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WORKS ALLOCATION AND SIGN OFF OF EXPENSEWORKS ALLOCATION AND SIGN OFF OF EXPENSE Works users can allocate and/or sign off as soon as transactions appears.

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1 WORKS ALLOCATION AND SIGN OFF OF EXPENSEWORKS ALLOCATION AND SIGN OFF OF EXPENSE Works users can allocate and/or sign off as soon as transactions appears in their Works queue: daily, weekly, bi- weekly or monthly. The p-card billing cycle begins on the first of the month and ends on the last day of the month. If the last day is a weekend or holiday, the cycle closes on the Friday before.  On the 3 rd of each month cardholders receive a Works email with a reminder that the Cardholder Statement report is ready.  Cardholders (or assigned reconciler) should complete Works sign off of all previous month expense by the 5 th of the month or due date provided by your department approver. Submit your p-card packet (signed Cardholder Statement, receipts, and any other required documentation) to your approver on the same due date to complete the reconciliation process.  Approvers should complete review and sign off of cardholder expense by the 15 th of the month. P-Card limits reset on the 1 st work day of each month. But, limits don’t completely reset until expense from the previous month is signed off by the cardholder. Delay of previous month expense will delay limit reset and impact spending. 1

2 WORKS LOGIN 2 Works Works users can reset their own password by clicking the Forgot your password? link provided on the Works login page.Forgot your password? Username contains no spaces and is all CAP’s. Password is case sensitive and selected by you. Individual passwords are considered electronic signatures and may not be shared with others. Your login information must be kept in a secure location. Each Works user logs in to Works using a unique Username and Password. Important: Both Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are compatible browsers for Works. Google Chrome is not fully compatible with Works at this time.

3 Works Home Page View (After successful login) Action Items is the first section: It provides quick links to pending transactions requiring sign off and reports ready for download. Depending on your assigned Works role(s) you may have more than one sign off option: Approver -Click the Pending link in the Sign Off Approver row to view, edit and sign off on accounts assigned to you for approval. Accountholder (cardholder or reconciler)- You will see a Pending link in the Sign Off Accountholder row to view, edit and sign off on your own account. Download is a scheduled Works report ready for viewing.

4 Works Home Page Detail Account information Training Guides and Videos Cardholders and Reconcilers can view account information in the Accounts Dashboard Available Credit is displayed. Select the Account Number drop down arrow to View Auth Log. This provides a list of recent transactions which will post soon and may impact credit. Select Training Guides or Training Videos for more detail regarding Works. v

5 Transactions Pending Sign Off Screen (Accessed from home page by clicking the Pending link in the Sign Off row) Works has a variety of customization tools available to assist with the review process. Position your cursor on any column division line to adjust the width of a column. Drop and drag columns to rearrange. Sort any column by clicking the header name.

6 Click >> to view filter options such as Date, Account (Cardholder), Amount etc. Choose your criteria and select Search. You can also use the quick filter boxes under column heading to search by Document (TX #), Primary Accountholder or Vendor (enter just a portion of the name or number into the filter box to use this option). Select Clear Filters (to the right) to remove filters QUICK FILTER BOXES Using Works Filters

7 Mass allocate allows you to select one or several transactions and apply the same GL entry to all fields or just selected fields. Select line (or lines) by placing a check mark in the first column (or select the top box to auto-check all transactions). Select Mass Allocate. (You can also sign off on all or selected transactions when you’re ready to do so) Allocating Expense In Works(several options are available) Enter the correct accounting codes (Dept ID, Expense, Project, Chartfield) in the GL Field and/or update business purpose for all lines selected. If you are an Approver, you’ll have the option to flag a transaction. This will return the transaction to the cardholder with a correction request.

8 8 Mass Allocate, continued Every line selected will share the data you enter. You don’t need an entry in every field, but you can allocate all fields if necessary. Every line selected will share the data you enter. To enter GL codes: Place your cursor in any GL field (i.e. Dept ID, Expense Code, Chartfield, Project) and click. Enter the code you need if you know it. If not, select “See More” to view a complete list of additional codes and description detail. Select the code you need from the table (General Ledger Picker) to auto-fill field and OK to complete..

9 Individual Transaction Allocation is another option for allocation. You can use this method as your standard allocation method but you need to use it to add additional allocation lines to a single transaction. Example: You have one transaction to OfficeMax but you need to allocate the expense to 2 different Dept IDs. 9 To individually allocate a line: Select the Document number (TX#) and open the drop down menu by clicking on the arrow shown in the Zoom view above. Select Allocate/Edit. Transaction # Zoom view

10 Individual Transaction Allocation, continued- You can add or duplicate the existing allocation line to divide the transaction between multiple expense codes or Dept ID’s. 10 Select Add (or Duplicate) and then select number of lines needed for allocation split. You can divide the transaction by $ Amount or Percentage (Select the option that works best for you) NOTE: Duplicate is similar to Add but you can enter your GL field accounting detail and business purpose to one line and it will copy the detail you entered on the original line to the added lines automatically.

11 Individual Transaction Allocation, continued 11 Enter the accounting codes needed in the GL box (Dept ID, Expense Code, Chartfield, etc.) and a business purpose for each transaction row in the Allocation Details window. *(If you use the Duplicate option, you don’t have to reenter all data) If you add too many lines, select the line(s) to be removed, and select Remove. Select Save and Close (you have to do both) and move to the next transaction. Review all GL field by clicking the left or right arrow scroll bar

12 Sign Off Is The Final Step For Both Cardholder And Approver 12 Review your allocation entries, make sure all lines have 3 green checkmarks, and sign off on the expense.  Select all transactions ready for sign off by placing a check in the box next to each transaction or select the top box to auto-select all.  Select Sign Off (no comment is necessary).  Select OK to complete. Signed Off tab After sign off the transactions disappear from your Pending Sign Off tab but you can view them under the Signed Off tab).

13 Viewing and Printing Works Reports The Sign off Status (Excel), Cardholder Statement, and Approver Summary Statement (PDF) are scheduled reports and will appear each month as a report ready for download depending on your Works role. Users receive email notification from Works which includes a link to the scheduled report once it’s available. Scheduled reports can be run on demand as well so you don’t have to rely on the email link to access the report. 13 Report Download: If you have a new Works report ready, it appears in Action Items as a Download. Click the Ready link in the Download row under Action Items. The Completed Reports view appears. Select the PDF link to open your Approver Summary Statement or Cardholder Statement. (Or select the XLS link to open your Sign Off Status Report) Once you download the report, you can still run it again directly from the Works Reports generator.

14 Run your report again to refresh the data. From the Works Home Screen Select Reports and Scheduled. The Schedule Reports screen appears: Select the report name and Modify/Run. The Create Report screen appears. Scroll to the bottom right of screen and: Select Submit Report. You’ll be directed back to Completed Reports: Select the PDF link (or XLS, depending on report) and then open the file to view/print the report. 14 v

15 15 For assistance with Works, Contact: University P-Card Administrator: Anna Pollworth Ext 6-1795 Purchasing Technician: Leslie Knight Ext 6-2226 Check the online P-Card site for forms, references and other information

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