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The Geography of Latin America By: Ms. Susan M. Pojer.

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1 The Geography of Latin America By: Ms. Susan M. Pojer

2 Regions of Latin America
The Caribbean Central America South America

3 Topography

4 Satellite Image of Latin America


6 Bodies of Water Gulf of Mexico Caribbean Sea Lake Maracaibo Orinoco R.
Magdalena R. Amazon R. Pacific Ocean Sao Francisco R. Parana R. Lake Titicaca Uruguay R. Rio de La Plata Atlantic Ocean

7 Mountains and Peaks Sierra Madres Mts. Guiana Highlands
Brazilian Highlands Andes Mts. Patagonian Plateau

8 Andes Mountains (Peru)

9 The Eastern Flank of the Andes

10 Llamas in the Andes

11 The Sierra Madres, Mexico

12 Guianan Highlands, Venezuela

13 Brazilian Highlands

14 Patagonian Region (Chile)

15 Valleys Plains and Basins
Llanos Amazon Basin Mato Grosso Gran Chaco Pampas

16 Amazon Rain Forest

17 Mato Grosso

18 Orinoco Lowlands, the Llanos

19 Cattle Ranching on the Pampas

20 Gauchos of the Pampas, Argentina

21 Deserts Atacama Desert

22 Atacama Desert

23 Cities Havanna Port-au-Prince Mexico City Caracas Panama City Bogota
Lima Brasilia Rio De Janiero Santiago Buenos Aires

24 Others Panama Canal Falkland Islands Cape Horn

25 The Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas

26 Cape Horn

27 The Panama Canal

28 Going Through the Panama Canal

29 Sierra Madres Mts. Gulf of Mexico Havanna Port-au-Prince Mexico City Caribbean Sea Lake Maracaibo Caracas Orinoco R. Panama City Panama Canal Llanos Bogota Guiana Highlands Magdalena R. Amazon R. Pacific Ocean Amazon Basin Sao Francisco R. Mato Grosso Andes Mts. Lima Brasilia Brazilian Highlands Gran Chaco Parana R. Lake Titicaca Rio De Janiero Atacama Desert Uruguay R. Santiago Pampas Buenos Aires Rio de La Plata Patagonian Plateau Falkland Islands Atlantic Ocean Cape Horn

30 Earthquake Zones

31 Active Volcanoes

32 Climate

33 The Tropical Hemisphere

34 Latin American Climatic Zones

35 Very Varied Climate Zones

36 Precipitation

37 Temperatures

38 Elevation

39 Altitudinal Zonation: Vertical Climate

40 Vegetation

41 Amazon Rain Forest

42 On the Ground Floor of the Rain Forest

43 Three-Tiered Vegetation

44 Three-Tiered Canopy

45 Native Indians of the Amazon

46 Jungle Fauna

47 Minerals of the Amazon Region
Amethyst Bauxite Quartz Diamonds

48 Deforestation in the Amazon

49 Original Forest Cover Current Forest Cover Future Forest Cover

50 Agriculture and Fishing

51 Banana Plantation

52 Harvesting Sugar Cane

53 Growing Coffee

54 Rubber Industry

55 Other Resources

56 Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

57 Eco-Tourism

58 Drug Trafiking Routes

59 Demographics

60 Population and Projections

61 Latin America’s Population Distribution

62 Sao Paolo, Brazil

63 Overcrowding in Sao Paolo, Brazil

64 Squatter Settlements in Major Latin American Cities

65 Adios!

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