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Creative Economy Dr. Niracharapa Tongdhamachart Software Industry Promotion Agency Ministry of ICT 17 December 2009.

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1 Creative Economy Dr. Niracharapa Tongdhamachart Software Industry Promotion Agency Ministry of ICT 17 December 2009

2 Change of Economic Structure Decline of Global consumption Decline of Demands of Thai export products Trade competitiveness advantage oil price hikes and high inflation rate Increase of interest rate Increase of liquidity due to inflow of funds and strong baht currency Impact of national mass consumption of 2 Asian countries namely India and China Asian Free Trade Agreement

3 Why creative economy? New or emerging market by producing quality goods and services responsive to their demands Increase of national competitiveness by adding more values on goods and services Increase of Demand Adaptation of investment atmosphere such as skill, innovation, infrastructure, policy, law and regulation revision Creative economy

4 Creative Economy by UNCTAD It can foster income-generation, job creation and export earnings while promoting social inclusions, cultural diversity and human development. It embraces economic, cultural and social aspects interacting with technology, intellectual property and tourism objectives. It is a set of knowledge-based economic activities with a development dimension and cross-cutting linkages at macro and micro levels to the overall economy.

5 UNCTAD It is a feasible development option calling for innovative, multidisciplinary policy responses and inter-ministerial action At the heart of creative economy are the creative industries

6 4 Dimensions of CE Cultural Human capital Structural or institutional social

7 Creative Industries The cycles of creation, production and distribution of goods and services that use creativity and intellectual capital as primary inputs At the crossroad among the artisan, services and industrials sectors Comprise tangible products and intangible intellectual or artistic services with creative content, economic value and market objectives Constitute a set of knowledge-based activities, focused on but not limited to arts, potentially generating revenues from trade and intellectual property rights


9 CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Cultural location / / / tradition / Performing arts / / / audiovisual / / software / / Services / / / design / / / publications photo / / / Heritage Arts Media Functional Creation CREATIVE INDUSTRIES

10 Creative industry value chain CreationProductionDistribution Retail and consumption SupplyDemand

11 Fact and Figures of Global Creative Industries




15 Export ,494 mil usd = 11,742,290 Mil Baht Thailand Export 4,323 mil usd = 151,305 Mil Baht Market Share = 1.29%

16 Creative Thailand as a National Agenda Creative Infrastructure such as launch of Creative Economy Agency, IP laws and regulation revision, IT infrastructure Creative Education and Human Resources Creative Society and Inspiration Creative Business Development and Investment such as marketing strategy, BOI, funds

17 Develop creative economy along with knowledge-based economy Creative multidisciplinary policy and integration of government agencies Restructure of products and services for Creative and Green Economy National social and economic Development Plan 11 policy Develop infrastructure and environment especially telecommunication, R&D, funds, education response to market demands. Improve market strategies for competitive advantage and global change Signify intellectual property of creativity with concrete regulations and policy as well as financial assistance Develop institutions and integrate them as network in cooperatively supporting creative industry Create opportunity to entrepreneurs and professional development to the market needs Supports and environment In-depth R&D in cultural capital Continuity of systematic evaluation of Thai creative industry mech anism Financial Capital (FC) Natural Capital (NC) Social Capital (SC) Physical Capital (PC) Human Capital (HC) Cultural Capital (CC) Natural Capital (NC) Natural Capital (NC) Economic Capital (EC) Economic Capital (EC) Social Capital (SC) Social Capital (SC) The way forward

18 SP2 To stimulate the economy of the country by supporting creative industry with 20,134 million baht or $ 575 million US

19 Thank you

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