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1 NTT/EVL/IML Presentation
iCAIR Photonic-Empowered Applications: The Photonic TeraStream, OMNInet StarLight, and NetherLight Joe Mambretti, Director, International Center for Advanced Internet Research, Northwestern University -- Director, Metropolitan Research and Education Network, MREN -- iGRID2002 Amsterdam, Netherlands Sept , 2002 University of Illinois at Chicago, June 12, 1998

2 Introduction to iCAIR:
Accelerating Leading Edge Innovation and Enhanced Global Communications through Advanced Internet Technologies, in Partnership with the Global Community Creation and Early Implementation of Advanced Networking Technologies - The Next Generation Internet All Optical Networks, Terascale Networks Advanced Applications, Middleware and Metasystems, Large-Scale Infrastructure, NG Optical Networks and Testbeds, Public Policy Studies and Forums Related to NG Networks

3 Photonic Empowered Applications
iCAIR Photonic Empowered Applications Multiple Global Next Generation Applications Are Currently Being Designed and Developed Highly Distributed, including World-Wide Resource Intensive – (Computationally Intensive, Bandwidth Intensive, Data Intensive, Storage System Intensive, et al. Many Based on Grid Computing Infrastructure Highly Asymmetric Utilization of Dynamic Multi-Wavelength Lightpath (Lambda-Switching) Provisioning Flexible DWDM-based networking vs Today’s Point-to-Point Optical Networks Optical Network “Aware” – A Capability for Directly Discovering and Signaling for the Required Network Resources, Including Lightpaths

4 iCAIR Photonic TeraStream
The iCAIR iGRID2002 Demonstration Shows How Global Applications Can Use Intelligent Signaling to Provision their Own Lightpaths to Optimize network Based Resource Discovery and Performance, for example, To Enable Access To and Dynamic Interaction with Very Large Amounts of Distributed Data. Supported by Innovative Architectural Method that Envisions: Closer Integration Between Applications and Advanced Networks Liberating Applications From Restrictions in Today’s Communication Infrastructure Key technologies: a) Intelligent application signaling, b) Dynamic lambda provisioning on the OMNInet testbed, c) Extensions to lightpaths through dynamically provisioned L2 and L3 configurations, in part, to allow for access to multiple types of edge resources.

5 iCAIR Optical Metro Net Initiative (OMNI)
Terascale NG Optical Metro Net Reference Model Removal of Hierarchical Layers, Circuit-Orientation, Migration to Peer Model, Connectionless-Orientation Cost/Benefit Implications of Eliminating ATM and SONET IETF Architectural Premises, eg, Powerful, “Smart” Core, Complexity and Intelligence at Edge Flexibility Dynamic Resource Allocation and Adjustment DWDM: From Point-to-Point to Enabling “Lambdas-on-Demand” to Dynamic Provisioning via Apps

6 l1 l2 iCAIR Prototyping The Global Lambda Grid in Chicago:
A Photonic-Switched Experimental Network of Light Paths l1 l2

7 iCAIR Apps Clusters C O N T R Dynamically L Allocated Lightpaths P A E
NEW! Switch Fabrics Physical Monitoring Multi-leveled Architecture

8 iCAIR CSW 10GE Links GE Links ASW IEEE 802.3 LAN PHY
Interface, eg, 15xx nm 10GE serial l1 l2 l3 l4 10GE Links Multiwavelength Fiber Multiple l Per Fiber ASW DWDM Links GE Links N*N*N Multiwavelength Optical Amplifier Optical, l Monitors, for Wavelength Precision, etc. Power Spectral Density Processor, Source + Measured PSD Computer Clusters Each Node = 1GE Multi 10s, 100s, 1000s of Nodes Multiple Optical Impairment Issues, Including Accumulations

9 Optical Layer Control Plane
Client Layer Control Plane Client Controller Optical Layer Control Plane UNI Controller Controller Controller Controller Controller I-UNI CI CI CI Client Device Client Layer Traffic Plane Optical Layer – Switched Traffic Plane

10 OMNInet Technology Trial
West Taylor Evanston GE 10GE l 10GE l GE OPTera Metro 5200 Optical Switching Platform Optical Switching Platform Application Cluster Passport 8600 Passport 8600 Application Cluster OPTera Metro 5200 OPTera Metro 5200 Lakeshore S. Federal 10GbE WAN To Ca*Net4 (future) GE 10GE l 10GE l GE OPTera Metro 5200 Optical Switching Platform Application Cluster Optical Switching Platform Passport 8600 Passport 8600 Application Cluster OPTera Metro 5200 A four site network in Chicago -- the first 10GE service trial! A test bed for all-optical switching, advanced high-speed services, and and new applications including high-performance streaming media and collaborative applications for health-care, financial, and commercial services. Partners: SBC, Nortel, International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR) at Northwestern, Electronic Visualization Lab at Univ of Illinois, Argonne National Lab, CANARIE

