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BITE AND STING STING AND POISON GLAND PUSTULES. Where are imported fire ants from and where are they found in the US?

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2 Where are imported fire ants from and where are they found in the US?

3 History of Collaboration Annual Imported Fire Ant Conference Multi-state publications Southern Region Sustainable Ag Professional Development Program USDA ARS Area Wide Program



6 eXtension is an educational partnership of Land-Grant Colleges to improve outreach and engagement

7 eXtension VISION Any time, any place, and format any device Available to clients 24/7/365 Increases visibility of CES Promotes collaborative development and reduces duplication National shared strength – local customized focus



10 Community of Practice (CoP) The eXtension platform hosts information being built by each content-focused team, called a

11 A network of subject matter content providers –faculty / county educators –professionals –government agency representation –industry experts –clients Who share knowledge or competence in a specific content area and are willing to work together to develop and share that knowledge through educational products and programs. Community of Practice (CoP) =

12 There are now 21 CoPs 8 started in 2005 13 started in 2006 Each CoP receives funding to organize their team and launch their site (up to $75,000) –Some teams have been able to start without this funding

13 2005 CoPs Consumer Horticulture Horse Quest Wildlife Damage Management Imported Fire Ant Management

14 Just In Time Parenting Entrepreneurs and Their Communities Financial Security for All Extension Disaster Education Network 2005 CoPs

15 Family Caregiving Map@Syst Youth Science, Engineering and Technology for Life Diversity Across Higher Education Environmental Pesticide Stewardship Cotton 2006 CoPs

16 Beef Cattle Clearing House Corn and Soybean Production eOrganic Pork Information Group Urban Integrated Pest Management US DAIReXNET Livestock and Poultry Ed Centers 2006 CoPs

17 February 2004.8 of 1% of Smith Lever Funds (75 LG Universities) $2.2 million Federal line established 2006 CSREES $1.425 million eXtension Background and Funding

18 Imported Fire Ant Community of Practice


20 Who Are We?


22 CoP Leadership Kathy Flanders, Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension System Bastiaan M. "Bart" Drees, Texas Cooperative Extension Patricia Beckley, Louisiana State University, AgCenter Paul R. Nester, Texas Cooperative Extension Anne M. Adrian, Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension System Anne-Marie Callcott, USDA APHIS PPQ, Gulfport, MS Tim Davis, Clemson University Diego M. Gimenez, Jr., Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension System M. Virginia Morgan, Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension System Kerry P. Smith, Auburn University Carol A. Whatley, Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension System CoP Advisors National Program Leader - Herb Bolton, USDA/CSREES Administrative Advisor - Paul L. Mask, Auburn University, Alabama Cooperative Extension System

23 Auburn University - Vicky Bertagnolli-Heller, Fudd Graham AL Coop. Ext. System - Jeffrey Bastuscheck, Chuck Browne, Danny Cain, Doug Chapman, Willie Datcher, Henry Dorough, William East, Glenda Freeman, Ted Gilbert, Gary Gray, Tinsley Gregg, Ken Kelley, Maggie Lawrence, Mario Light- foote, Charlie Mason, Charles Pinkston, Dan Porch, Stan Roark, David Robinson, Sergio Ruiz-Córdova, Jimmy Smitherman, Eddie Wheeler, Anthony Wiggins Alabama A&M University - Rufina Ward, Ken Ward California Department of Food and Agriculture - Mohammad Azhar Coachella Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District - Philippe Boeing, Donald Gomsi, Jim Saulnier, Victor Teran County of Los Angeles, CA - Lorri Belt, Greg Creekmur Clemson University - Bob Bett, Russell Duncan Department of Primary Industries, Qld, Australia - John James Iowa State University - Lynette Spicer Louisiana State University - Denyse Cummins, Frankie Gould, Carol Pinnell- Alison, Robert Turley Louisiana State University, AgCenter - Bobby Fletcher, Keith Fontenot, Stuart Gauthier, Dale Pollet, Carlos Smith Mississippi State University - Blake Layton New Mexico State University - David Thompson North Carolina State University - Steve Bambara, Wendi Hartup, Heather Moyer Oklahoma State University - Wayne Smith

