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What IS the Web? Mrs. Wilson Internet Basics & Beyond.

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1 What IS the Web? Mrs. Wilson Internet Basics & Beyond

2 World Wide Web The World Wide Web is a collection of electronic documents that are linked together like a spider web. These documents are stored on computers called servers located around the world. The Web has evolved into a global electronic publishing medium and increasingly, a medium for conducting electronic commerce.

3 WWW vs. the Internet Two terms are not synonymous. Two separate but related things.

4 Internet Massive “Network of Networks” Connects millions of computers Information travels via a variety of languages called protocols Allows computers to communicate E-mail IM FTP

5 WWW Way of accessing information Built on top of the Internet Uses HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) Uses browsers and has hyperlinks, video, graphics, sound

6 The Web Physically Consists of Your personal computer Web browser software Connection to an Internet service provider Computers called servers that host digital data, and routers and switches to direct the flow of information

7 Question: This is a huge collection of computers around the world, which are all linked so that they can share information.

8 Answer: The Internet

9 Question: This is the collection of millions of pages of information on the Internet.

10 Answer: The World Wide Web

11 Question: These are used to link the pages of information together.

12 Answer: Hyperlinks

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