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Welcome to the COMMISSIONER ORIENTATION. Enabling Legislation National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993.

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2 Enabling Legislation National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993

3 Role of State Commissions Responsible for developing a comprehensive National Service Plan ---using service as a strategy to address state and local needs Assembling applications for funding and approved national service positions ---run fair and open grant competition Administer national and community service programs in the State --- monitor for compliance and provide T/TA

4 Requirements for State Commissions Commission Board Members are Governor appointed The board will consist of 15-25 voting members Not more than 50% plus one of the board may be from the same political party

5 Requirements for State Commissions The Chairperson is elected by the voting members of the Commission Board CNCS will designate one of its employees to serve as a representative to each state or group of states

6 Alphabet Soup Exercise

7 Why a Corporation? Part of the Federal Government's move to reinvent government and operate in a manner similar to large businesses and corporations –Board of Directors –Performance-based workplans and assessments –Create a flatter organizational structure –Be able to accept corporate resources –Minimize government red tape Allow CNCS to be more streamlined, more accountable to Congress and grantees, and customer service-based

8 CNCS Mission The mission of the Corporation for National and Community Service is to improve lives, strengthen communities, and foster civic engagement through service and volunteering.

9 Guiding Principles Put the needs of local communities first. Strengthen public-private partnerships. Build stronger, more efficient, and more sustainable community networks capable of mobilizing volunteers to address local needs, including disaster preparedness and response. Measure and continually improve our programs' benefits.

10 Guiding Principles Build collaborations wherever possible across our programs and with other Federal programs. Help rural and economically distressed communities obtain access to public and private resources. Support diverse organizations. Stimulate life-long civic engagement.

11 2006-2010 Strategic Initiatives Baby boomers Youth from disadvantaged circumstances Higher education Volunteer generation

12 Links to Congress Two step process for establishing and funding federal agencies and programs –Authorization Establishes and continues the agency –Appropriation Provides the money annually

13 The Corporation for National and Community Services Programs

14 Senior Corps Foster Grandparent Program Senior Companion Program RSVP

15 AmeriCorps AmeriCorps*State and National AmeriCorps*VISTA AmeriCorps*National Civilian Community Corps

16 AmeriCorps*State Grants through state commissions Formula and competitive Matching Operating and member support Education Award Only

17 AmeriCorps*National National Direct Tribes National Professional Corps National Education Award Program National Planning

18 AmeriCorps*VISTA Full-time members Serve in community organizations and public agencies Build capacity Focus on poverty

19 AmeriCorps*NCCC Full-time residential program Men and women aged 18-24 Direct, team-based national and community service.

20 Learn and Serve America Schools Higher education institutions Community-based organizations Engage students, their teachers and others in service to meet community needs.

21 Roles Within the States CNCS State Office State Service Commission State Department of Education

22 State Service Commissions Created by National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993 Governor appointed public agencies or private nonprofit organizations

23 State Commission Activities Administer AmeriCorps*State Broader vision of service as a strategy to address local needs

24 State Commission Structure Governors/Lt. Governors Office Free standing or stand alone state agency Embedded in a State Agency Non-profit

25 State Commission Focus Areas Youth Development Volunteer Generation K-12 Education Children, Youth & Family Community Development Disaster Relief Environment

26 Administrative Standards History Spring 1998- Present –A Standards Working Group May-Sept 1999 –The Standards Pilot Project completed February 2000 –OMB approved the State Administrative Standards Reviews 2000-2004 –All State commissions completed an Administrative Standards Review 2004-2006 –Seventeen commissions completed a second Administrative Standards Review May-Sept 2007 –Six to seven additional commissions will complete a second Administrative Standards Review

27 PURPOSE To ensure that State commissions have adequate operational systems in place for the administration of federal funds in order to implement national service The Corporation has an effective tool for assessing state commission systems State commissions with quality administrative capacities are recognized

28 STANDARDS OBJECTIVES To establish basic competencies of state commission operation To provide: –a set of standards that all commissions must meet without prescribing the strategy each commission uses to achieve the standards –a consistent strategy for assessing the capacity of all state commissions To help: –state commissions identify areas for continuous improvement and technical assistance needs –the Corporation identify priorities for training and technical assistance in order to strengthen the capacity of commissions

29 OVERVIEW of ASR TOOL Part I: Commission Operations (Planning, Communications, and Resource –4 standards Part II: Commissions Oversight of Subgrants (Program and Fiscal Management) –4 standards


31 Commissioner Quiz Exercise

32 COMING SOON! Online Commissioner Orientation Use as a: –Refresher for Experienced Commissioners –Resource to Help You Orient Your New Commissioners

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