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Welcome to LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen.

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1 Welcome to LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

2 Name Slogan nestwärme (literally) nest warmth
love and security, happy family life e.V. registered association/non-profit organisation Deutschland active nationwide Slogan Every child needs warmth.

3 950,000 families and single mothers, in particular,
are living in Germany together with socially disadvantaged children, children displaying behavioural problems or severely or chronically ill children. often feel hopelessly abandoned to this burden, especially in the first years of the child‘s life. LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen To provide these children with the best chances, family policy must pay special attention to these families‘ needs: expert advice and relief of strain, help and support for all problems occuring during childhood from birth to graduation, and other activities supporting these families. Parents, especially single parents, of chronically ill or disabled children are facing a very difficult life-task, which demands a great deal of additional resources from these parents: mentally physically financially (continual shortness of money or even worse)

4 Fulfilling their desire
Petra Moske Elisabeth Schuh to help affected children and their families in the long run and with lasting effects, Petra Moske and Elisabeth Schuh founded the non-profit child and family aid organisation nestwärme e.V. in the year 1999. For the beginning, only a personal loan of 2,000 DM was at their disposal. From the beginning, nestwärme was highly committed to family and social policy and supported‚ burdened‘ parents with ‚special‘ children by means of different projects. Started as regional initiative, nestwärme provides its activities and services since nationwide and in all foreign German-speaking countries. Meanwhile, more than 700 people support nestwärme and the affected families. LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen nestwärme understands the support of families also as a fundamental basis for promoting our country and society.

5 Public administration (Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate)
Further foundation in 2004 In 2004, nestwärme e.V. Deutschland founded a public utility institution, the Children‘s Center of Excellence nestwärmeKinderkompetenzzentrum – gemeinnützige GmbH. A team of experienced specialists provides services like intensive home care and an integrative day-care centre for healthy, ill and disabled children aged 0-3 years. Public administration (Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate) LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen To address the special need of families and single parents in this burdensome situation, the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Health of the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate supports the 1st Expert Advice Centre for Families and Single Parents of Severely and Chronically Ill Children in Rhineland-Palatinate operated by nestwärme gGmbH Kinderkompetenzzentrum. Cooperation with enterprises Together with two innovative initiatives and a private enterprise, nestwärme founded the „House of Family“ (Haus der Familie) as service centre for families, children and senior citizens, officially recognized as multi-generation house by the present German Minister of Family Affairs, Ursula von der Leyen.

6 Mission nestwärme provides help for families with chronically ill and disabled children or single parents that are caring their children at home, in Germany and abroad, in order to relieve the burden of these families, to improve their quality of life and help preventing them from becoming socially excluded. nestwärme acts as social entrepreneur, thinking in economic terms, committed to use its exceptional creativity and outstanding reputation for the solution of a social problem. For this mission, we have strong partners in the business sector who are aware of their social responsibility. They closely cooperate with us within the scope of their business operations to realize the concept of corporate social responsibility together with nestwärme. LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

7 Usually projects Daily business
Major concerns of nestwärme e.V. Deutschland Usually projects To help „pad the family nest“ of socially disadvantaged, severely ill, and disabled children and their brothers and sisters. Daily business LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen To enable nuclear families, to autonomously realize + seize + develop their opportunities in an ever-changing society. To improve the quality of life of the parents and of the severely ill and disabled children and to work together with them on their individual chances.

