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INET99/STARTAP Ameritech NAP Andrew Schmidt Ameritech.

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1 INET99/STARTAP Ameritech NAP Andrew Schmidt Ameritech

2 What is the Ameritech NAP ATM based exchange point Connection speeds of DS3, OC3c, and OC12c Customers get a full mesh of PVCs No ingress policing, i.e., UBR service Little to no traffic loss due to congestions

3 General Status Approximately 90 customers One new customer added every 1-2 weeks Peak volume: 2.1 Gbps (1.8 at last 12/98) OC-12c and upgraded DS3s drive usage: –Three OC12c connections up –Four more being built in 3Q99

4 Chicago NAPs Applications Internet Service Providers Universities International U.S. Government ~65 ~12 ~8 ~4 BBN, MCI, Sprint, ATT, C&W,... Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Iowa, ND, Minn.,... Norway, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Canada, Israel, France, Holland,... Government: NASA, Energy, Defense, vbns++

5 New switch platform Ascend Communications CBX-500/GX-550 Tiered structure –CBX-500 will service DS-3, DS-1 and DS-1 IMA –GX-550 will service OC-3c, OC-12c, and OC-48c SVC support –UNI 3.0, 3.1, 4.0, IISP 3.0, 3.1, PNNI 1.0 Integrated with Ameritech frame-relay network and management system

6 New NAP Topology 500 CBX-500 GX-550 OC-12c trunk dual OC-12c trunks dual OC-12c trunks DS-3 6 Mb IMA DS-1 OC-12C OC-3c

7 Successful Switch Migration Lucent Globeview 2000 Ascend GX/CBX Completed Sunday May 16 –71 customers moved to new switches –One OC-48 system moved to new mux –16 DS-3s moved to new OC-48 system Globeview in service 10/94 - 6/99 New features and interfaces –OC48c and OC-12c –SVC, IISP, PNNI support –MPLS, Online reporting

8 Whats Next? Enhanced switch-based reporting –Aggregate volume graphing –Customer-specific reports Secure WWW access Per-port and per-PVC statistics updated daily IP Address renumbering –New space will take effect July 11, 1999 –Registered to the exchange point –Administered by Merit/Rsng –See for details on move

9 Ameritech NAP Contacts Me: Technical: WWW:

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