activities related to DPPI as per HFA; -SEEDRMAP: DPPI key sub-regional organsation. 2. Achievements, Opportunities and challenges

8 8 UN/ISDR Contribution/Role -SEEDRMAP: WB-UN/ISDR initiative in partnership with DPPI, WMO, EU/EC, CofE EUR- OPA and others. Publications available on SEE and DRR: SEE Desk Assessment Risk Review; Insurance and Re-Insurance; Hydrome Review and Overall SEEDRMAP strategy paper. Review undergoing on Civil Protection: WB-UN/ISDR in close consultation with EU, EU Presidency OCHA, Italian NP. Projects under development. DPPI identified as key coordination partners in the SEEDRMAP. -Created opportunity of collaboration between DPPI and CADRI on training material and workshops facilitation; stimulated the participation of Swedish SRSA, UNICEF and OCHA; -Development of SEE region workshop on NPs: exchanges ongoing on possible date, interest expressed by Bulgaria in hosting the workshop; -Support to DPPI on development of database of experts and training component related to education and DRR; -Supported (part of Preparatory Committee) the organization of a sub-regional Ministerial meeting (SEE Ministerial Conference on Disaster Preparedness and Prevention) (9th April 2008). Bulgaria as strong and capable Chair and Hosting of meeting; -Expressed available support in the development of the DPPI bi-annual workplan -Collaboration with SRSA and Italy to explore possibilities technical expert in SEE and Training Support (SRSA for DPPI) 2. Achievements, Opportunities and challenges

9 9 A European Network of NPs: - Coordinated feedbacks and provided comments to the Green Paper on Climate Change Adaptation; -Developed Project Proposal to respond to the call of DG Research on DRR Coordination Mechanisms in Europe such as NPs; -Organized the Divonne Les Bains meeting (French NPs key organizer) 5-6 Dec on Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response – Two separate words in Europe?; -Snowed an interest on Twinning of NPs; -Presented and participated at a number of key European meeting to advance the DRR agenda; -Involvement with EUR-OPA on meeting and way forward for Reporting in Europe (UN/ISDR secretariat: February 2008) UN/ISDR secretariat contribution/role: - Facilitation of information among Network and NPs, HFA focal points and other partners EU/EC; -Constant exchanges with Chair of Network on updates related to Europe and DRR; -Participation of key meetings; 2. Achievements, Opportunities and challenges

10 10 Central European Disaster Prevention Forum ( CEUDIP): Under initiative of the Czech NP on DRR took the initiative in the establishment and activities of the Central European Disaster Prevention Forum (CEUDIP) with a permanent Secretariat in Prague. Last meeting took place under in Bonn UN/ISDR secretariat contribution/role: - participated to meeting including providing updates related to other initiatives or tools developed. OECD -Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the OECD Guidelines on integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Cooperation; -Supplementary Guidance on Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) -Active on issue of insurance and DRR; UN/ISDR secretariat contribution/role: -Exchanging with OECD on the above developments 2. Achievements, Opportunities and challenges

11 11 Other contributions -Develop networking of information sharing ( ) with the European NPs, HFA focal points, regional and sub-regional organizations and partners (updates related to the global and regional level activities); -Global and within region: establish UN/ISDR website for Europe; -UN Regional coordinator meeting: Collaboration with UNICEF. Within the informal inter agency (ad hoc) CEE/CIS emergency focal points meeting succeeded in having a day focus on DRR issues and to look at common activities within the context of ISDR joint workplan (Jan );

12 12 -SEE: UNICEF and UN/ISDR collaboration (Focus on SEE/CIS). Review finalizes on DRR activities in the region and focus on education. Used to develop agreement between UNICEF/UNISDR secretariat (June 2008); -Updates on HFA Focal points and NPs in Europe. (draft to be presented at the April meeting); -Moldova Conference 9-10 October 2008; -UK Health Protection Agency and Proposal to EU Network on DRR and Health

13 13 Challenges and next steps There more then one organizations present in Europe with different regional coverage/focus. Funds dedicated to DRR need to increase – at the national and European level; Coordination and information sharing is key to make sure that the different regional actors do not duplicate and build on each other opportunities (role UN/ISDR secretariat); Play it strategically considering the key opportunities in Europe is a must; Stimulate the use of Regional, Sub-Regional organization and capacities to better understand what it means DRR;

14 14 Thank you United Nations, secretariat of the International Strategy for Disaster Reduction International Environment House II 7-9 Chemin de Balexert, CH 1219 Chatelaine Geneva 10, Switzerland Tel: /8907 Fax:

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