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Ellingsburg University Educating students who will change the world 2005 Case Study Jenny Koslovsky, Jessica Rehling & Glenn Sterner.

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1 Ellingsburg University Educating students who will change the world 2005 Case Study Jenny Koslovsky, Jessica Rehling & Glenn Sterner

2 Ellingsburg University Presentation Overview Portal Objectives (Slide 3) Portal Conceptual Development Team Members (Slide 4) Portal Audiences (Slide 5) Reasons for a portal vs. a website (Slide 6) Portal Channels (Slide 7) Rationale for Channels (Slide 8-16) Technology Based Systems (Slide 17) Organization (Slide 18-19) Benefits (Slide 20) Theoretical Integration (Slide 21) Bobby Compliant (Slide 22) Feedback & Assessment (Slide 23) Checklist (Slide 24) Model Portals (Slide 25) References (Slide 26)

3 Ellingsburg University Portal Objectives Create an aesthetically pleasing design that attracts users Communicate a positive and accurate image of Ellingsburg University Develop a user friendly web presence Ensure easily navigable channels Establish One Stop Shop for our academic community Meets the needs of multiple university constituents Incorporate feedback and input from university stakeholders Provide clear and apparent paths to university resources Retain accessibility for all web users Reflect the diverse student population of Ellingsburg University

4 Ellingsburg University The Portal Conceptual Development Team Current Members: Jenny Koslovsky, Jessica Rehling & Glenn Sterner Director of Residence Life Office of Communications Representative Faculty Senate President New members: Technology Director Student Representative Community Representative Presidential Appointee

5 Ellingsburg University Portal Audiences Current Students Prospective Students Faculty Staff Alumni Parents Community Members

6 Ellingsburg University Reasons for Portal Build an online community Present information rather than forcing user exploration Provide easily obtainable resources Increase student dialogue Strengthen security Integrate applications and content Track user activities –Improve services –Monitor conduct Collaborate online programs and information

7 Ellingsburg University Portal Channels Current Students Prospective Students Faculty & Staff Parents Alumni & Donors Community Members History & Traditions Country Map Search Bar

8 Ellingsburg University Rationale: Current Students Channel Provide current EU students with multiple online communities –Provide links to Residence Life Webpage and individual hall websites –Use current technological trends to increase connections among different student populations (i.e. facebook, blogs, etc.) Encourage co-curricular learning Provide easy access to frequently used resources (i.e. grades, discussion boards, enrollment, calendars, deadlines, etc.) Inform students of campus activities and events Display EUs value for student-centered curriculum and services

9 Ellingsburg University Rationale: Prospective Students Channel Provide positive representation of EU Display easy access to university resources Offer simple online application process Present realistic portrayal of first-year and transfer student experience through current student blogs Make contacting university administrators effortless

10 Ellingsburg University Rationale: Faculty & Staff Channel Include resources for teaching tips and guidelines Provide resources for professional development opportunities Display quick links to information pertaining to faculty and staff Pool instructor-specific resources Create central database for administrative forms List literature and current events pertaining to college, discipline or functional area Connect to different national unions based on university occupation

11 Ellingsburg University Rationale: Parents Channel Provide links to popular parent resources (alumni association, tuition statements, family weekends, financial aid, investing in EU, Parents Association, etc.) Demonstrate value of parent influence in student development and success Incorporate ideas of how parents can become involved with EU activities and functions Provide links to literature and resources for coping with parent-student separation Create student and parent blog exchanges List personal information granted by student for parent use

12 Ellingsburg University Rationale: Alumni & Donors Channel Provide link to Alumni Association and Investing in EU Connect to Athletics page Link to EU Bookstore Display university calendars Create historical journals of past EU students Construct links for hassle-free contributions and fundraising

13 Ellingsburg University Rationale: Community Members Channel Include events calendar for increased community participation Provide on-campus volunteer opportunities Create system for local resident-student mentorships List resources for successful and peaceful off-campus student-local resident interactions and living experiences

14 Ellingsburg University Rationale: History & Traditions Channel Include audio and text of EU Fight Song and Alma Mater Present photo album of university traditions with meanings and explanations Display virtual slideshow of campus Provide a virtual walking tour of campus highlighting historical buildings, monuments, and gathering places Narrate history of institution Celebrate the culture of EU with the user

15 Ellingsburg University Rationale: Country Map Channel Visually demonstrate the regional diversity of the institution Display clickable map by state to assist users in arranging carpool or flights home or to other destinations

16 Ellingsburg University Rationale: Search Bar Channel Assist users in obtaining resources Support user navigation of portal through collections of links Connect users with other campus community members Provide campus directory

17 Ellingsburg University Technology Based Systems Secure Sign-on Customization options –Single sign-on enables customization in which users can choose hyperlink preferences and backdrops to suit their liking Chat Software Blog software –Users would experience E. U. through the online journals/blogs of 6 current first- year and transfer E. U. studentsUsers would experience E. U. through the online journals/blogs of 6 current first- year and transfer E. U. students Online picture yearbook with profiles –Similar to Music downloading program Virtual tour (Java software) Structured Query Language (SQL) (database-web language) Secure login Search technology Online communities –Angel/Blackboard (online academic communities where students have web access to their courses content)