11 Testbed Configuration
iCAIR EVL UIC 8 l AWG NWUEN-1 OFA OFA NWUEN-2 NWUEN-5 NWUEN-3 NWUEN-6 l1 l2 l3 l1 l2 SW l3 Up to 8 l Per fiber OFA 10/100/GE 10/100/GE SW StarLight ADM OC-12 to MREN 10/100/GE OFA NWUEN-8 NWUEN-9 To Optical MREN Fiber NWUEN-4 OFA NWUEN-7 Scalable photonic switch Trunk side – 10 G WDM Lambda specific interface To CA*Net4, SURFnet and Other International Nets SW 10 GbE WAN 10/100/GE Ca*net4

12 Overlay Management Network (Current)
NTT/EVL/IML Presentation Overlay Management Network (Current) To Management Network ATM switch port 10/100 BT BayStack 350 Photonic Switch OC-12 Ring Evanstan 710 Lakeshore Dr. 600/700 S. Federal Univ. IL NAP SBC OC-3 Part of StarTap OPTera 5200 OLA 10/100 BT Local Management Station MREN Passport 8600 Uses ATM PVC with 2 Mb/s CIR from existing network (MREN + OC12) Hub and spoke network from 710 Lakeshore Dr. University of Illinois at Chicago, June 12, 1998

13 Metros As International Nexus Points
CA*net4 CERN DataTAG ANL StarLight Tokyo? APAN CalTech I-WIRE Amsterdam NetherLight NCSA SDSC AP Metro2 TeraGrid CSW ASW Cluster OFA Prototype Global Lambda Grid Optical Metro Europe Miami to South Am? Source: International Center for Advanced Internet Research


15 Who is StarLight? StarLight is jointly managed and engineered by
Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL), University of Illinois at Chicago Tom DeFanti, Maxine Brown, Andy Schmidt, Jason Leigh, Cliff Nelson, and Alan Verlo International Center for Advanced Internet Research (iCAIR), Northwestern University Joe Mambretti, David Carr and Tim Ward Mathematics and Computer Science Division (MCS) , Argonne National Laboratory Linda Winkler and Bill Nickless; Rick Stevens and Charlie Catlett In Partnership with Bill St Arnaud, Kees Neggars, Olivier Martin, etc.

16 StarLight is an experimental optical infrastructure and
What is StarLight? StarLight is an experimental optical infrastructure and proving ground for network services optimized for high-performance applications StarLight Leverages $32M (FY2002-3) in experimental networks (I-WIRE, TeraGrid, OMNInet, SURFnet, CA*net4, DataTAG) 710 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago Abbott Hall, Northwestern University Chicago view from 710

17 NTT/EVL/IML Presentation
STAR TAP and StarLight Services Description ATM PVC Exchange Service AS 10764 IPv4 and IPv6 Transit Service 1&10 Gigabit Ethernet Exchange Service Carrier-Neutral Co-Location Facility Research Circuit/Lambda Switching STAR TAP (AADS NAP) 225 West Randolph 710 North Lake Shore Drive OC12c NPA/NXX 312/503 US Networks: ESNet (OC-3c soon OC-12c) Abilene (OC-12c) vBNS (OC-12c) Fermilab (OC-3c) Argonne (OC-12c) CANARIE (OC-3c) MREN (layer2) 6TAP The current (March 2002) network migration state is shown here, from a local and US networking perspective. The numerous international networks and ISPs at STAR TAP are not shown. The TeraGrid DTF net may not be available for peering at current funding. Abilene (2xGE) SURFNet (2xOC-12c, OC-48c) Argonne (2xGE) Northwestern University (GE) AMPATH (GE) vBNS+ (OC12c soon) CERN (OC-12c/48c soon) CA*net4 (2xOC-192 soon) I-WIRE DWDM TRANSPAC (OC-12c) NORDUNET (OC3c) 6TAP MREN (layer2 and 3) NREN (GE soon) ESnet (GE soon) TeraGrid DTFnet WKN University of Illinois at Chicago, June 12, 1998

18 StarLight/NetherLight
Cees de Laat, U Amsterdam @ StarLight, USA Tom DeFanti, UIC and de Laat @ NetherLight, The Netherlands

19 iCAIR Chicago OMNINET OMNINET Amsterdam λ λ λ λ λ λ λ λ
GigE GigE SX GigE λ GigE StarLight 259M 270M/540M λ OMNINET GigE NTSC/SDI λ Omninet GigE GigE λ GigE 240M/480M IPS Linux Netherlight 10 Gpbs λ 2.5 Gbps λ λ λ OMNINET 380M GigE GigE SurfNet SURFnet Linux O3 O4 UIC/EVL 400M/900M Linux Traffic Generator 100M GigE DV NU Leverone Evanston, IL iGrid 2002 240M/480M Linux/IPS Laptop GigE TX 100M TX SARAnet GigE TX 400M/900M 100M TX Window DV/Linux Linux Traffic Gen 30M/60M GigE SX 270M540M Photonic TeraStream Application Display 100M TX Nelle Bacon iCAIR August 21, 2002 Amsterdam 259M

20 Further Information
Ed by Foster & Kesselmann

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