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Andrew Schmidt Electronic Visualization Laboratory University of Illinois at Chicago.

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1 Andrew Schmidt Electronic Visualization Laboratory University of Illinois at Chicago

2 What Is StarLight Global proving ground in support of grid-intensive e-Science applications, network performance measurement, and technology evaluations Created specifically to support advanced R&E requirement (high-speed/colo) A layer 2 exchange point in Chicago Built with excellent connectivity to existing carriers and networks Located at Northwestern University Key site of optical research activities

3 StarLight Service Description StarLight is an exchange point with to national, regional, federal, and international members –Physical, switched and routed connectivity –General policy is not to provide ATM –ATM available at AADS NAP (direct or from colo router) Policy free 802.1q VLANs between networks StarLight benefits to connecters: –High-speed peering with large MTU –Available collocation space –Planned 10GigE –Several US and international networks connected –Multicast support

4 How To Connect To StarLight To connect to StarLight a partner must: –Contract with a carrier to bring a circuit into the StarLight facility –Optionally, rent collocation space –Logically provision services to other networks at StarLight across the ethernet switch Special offer for FEDnets: –One GigE from 455 N. Cityfront Plaza to StarLight Contributions (est. $15K/GigE) appreciated, 10GigE co-funded –GigE switching (2yrs service money in the bank) Additional VLANs configured upon request –Peering MREN encouraged & transit to STAR TAP for modest traffic

5 StarLight Carriers Currently capable of providing services –Ameritech – SONET local loops provider –AT&T – SONET local loop provider –GlobalCrossing – GigE for SURFnet & AMPATH –I-WIRE – GigE for regional MREN connections –Teleglobe – GigE and 2.4G for SURFnet –Qwest – GigE for DTFnet & NORDUnet OC3

6 StarLight Collocation Northwesterns 710 N. Lake Shore Drive site Datacomm facility for DMS100 Space for 40+ equipment racks plus carriers Shared space with NOC and engineering staff Features space for both routers and clusters: –Carrier neutrality –2x120 volt AC circuits with battery and diesel backup –Secure with 24x7 escorted access, video monitored –Redundant environmental control systems –Redundant fire suppression systems –Dual fiber entrance facilities and multiple carriers

7 StarLight Architecture - Logical MREN aggregates at AS22335 STAR TAP aggregates at AS10764 STAR TAP provides IPv4 (v6 soon) transit for: –International R&E network at AADS NAP –International R&E network at StarLight GigE Switch TAnet … IUCC UIUC … Iowa STAR TAP 10764 MREN 22335 SURFnet Abilene 11537

8 StarLight Architecture - Physical

9 StarLight Network Operations All of the StarLight equipment (except IPv6 routers & AADS NAP) is monitored 24x7x365 by IU's GlobalNOC GlobalNOC provides a 24x7x365 point of contact when trouble arises – –1.317.278.6630

10 StarLight Network Administration Overall project management –DeFanti/Brown, UIC and Mambretti, NU Network operations –Jent/Peck, IUPUI and Indiana University Network engineering –Winkler/Nickless, ANL and Verlo/Schmidt, UIC Facility management –Ward, Northwestern University

11 For More Information WWW – – Email –

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