8 Main focus of activities
Establishment of a sustainable, long-lasting network supporting and promoting socially disadvantaged children, families and single parents with severely ill or disabled children and their brothers and sisters Individual support, advice, stabilization and relief of the strain of families and single parents with children showing behavioural problems, chronically ill or disabled children as well as socially disadvantaged children Lobbying, public relations and projects as a chance for the affected children Empowering families to help themselves Engagement for the society in two ways: nestwärme e.V. Deutschland helps socially disadvantaged children and their parents nestwärme e.V. Deutschland conveys values, takes responsibility, creates new job positions and relieves the state through its own initiatives LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

9 Further activities nestwärme supplements the national social welfare and health system nestwärme enters, where feasible, into partnership with other regional or national organisation, for the sake of the children and families of the target group nestwärme keeps contact to stakeholders from the whole range of community, regional and national politics and tries to involve them into activities as far as possible – engaging also the members of the advisory board and celebrities to act as „door opener“ nestwärme organizes meetings and congresses on the issues of integration, families ‚under constant strain‘, and children‘s health in the federal states of Lower Saxony, Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Bavaria LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

10 Cooperations with companies Permanent and temporary support
Latham & Watkins (solicitor‘s office) Luxair (airlines company) Michelin (tire production site) Microsoft and Hewlett/Packard Mila Design (producer and designer of consumer items) Park Plaza, Trier (hotel) Schaffer AG (producer of cuddly toys) Tupperware Germany Vodafone Foundation Germany ….and many others…. nestwärme e.V. Deutschland acts as mediator for companies that want to invest in society and are eager cooperate with us in finding sustainable and long-lasting solutions for a social problem. RTL –Spenden-Marathon (Charity TV Show) LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen Vodafone-Stiftung Deutschland (Vodafone Foundation) Michelin Reifenwerke (Tire production site) etc. … Tupperware Germany Permanent and temporary support Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov

11 nestwärme is supported by many celebrities, e.g.
Kurt Beck Bettina Tiedjen Jörg Knör Kurt Beck (Prime Minister of the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate) Jörg Knör (entertainer) Bettina Tiedjen (actress, tv show host) Dr. Brigitte Mohn (Bertelsmann Foundation) Frank Nimsgern (musical producer) Ingrid Peters (singer) Frank Elstner (tv show host) Ursula Meissner (photo journalist) Volkan Baydar (vocalist Orange-Blue) Alice Hoffmann (actress) Thomas Kiessling (star tenor) Frank Elstner Ingrid Peters Dr. Brigitte Mohn Frank Nimsgern Volkan Baydar Ursula Meissner Thomas Kiessling LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen Alice Hoffmann

12 Volunteerism Insights into a new world
What does nestwärme Deutschland give volunteers? Insights into a new world A special sense of one‘s own worthiness Possibility to live up to one‘s own ideals Warmth, sympathy, joy and cordiality A home and ‚nest‘ for social commitment Professional support and appreciation Possibility to volunteer one‘s time LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

13 Core values of nestwärme
Major principles equality respect / accepting others and their otherness honesty and truthfulness flexibility willingness to break new ground Meaning is given by being … creative … reliable … gifted for improvisation … unbureaucratic … enthusiastic … LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen nestwärme is … commitment … help … support… Showing love and respect for others and the otherness, by one‘s own deeds and a strong belief in the guiding principle of mutual giving and receiving. nestwärme means:

14 Facts & Figures (Last update: 01.01.2007)
Total sum Range of activity Remarks 13,500 Families Unbureaucratic support and consulting services tailored to the individual needs, all over Germany 131 In the foreign countries of Europe 123 Disabled girls and women In Sri Lanka 996 Parents and single parents Expert hotline 7,580 Project Nestwärme-Stunden (nestwärme hours) 1,732 Project „ZeitSchenken“ (GivingTime) 2,210 Project „Parents help parents“ 320 Primary-school pupils Project „Irgendwie Anders“ (Somehow different) 2753 Children and families Children‘s Centre of Excellence Trier + Saarland nestwärme gGmbH 925 Expert Advice Centre 133,987 Site visits 2,830 5,233 LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

15 Awards 2001 Startsocial – Hilfe braucht Helfer (Help needs helpers)
Multimedia-wettbewerb RLP (Multimedia competition) 2005 Hauptpreisträger HanseMerkur Preis für Kinderschutz (First Prize HanseMerkur Award for the Protection of Children) 2005 Auszeichnung für Katastrophenhilfe Sri Lanka (Award for emergency aid in Sri Lanka) LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

