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The Leader’s Voice.

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1 The Leader’s Voice

2 “Leadership is the art of accomplishing more than the science of management says is possible.”
Colin Powell The Leadership Secrets of Colin Powell

3 “Who were you leadership role models?”

4 Who were your leadership role models?
Business leader Political leader Community leader Family member Coach Teacher Other

5 How would your senior manager rate his or her communication ability?
Very effective Somewhat effective Not very effective Not effective at all Not sure

6 How would you rate your senior manager’s communication ability?
Very effective Somewhat effective Not very effective Not effective at all Not sure

7 Clarke & Crossland 30% effective 70% ineffective
86% of followers believe that executives think they are effective. 17% of followers believe executives are effective.

8 “The State of the CIO” The personal skills most important for CIO success 70% 58% 46% 31% 19% 17% 10% Effective Communication Understand Business Process and Ops. Strategic Thinking and Planning Thorough knowledge of technical options Negotiations skills Ability to influence/salesmanship Technical proficiency Study by CIO Magazine involving 500 CIO’s and CTO’s

9 Gallup and Supplee 71% Poor at communicating Petty and critical
Took credit for other’s performance.

10 Understand Agree Care Take appropriate action Four fatal assumptions.

11 Channels Factual Emotional Symbolic

12 “Reason without emotion is neurologically impossible.”
Dr. Antonio Damasio

13 “The emotions are adaptations, well-engineered software modules that work in harmony with the intellect and are indispensable to the functioning of the whole mind.” Steven Pinker, MIT Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

14 When leaders fail to communicate in facts, emotions, and symbols, constituents will fill in the blanks.

15 “A leader has only his or her language as a ‘tool
“A leader has only his or her language as a ‘tool.’ To say language is everything to the leader is not an overstatement. It’s a fact.” Tom Peters

16 “Nearly all leaders are eloquent in voice, and many are eloquent in writing as well. They do not merely have a promising story; they can tell it persuasively. When such linguistic intelligence is yoked to considerable personal intelligence, one has the makings of an effective communicator and, perhaps, a promising leader.” Howard Gardner, Leading Minds

17 Leadership communication is an inside out game.

18 Authenticity Genuineness Credibility


20 International Norm 21% Ambitious 88% Honest 40% Broad-minded
20% Caring 66% Competent 28% Cooperative 20% Courageous 33% Dependable 24% Determined 42% Fair-minded 71% Forward-looking 88% Honest 23% Imaginative 6% Independent 65% Inspiring 47% Intelligent 14% Loyal 17% Mature 8% Self-controlled 34% Straightforward 35% Supportive

21 Followers Want Honest Forward-looking Competent Inspiring
Kouzes and Posner, The Leadership Challenge

22 Source Credibility Trustworthiness Expertise Dynamism

23 Leadership Trustworthiness Expertise Dynamism Honest Forward-looking
Competent Inspiring

24 “Communication which inspires, enables and strengthens with the purpose of raising the conviction, consciousness and competence of others.”

25 Factual Channel

26 Factual Channel People love facts.
Facts may not be boring, but you might be. Facts alone seldom persuade and rarely inspire.

27 “Communications Problem #10: Use of boring language and lack of interesting material.”
Roger Ailes, You Are The Message

28 “Every year since 1950, the number of American children gunned down has doubled.”

29 1950 10 1970 10,485,760 1973 83,886,080 1995 350,000,000,000,000 The Facts Author and Ph.D. Joel Best showcases a factual "transformation" in his book, Damned Lies and Statistics: Untangling Numbers from the Media, Politicians, and Activists. "Every year since 1950, the number of American children gunned down has doubled." A Ph.D. candidate used this statistic to open his dissertation, and his advisory committee accepted the thesis without challenge. The student innocently quoted this "fact" verbatim from another source that Best chooses not to cite. As Best did, let's crunch some numbers. If ten children had been shot in 1950, then in 1970, 10,485,760 children would have been slain. By 1973, the number would have jumped to 83,886,080. By 1995, 350 trillion (rounding to the nearest 10 trillion) children would be shot each year. The original statistic, reported by the Children's Defense Fund in 1994, is "The number of American children killed each year by guns has doubled since 1950." This fact, transformed accidentally, we presume, then quoted innocently leads to incredulity.

30 HIV Ninety percent of all HIV infections are in Sub-Saharan Africa.

31 90% of all HIV infections are in Sub-Saharan Africa

32 Facts alone seldom persuade and rarely inspire.

33 Communicating facts well requires the same skill as good story telling.

34 How big is an acre of land?
Read this story in the book.

35 About the size of an American football field.
Read this story in the book.

36 How much pizza per/person is served in America each year?
Read this story in the book.

37 About 18 acres per/person.
Read this story in the book.

38 Standard railroad gauge: 4 feet, 8 and ½ inches
Read this story in the book.

39 Standard railroad gauge: 4 feet, 8 and ½ inches
Read this story in the book. Standard railroad gauge: 4 feet, 8 and ½ inches

40 We follow leaders because of how they make us feel.
Follow because of how . We follow leaders because of how they make us feel.

41 Emotional Channel Emotions give power to communication.
Reason without emotions is impossible.

42 Learning Leadership 40% Family members 26% Teacher or coach
11% Community leader 7% Business leader 4% Political leader 3% Professional athlete 2% Entertainer 7% None/Other/Not sure Source: Public Allies Survey 1998

43 “Long-distance phone service, electronic mail, faxes, and video-conferencing should have made the face-to-face business meeting obsolete. But meetings continue to be a major expense for corporations and support entire industries like hotels, airlines, and rental cars. Why do we insist on doing business in the flesh? Because we do not trust someone until we see what makes him sweat.” Steven Pinker, How The Mind Works


45 A leader without symbols is like Elvis without hips.

46 From a rabbit’s foot to a rosary, symbols are the shortcuts to the great truths that guide our lives.

47 “Telling stories, in the sense of registering what happens in the form of brain maps, is probably a brain obsession and probably begins relatively early both in terms of evolution and in terms of the complexity of the neural structures required to create narratives. Telling stories precedes language, since it is, in fact, a condition for language, and it is based not just in the cerebral cortex but elsewhere in the brain and in the right hemisphere as well as the left.” Antonio Damasio

48 “What we sell is the opportunity for a 43 year-old accountant to dress up in black leather, ride through small towns and have people be afraid of him.” Harley executive, quoted in Results-based Leadership Question for the audience. What story does your product or services tell?

49 The language of constituents.
This is the set up slide to the Midol story. Give background about the case and what Heather Shirley was trying to accomplish.

50 “Other PMS symptoms include gastrointestinal distress, headaches, rashes, muscle and joint pains, fatigue, gingivitis, heart pounding, imbalance, hot flashes, over-sensitivity to sounds and smells, agitation, and insomnia…” WebMD This what kids found before the Mighty Midols.

51 Product Brand Communication

52 Leaders must communicate a million complicated things when they fail to communicate a few simple profound ones.

53 Make sure the words are yours.
Push them from the very bottom of your soul. The performance will take care of itself.

54 tompeterscompay! tompeterscompany! is a global company that introduces, implements, and integrates learning to the point of results. Founded and chaired by renowned author and management guru Tom Peters.

55 The Leader’s Voice Copies of this book may be purchased in the following three ways: Signed copies at - wow! store Other distributors: Barnes&Noble at Amazon at

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