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What Is A Web Page? An Introduction to the Internet.

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1 What Is A Web Page? An Introduction to the Internet

2 Our Goals Use correct Internet terminology Describe how the Internet and Web work Navigate web sites and web pages Recognize good web sites and web pages

3 To Get on the Web You Need : A computer Web browser software A connection to the Internet through a provider

4 A Web Browser Is a software program that helps you to access and navigate the World Wide Web Netscape Navigator Microsoft Explorer

5 An Internet Service Provider Is a company like AOL or AT&T that connects you computer to the Internet using a phone line or TV cable it is called an ISP for short.

6 Remember: A provider is a company that connects your computer to the internet with wires or cables. A browser is software that helps you see and navigate information on the web

7 What Is the Internet? The Internet is a network of computers worldwide that are connected by wires and cables. Click here to see how the Internet works

8 What is the Web? The World Wide Web (www) is a collection of millions of linked documents which can be accessed through and displayed on the computers of the Internet. Click here to see how the web works

9 Net Web Remember The Web is made up of information The Net is made up of computers

10 What Is A Web Page? People put information in the form of words or text, pictures or graphics, sounds, animations, and videos on the web in documents called Web Pages. These pages are written in a special language called HTML and are stored in large computers called servers.

11 This Is a Web Page

12 Web Page Address Every Web Page on the Internet can be located by an address known as a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

13 What do the Parts of a URL Mean? Hypertext Transfer Protocol- directory or kind of internet file File found on the World Wide Web Domain Name -tells the name of the group making the page and the type of group that it is

14 What Are Links? Web pages are connected on the Internet by links. Links can be either graphics or text. When we click on a link, it takes us to to another Web page with more information

15 How Do I Find Links? Graphic links and text links will change the cursor ( ) into a hand Text links are underlined and are a different color from the rest of the text

16 What Is a Web Site? A Web Site is one or more web pages that have information about a particular subject. The first page is called the Home Page. It provides links to all of the other web pages connected to the Web Site

17 Remember: A Web page is a single page A Web site is a group of pages that have information on the same topic and are connected by links The first page of a Web site is called the Home Page We find Web pages and Web sites by typing a URL or Internet address into the address box

18 How Can I Surf the Net? Click on a text or graphic link Type the URL of a web page into the location or address box of your browser’s toolbar

19 What Else Is in the Toolbar? There are buttons for helping us navigate within this page and to get to other pages Takes you to the home page of your browser Returns to the previous page Takes you back to the page you were on Prints the page you are on Stops the page from loading

20 Find These Items on the White House Home Page Page Title Toolbar Link URL Name of the Browser Location or Address box Back Button Forward Button Graphic Text Link Stop Button Home Button Print Button

21 Can You Find...

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