16 „Goldener Tabaluga“ (Golden Tabaluga Award)
Awards 2005 Landesverdienstorden RLP (Order of Merit of the Federal State of Rhineland-Palatinate) 2006 Petra Moske one of the five finalists in the competition „Social Entrepreneur 2006” Germany 2006 „Goldener Tabaluga“ (Golden Tabaluga Award) LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

17 Awards 2006 Certificate „berufundfamilie“ (jobandfamily)
awarded by German Ministers of Family Affairs and Economic Affairs 2006 Award for help in Sri Lanka by „Jugend hilft“ (Youth helps) 2006 „Frau des Jahres 2006“ „Woman of the Year 2006“ awarded by the publishing house Axel-Springer-Verlag LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

18 EUWIIN Special Recognition Award 2007
Awards 2007 EUWIIN Special Recognition Award 2007 by the European Union Women Inventors & Innovators Network "EUWIIN“ LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

19 nestwärme House in Trier: Families and children in need
Familien und Kinder in Not nestwärme House in Trier: Families and children in need Tasks Solutions München Berlin Hamburg Luxemburg disabled child Individual help chronically ill child Individual consulting separation of parents LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen Lobbying unemployment Consulting Online/Hotline mental problems Advanced training severely ill child Personality development behavioural problems Workshops socially disadvantaged Relief of strain truancy Youth welfare service Intensive care service

20 nestwärme e.V. Deutschland
Project „ nestwärme gGmbH Children‘s Centre of Excellence Expert hotline for parents Expert Advice Centre for caring and supporting severely and chronically ill children in Rhineland-Palatinate Project “ZeitSchenken“ (GivingTime) Project „nestwärme Stunden“ (nestwärme hours) LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen Integrative day-care centre for children under the age of 3 years Project „Irgendwie Anders“ (Somehow different) Project „Eltern helfen Eltern“ (Parents help parents) Ambulant children‘s nursing service General consulting services and family assistance individual help Project „Help for Sri Lanka“ Sociomedical aftercare

21 nestwärme e.V. Deutschland
paediatric clinic paediatrists foundations associations organisations companies members of the social and healthcare sector - and many others…. Cooperating and networking with Luxembourg Luxembourg - city Hamburg Hesse Frankfurt Bavaria Nuremberg North Rhine- Westphalia Leverkusen Sri Lanka Switzerland Austria Berlin Saarland Saarbrücken Munich nestwärme gGmbH Children‘s Centre of Excellence in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen Information and Coordination Centre Trier

22 nestwärme e.V. Deutschland Advisory board:
Staff: Project work: -Ute Stenkamp -Nadine Knauer -Andrea Kedenburg -Ottmar Klauss -B..I..S.. -benefit -Agenturhaus -Buyregio -TED-Geyer -Meta Beratung nestwärme e.V. Deutschland Advisory board: Honorary executive board:1. chairperson Petra Moske -Margret Möllenkamp-Lintz 2. chairperson Elisabeth Schuh -Dr. Richard Auenheimer Treasurer: Sybille Gangolf -Walter Bockemühl Secretary: Ulrike Frosch -Dr. Dieter Everz Assesor: Yvonne Schmieder -Christoph Grimm -Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Rauh -Dr. med. Agathe Traut -Dr. Joachim Wilbers -Sandra Overwin -Michaela Plümecke nestwärme gGmbH Children‘s Centre of Excellence Managing director: Elisabeth Schuh Manager nursing services: Sonja Groeger Office assistant: René Schaefer Hamburg Honorary office manager: Heinz-Gerhard Wilkens Organisation: Anne Fleck Project manager: Maren Heuer Bavaria Nuremberg Honorary office manager: N.N. Organisation: Project manager: Margot Gröhn Hesse Frankfurt Honorary office manager : Ottmar Klauss Organisation: N.N. Project manager: Ottmar Klaus Luxembourg Luxembourg-City Honorary office manager : Isabelle von Spoerken Organisation: N.N. Project manager: Switzerland Honorary office manager: N.N. Organisation: Project manager: LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen General management: Petra Moske North Rhine-Westphalia Leverkusen/Wuppertal Honorary office manager : Christa Steiner. Organisation: Wolfgang Entner Project manager: N.N. Bavaria Munich Honorary office manager : Ulrike Grönewegen-Weik Organisation: N.N. Project manager: Karin Ayx Berlin Honorary office manager : Stefanie Link Organisation: N.N. Project manager: Simone Jank Saarland Saarbrücken Honorary office manager : Elisabeth Schuh Organisation: Dagmar Munkelt Project manager: Yvonne Schmieder Sri Lanka Honorary office manager: Christoph Ernesti Organisation: Project manager: Kumudu Austria Honorary office manager: Heinz Peter Schneider Organisation: Olga Zinell. Project manager: Renate Faschingbauer

