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Inserting Pictures and Symbols in Word documents There are many ways to insert pictures – these are the most common methods Copy and Paste Copy and paste.

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1 Inserting Pictures and Symbols in Word documents There are many ways to insert pictures – these are the most common methods Copy and Paste Copy and paste is probably the easiest way to insert a picture into Word. It works well with all the specialist software by allowing you to browse or search the images. It also works if you have a number of photo albums open and wish to compare photos side by side to choose the most suitable. If you have specialist software, open the selected program. We will use Change Picture Bank as an example. 1.Search for the image or picture required. 2.Right click on the image to bring up the menu. 3.Left click ‘copy’ in the drop down menu. Click on ‘copy’

2 Next, go back to the Word document. Right click on the page to bring up the drop down menu. Left click ‘paste’. The image will now appear in the document. It may appear very large, and move all the text about. Don’t worry, as the next stages will show you how to resize and format the shape so that the text will stay where you want.

3 To Format a Picture in Word documents It is a bit more difficult to move a picture in Word than in PowerPoint or Publisher. First you need to format the picture. Click on the picture and then click the right hand mouse button. Click on Format Picture. Or Double click on the picture. Then click on the ‘Layout’ tab and click on any of the options other than ‘In line with text’. Then click on ‘OK’. The corner squares will now be white and you will be able to move your picture. Experiment with different options to suit your document. Click on ‘layout’ tab NOT this one

4 More formatting options If you want to move the picture or image so that it also contains some text, you can format it further. Click on ‘format picture’ as before, this time on ‘Layout’ tab click on ‘Behind text’. Next click on ‘Advanced’. Click here Then click ‘Advanced’ Un-check the Options box ‘Move object with text’. Then click OK, then OK again. This will allow you to move your image or picture anywhere in the document without it affecting the position of the text. Remove from box

5 Ways you can now use the picture If you set the tab about a 1/3 of the way across the page, once you have formatted the picture, you can move it along the ‘margin’ that has been created on the left of the page. This way it can always be moved to suit the text, even if you add or remove text Set margin to 3 The picture will now always appear behind the text, this way you can add the text into the picture or image. Try experimenting with a text box.

6 Click on the picture and you will see small white circles on the corners and along the sides. When you put the pointer over a circle you will see arrows or a cross. if you click and hold down the left mouse button when you see the cross you can drag the image around the page, and drop it by releasing the button If you move the pointer over the circles on the sides or corners you will see an arrow. If you click and hold the mouse button you can change the size of the image It is best to use the corner circles for this or else your picture will lose its shape and might not look right. To change the size of an image in Word documents

7 If you use the corner arrows, the image will keep the same proportions This is particularly important when you are using photos

8 Copy and paste photos from files Open file folder from start menu, click on ‘documents’, followed by ‘My Pictures’ or select the folder you have saved pictures to. Right click on selected picture to bring up drop down menu. Left click on ‘copy’ then paste into Word as before. Start Menu My Pictures Documents

9 Inserting Pictures from File 1.Click on Insert (top menu), Picture, From File 2.Use the drop down menu to find the folders. Here you can see the locations of the different ‘Change’ picture banks. Often images may be stored in My Documents or My Pictures.

10 To Crop a Picture in Word If there are parts of the picture you don’t want, you can cut them off by ‘cropping’ them. Click on the picture, and the ‘handles’ will appear around it. Then click on the ‘Crop’ button on the tool bar, this is what it looks like. When you click on the ‘Crop’ button, the handles (white circles) will become black lines and corners. By dragging each of the lines or corners into the picture, you can ‘Crop’ the unwanted areas out.

11 Grouping pictures lets you move them together as one picture. For example, if you wanted to add a cross to the calendar, you want them to stay in that position even if you move the calendar somewhere else. Click on the calendar (so the handles appear), then press shift (the arrow key you use to make a capital letter) and hold the button down. Keep holding the shift key and click on the other parts of the picture e.g. the red crosses. Let go of the shift key – all the parts of the picture should have white circles at the ends to show you have selected them. To Group Pictures in Word Right click the mouse button for the menu, as you move the pointer onto grouping a sub-menu will appear. Left click once on group and all the crosses will move with the calendar.

12 Guide written by Jason Boyce Inclusive Communication Essex ICE Resources Manager Essex County Council September 2009 All photographs © Jason Boyce 2009 Do not reproduce or alter any part of this guide without permission from Inclusive Communication Essex

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