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” Regions of “Latin America” Central (Middle) America Central (Middle) America The Caribbean South America South America.

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2 ” Regions of “Latin America” Central (Middle) America Central (Middle) America The Caribbean South America South America

3 Countries of the Caribbean Sea

4 Countries of Central America

5 Countries of South America

6 Cities Mexico City Havanna Port-au- Prince Panama City Santiago Lima Buenos Aires Brasilia Rio De Janiero Caracas Bogota Sao Paulo

7 Satellite Image of Latin America


9 Land forms of Latin America Cape Horn Falkland Islands Panama Canal Llanos

10 Important Vocabulary Escarpment-steep cliff or slope between higher land lower land surfaces

11 Important Vocabulary Cordilleras-parallel mountain ranges like the Sierra Madre Occidentals and Orientals.

12 Important Vocabulary Altiplano-”high plain” in Peru & Bolivia that is encircled by the Andes mountain peaks

13 Bodies of Water Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean Gulf of Mexico Caribbean Sea Amazon R. Lake Titicaca Lake Maracaibo Rio de La Plata Rio Grande Lake Nicaragua

14 Important Vocabulary Estuary-area where the tide meets a river current Rio de la Plata is a large estuary where 3 rivers meet at the Atlantic Ocean

15 Important Vocabulary Hydroelectric Power -electricity generated from the energy of water.

16 Amazon River Western Hemisphere’s longest river Amazon Basin contains the world largest rain forest

17 Lake Titicaca 12,500 feet above sea level World’s highest, navigable lake

18 Lake Maracaibo Area surrounding lake contains large oil deposits

19 Rio Grande River that separates the U.S. from Mexico

20 Mountains and Peaks Andes Mts. Sierra Madre Mts. Brazilian Highlands Patagonian Plateau Mexican Plateau Mato Grasso Plateau

21 Andes Mountains (Peru)

22 Llamas in the Andes

23 The Sierra Madres, Mexico

24 Guianan Highlands, Venezuela

25 Brazilian Highlands

26 Patagonian Region (Chile) Area that lies in the southern part of South America that has high mountains with glaciers down to swampy lowlands.

27 Valleys Plains and Basins Amazon Basin Pampas Mato Grosso Llanos

28 Amazon Rain Forest Canopy-continuous high layer of leaves covering the rain forest

29 Mato Grosso Plateau South American highlands in the central part of the continent.

30 Orinoco Lowlands, the Llanos Llanos- grasslands in Colombia & Venezuela

31 Cattle Ranching on the Pampas Guachos- Cowhands that work in Argentina Pampas- Grasslands of Argentina & Uruguay

32 Deserts Atacama Desert

33 One of the driest places in the world.

34 Others Falkland Islands Cape Horn Panama Canal

35 The Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas

36 Cape Horn

37 The Panama Canal

38 Going Through the Panama Canal

39 Earthquake Zones

40 Active Volcanoes


42 The Tropical Hemisphere

43 LatinAmericanClimaticZones

44 Different Climate Zones

45 Elevation

46 Vertical Climate Zones Climate in Latin America is more affected by elevation than by distance from the equator.

47 Important Vocabulary Vertical Climate Zones: Tierra Caliente-”hot land”; lowest zone. Goes from sea level to 3000 feet. Tierra Templada- “temperate land”; mid zone. Stretches from 3000 to 6500 feet. Tierra Fria- “cold land”; highest zone. Reaches from 6500 to 10000 feet.


49 Amazon Rain Forest

50 On the Ground Floor of the Rain Forest

51 Three-Tiered Vegetation Sunlight does not reach the forest floor. Farming is almost impossible. This is why rain forests are cut down.

52 Agriculture

53 Banana Plantation

54 Harvesting Sugar Cane

55 Growing Coffee

56 Rubber Industry


58 Minerals of the Amazon Region Diamonds Amethyst Quartz Bauxite

59 Oil Drilling in the Gulf of Mexico

60 Eco-Tourism


62 LatinAmerica’sPopulationDistribution Most population is clustered near the coast because much of the interior lands highlands or tropical rain forest.

63 Sao Paolo, Brazil

64 Overcrowding in Sao Paolo, Brazil

65 Squatter Settlements in Major Latin American Cities


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