23 Social responsibility
What else does nestwärme give society? Example: 400 people volunteer their time to achieve a common purpose Average amount of time spent by volunteers: 4-8 hrs per week 200 volunteers á 4 hrs/week = 210 hrs per year (10 Euro) = 420,000 Euros 200 volunteers á 8 hrs/week = 420 hrs per year (10 Euro) = 840,000 Euros 420, ,000 = 1,260,000 Euros!!! of voluntary work per year In addition, nestwärme takes over responsibility and provides society with its expert knowledge and volunteers management.

24 nestwärme Children‘s Centre of Excellence
40 employees provide: intensive nursing service for children expert advice for parents with severely and chronically ill children integrative day-care centre for children between 0-3 years general consulting services and family assistance sociomedical aftercare LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

25 Project „Expert hotline for parents“
centralized hotline to guide parents through the overload of information provided on regional and national level according to their individual needs cooperation with network partners all over Germany affected parents work as experts for the hotline or consulting service LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

26 Project Interactive internet platform providing comprehensive information and communication options growing adaptive portal for affected persons, service providers and public authorities parents receive help and advice from, e.g., paediatrists, paeditric nurses, psychologists, paedagogues, lawyers, bank employees, and mediators, all working voluntarily LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

27 Project „nestwärme hours“
vouchers for at least 4 hours of spare time local children‘s nursing service or confidant takes care of the child parents may finally take a time-off for themselves, as a couple or to spend time with the ‚healthy‘ brother or sister LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

28 Project „GivingTime“ coordination and mediation between affected families and volunteers according to their individual requirements families receive individual help to relieve their strain, volunteers gain new experiences in these families volunteers are supported by further training and continuous assistance LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

29 Project „Parents help parents“
Aim: using experiences of affected parents for self-help guided monthly meetings children‘s care service provided by paediatric nurse LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

30 Project „Somehow different“
offered to primary schools (project days) issues: social exclusion and tolerance presented by music and stage play and a tutorial based on the book „Irgendwie Anders“ (Somehow different) aim: promoting social commitment of pupils through active participation in voluntary work CD: „Alle Kinder brauchen Wärme“ (Every child needs warmth), text spoken by Federal Minister Kurt Beck and entertainer Jörg Knör LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

31 Project „Without frontiers - Help for Sri Lanka“
help for disabled and disadvantaged children in the disaster area funding of medical aids and treatment cooperation for rebuilding houses funding of the project through, e.g. selling goods produced by the locals in Germany: children organize and realize fundraising activities for Sri Lanka LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

32 Individual help for families
LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen individual and unbureaucratic consulting service and assistance providing help also through network partners providing financial help, e.g. through contacts with foundations

33 Thank you for your attention!
Phone: Christophstrasse 1 54290 Trier nestwärme e.V. Deutschland LBV Orga nur für intern wegen MA Zahlen

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