24 Orange County Vector Control District - Charlie Cassidy Riverside County Agriculture Deptartment, CA - Bill Oesterlein Texas A&M University - Brent Batchelor, Carlos Bogran, Tom Fuchs, Rebecca Parker Texas Cooperative Extension - Wizzie Brown, Alejandro Calixto, John Jackman, Joe Janak, Molly Keck, Neal Lee, Lawrence Lippke, Michael Merchant, Kimberly Schofield Texas Tech University - Harlan Thorvilson Tuskegee University - Rory Stephens University of Arkansas - Sheri Brazil, Kelly Loftin, Doug Petty University of Arkansas CES - Jerry Clemons, John Gavin, John Hopkins, Mike McCarter, Bryan Schmid, Amy Simpson, Rebecca Thomas University of California, Davis - John Kabashima, Bob Sams University of California, Riverside - Les Greenburg University of Florida - Rebecca Baldwin, Daniel Culbert, Phil Koehler, Faith Oi University of Georgia - Wayne Gardner, Dan Suiter University of South Florida, St. Petersburg - Deby Cassill University of Tennessee - Frank Hale, Karen Vail University of Tennessee CES - Ron Blair, Ray Burden, Ruth Correll, Mike Dennison, John Goddard, Grant Palmer USDA ARS CMAVE - David Oi, Sanford Porter, Robert Vander Meer Virginia Tech, Hampton Roads AREC - Peter B. Schultz

25 Timeline Summer 2005 - responded to Call for Engagement for Communities of Practice (co-leaders Flanders & Drees, approx. 20 subject matter, communication, or computer technology experts) November 2005 funding approved March 2006 Workdays to develop strategic plan

26 Timeline 2006-Mar 2007 content development April 2007 public launch Summer 2007 marketing, regional Ask- the-Experts Dec. 2007 delivery of Spanish version and Youth Module

27 Components of an eXtension site Basic information Frequently asked questions/Ask-the- Experts Community highlights Events calendar News articles Learning lessons, decision modules Publications, links

28 How does all this information end up here, on the public side?

29 Do it Ourselves Operation

30 http//




34 http// Fire_Ants_Community

35 http// - more information about the eXtension initiative. http// - sign up for an eXtension id, or register with a CoP http// - database of FAQs used to develop and answer questions. Once published, questions are accessible to search engines http// - enter your upcoming events here http// - place to go to add content for a particular CoP web site












47 Joining a CoP is as easy as 1-2-3 1. Go to and create an eXtension ID.

48 2. Indicate which Communities of Practice you would like to join (e-mail sent to team leaders). Joining a CoP is as easy as 1-2-3

49 1. Go to and create an eXtensionID. 2. Indicate which Communities of Practice you would like to join (e-mail sent to team leaders). 3. Take a short Wiki training to learn how to contribute to the site. Joining a CoP is as easy as 1-2-3

50 1. Go to and create an eXtension ID.

51 How to Participate in the Ask-the- Experts System








59 State Needs-based Model for Forming Integrated CoPs Extension Directors/Administrators and program leaders determine the four potential CoPs that would best match their top 4 '''state needs''' Identified state needs used to develop a set of regional needs. Each of the five regions determine the top 4 potential CoPs that match regional needs Regional rankings and information from the national CES Priorities Taskforce, used to develop a list of high priority potential CoPs Initiation of 8-12 new CoPs per year may be expected (one CoP per region in this pilot year CoP leader(s) invited to prepare an application for review by the eXtension Review Panel.

60 Business & Development eXtension Foundation Tax-exempt status Contributor agreements Policy development NU Foundation will serve as bank Advisory committee Donor lists developed 2007 Goal: $300K

61 2007 Milestones Launch CoP web resources Select new CoPs Learning Management System (LMS) Corporate Development –Private funding –Sponsorship Program –eCommerce Launch Integrated national eXtension system Program review

62 click on link at the bottom of this site, called "Slides for July talk"


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