18 Ellingsburg University Organization Clickable index with each alphabetical letter listed Search bar –Drop down box option for people and the university as a whole Quick Links (student services) Headings and subheadings –Column on the left of page Campus events calendar(s) –Click on date to link to calendar (date would be in upper left corner of the portal page –Picture (non-flash) University address listed –Hyperlink to mapping softwaremapping software

19 Ellingsburg University Organization cont. Contact us hyperlink US Map –Serves as a Carpool Board by region –Visible representation of student population Student Life Link –Athletics, Admissions, Residence Life, Greek Life, Intramural Activities, Student Governments, Registered Student Organizations Frequently Asked Questions No necessary scrolling on opening page (all information is available within one screen presence) Name of school in large readable font Include color scheme on all pages as a coordination tool

20 Ellingsburg University Benefits Creates and presents a positive image of EU Serves as a One-Stop Shop for users People are able to easily locate and utilize EU resources Utilizes new technology to expand student community building Expands user base through increased accessibility (Bobby approved) and representation of EUs diverse student populationBobby approved Provides easy access to feedback and input

21 Ellingsburg University Theoretical Integration Astins Input-Environment-Outcomes Model –Utilizing the environment of the portal to enhance positive student outcomes Blimling & Whitt Principles of Good Practice in Student Affairs –Engages students in active learning –Uses systematic inquiry to improve student and institutional performance –Uses resources effectively to achieve institutional missions and goals –Forges educational partnerships that advance student learning –Builds supportive and inclusive communities Upcraft and Schuh –Practice multiple avenues for assessing and evaluating success and improvements for portal (i.e. focus groups, satisfaction and interest surveys, polls, etc.) Watson, et al. –Display reality of campus culture and diversity within portal –Provide students of color additional paths for communication and support –Use portal to encourage student involvement

22 Ellingsburg University Bobby Compliant The Ellingburg University Portal will be Bobby Compliant Bobby is a comprehensive web accessibility software tool designed to help expose and repair barriers to accessibility (Watchfire Corp., 2005, ¶ 1). –Offers suggestions for improvement and generates summary reports highlighting critical accessibility issues before posting content to live servers (Watchfire Corp.). –Tests for compliance with government standards.

23 Ellingsburg University Feedback & Assessment Create hyperlink on main page to provide open- ended feedback Implement monthly interest and satisfaction polls Send campus-wide survey emails twice a semester Utilize residence hall surveys to gather information on user satisfaction Conduct annual focus groups of community members Provide hyperlink to report abuse or inappropriate use of the online communities Monitor user data (who is logging in and when, what sites they are visiting)

24 Ellingsburg University Checklist Ensure correct spelling and grammar Limited use of Ellingburg jargon Verify that all links are active Regularly incorporate feedback from constituencies Effectively meets objectives Catches users attention

25 Ellingsburg University Model Portals Here is a listing of current university portals from around the country which have a variety of characteristics that EUs portal would emulate –Yale UniversityYale University –Pennsylvania State UniversityPennsylvania State University –University of WashingtonUniversity of Washington –Mitchell CollegeMitchell College

26 Ellingsburg University References Astin, A. W. (1993). Assessment for excellence: The philosophy and practice of assessment and evaluation in higher education. Westport, CT: The Oryx Press. Barratt, W. Models for Evaluating Student Affairs Web Sites. Retrieved on February 23, 2005 from, Bitler, D. A., Rankin, W. P., & Schrass, J. M. (2000). Academic affairs online: A survey of information available on websites in higher education. College Student Journal, 34, 3, pp. 325-333. Blimling, G. S., Whitt, E. J., & Associates. (1999) Good practice in student affairs: Principles to foster student learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Borges, J. A., Morales, I., Rodriguez, N. J. (1996) Guidelines for designing usable world wide web pages. CHI 96 Companion, pp. 277-278. Goldsborough, R. (2004). Creating web sites for web surfers. Black Issues in Higher Education, 21, 9, p. 120. Schuh, J. H., Upcraft, M. L., & Associates. (2001). Assessment practice in student affairs. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Seabreeze, J. R. (1997). Student affairs world wide web sites. New Directions for Student Services, 78, pp. 97-103. Stoner, M. (2004). How the web can speak to prospective students. The Chronicle of Higher Education, 50, 34, p. B10. Turrentine, C. G., Schnure, S. L., Ostroth, D. D., & Ward-Roof, J. A. (2004). The parent project: What parents want from the college experience. NASPA Journal, 38, 1, pp. 31-43. Watchfire Corporation (2005). About Bobby. Retrieved on February 24, 2005 from, Watson, L. W., Terrell, M. C., Wright, D. J., Bonner, F., & Cuvjet, M. (2002). How minority students experience college: Implications for planning and policy. Sterling Virginia: Stylus Publishing LLC.

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