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Forging into a New Frontier: Frontier Net and Pioneer Portals Christina Darpino Mike Gilmer Leticia Romo.

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1 Forging into a New Frontier: Frontier Net and Pioneer Portals Christina Darpino Mike Gilmer Leticia Romo

2 Moving into the future… Increased branding of Pioneer mascot to enhance student pride Millennial Students have different needs and expectations than students in the past This web based portal will create a closer knit learning community among the residents It provides a more secure way for students to share information among themselves

3 And beyond… Provides opportunities for intentional programming by functional areas on campus for a more holistic Pioneer Enhances communication among students and between students and administrators Creates connections between academic affairs and residential students

4 Millennial Students Expectations These students are more technologically advanced Millennial students come to college more focused on their goals and life path than students in the past They want information to be accessed quickly and efficiently

5 Recommendations for Committee Members To ensure a diverse committee we recommend members of the faculty, staff, and students 1.Faculty - tenured and non-tenured 2.Staff - representative of the campus services offered at Ellingsburg College 3.Students - very in age, class standing, and level of involvement

6 Pioneer Portal Channels: Reaching Our Students One Channel at a time The channels are divided into 5 areas that address student needs and expectations The portals are named according to the Ellingsburg College mascot and theme Each of the channels are then divided into sub-channels that students can access depending on the information needed

7 5 Pioneer Portal Channels Healthy Pioneer Channel Residence Life Channel Academics Channel Pioneer Pride Channel Tools and Extras Channel

8 Healthy Pioneer Channel This channel is devoted to a students physical and emotional wellness The sub-channels will showcase services and resources that can assist students in these areas

9 Healthy Pioneer Sub-Channels Counseling Center: –Allows students to view workshops, services –Students can schedule online appointments Student Health Services: –Students can access student health insurance –Q & A for Nurses and Physicians –Students can schedule online appointments

10 Healthy Pioneer Sub-Channels Pioneer Student Health Outreach Education: –Workshop Schedule –Volunteer Opportunities –Hot Topics Posted Monthly –Advocacy Chat line Career Center and Life Planning: –Online résumé, job search assistance –Online Appointment Scheduling –Career Exploration Boards-students can post messages about career interests and opportunities –Online career inventory access

11 Residence Life Portal Channel This channel is committed to enhancing the residential community experience Students will be encouraged by the residence life staff to explore this channel This channel promotes engaging students in their living environment

12 Residence Life Portal Sub-Channels Chuck Wagon: –Information about dining services –Online nutritional information –A personalized dietary food journal Car Pool Link: –Students can offer/accept rides to off campus locations. –Offers students an opportunity to carpool and save the environment

13 Residence Life Portal Sub-Channels Residence Hall Association: –Information about meetings –Meet the staff –Post concerns and/or comments Residence Hall Chat rooms: –Boards are divided by residence halls –Community boards and interest boards are also available Residence Hall Program Calendar –Resident Assistants and Hall Directors will be able to post upcoming programs and events on the hall calendar

14 Intellectual Pioneer Portal This portal will create a link between faculty and students The portal will have features to address students academic issues, needs and expectations This portal will also bridge the gap between the career center/life planning and academic advising

15 Intellectual Pioneer Portal Sub-Channels The Open Range: –This will be a type of Blackboard software program –It will facilitate classroom learning online –Allows faculty the opportunity to post grades, lectures handouts,quizzes, etc. online Academic Advising –Q & A Message Board –Online Major Requirements and Semester Course Offerings –Online Appointment Scheduling

16 Intellectual Pioneer Portal Sub-Channels Bailey Barter: –Students can sell, buy and share textbooks Pioneer Search Parties –Students can coordinate class schedules to develop study groups, find tutors, and succeed

17 Pioneer Pride Portal This portal is designed to encourage student involvement It will keep students aware of the diverse opportunities on campus This portal will also promote Ellingsburg traditions

18 Pioneer Pride Portal Sub-Channels Student Activities: –Gives students access to the campus activities –Lists student organizations and contact information Intramurals/Recreation Center: –Online sign ups for intramurals –Online Q & A for fitness trainers –Message boards for intramural teams

19 Pioneer Pride Portal Sub-Channels Multicultural/Diversity: –Lists events that promote diversity –Chat rooms addressing issues, concerns, and questions regarding diversity and multiculturalism –Periodic campus climate polls Pioneer Pride: –Homecoming- Student events for homecoming –University traditions –Pioneer Post- Student newspaper

20 Final Frontier Portal This portal will offer various tools, guides, and resources that may be useful to students

21 Final Frontier Portal Sub-Channels Student Personalized Calendar Student Email Ellinsburg Weather Online Personal Journal Student Webpage Live View of Campus Campus E-cards Calculator, Thesaurus, Dictionary

22 Pioneer Supporter Portal This will be a portal that is specifically designed to provide information to friends and family of the students who attend Ellingsburg Every student will be assigned a login name and pin that will provide access to the five portals as well as a separate login name and pin that can be distributed to friends and family who want to gain a higher level of involvement at Ellingsburg.

23 Pioneer Supporter Channels Frequently asked questions from the high interest offices around the campus: –Student Activates –Financial Aid –Campus directory –Orientation –Alumni relations

24 Portal Assessment To ensure that the students needs are met, a random pretest and posttest will be assigned to 10% of the students who sign in to the portal At the bottom of every page in the portal, there will be a link for users who are interested in leaving feedback

25 Login to the Portal Access to the portal will be through a single login screen at the front of the portal The user will need to enter login name and a pin number to gain access to the portal The login name and pin will change every semester or upon request to ensure added security The extra login name and pin that is given to the Pioneer Supporters will limit access to approved sites designated by the institution

26 Thank you! Christina, Mike, and Leticia University of South Florida

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