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Major Religions in Europe

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1 Major Religions in Europe

2 Standard SS6G11: The Student will describe the cultural characteristics of Europe B. Describe the major religions in Europe; include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

3 Three Major Religions Judaism Christianity Islam

4 Judaism Founder: Abraham Date: 2000 BC Followers called: Jews
Place of Worship: Synagogue

5 Judaism Holy Book: Torah Number of followers: 15 Million
Torah is the 1st five books of Moses Torah Scroll

6 Judaism Three main types: Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform
Nearly wiped out in Europe by Hitler and Nazi Germany Concentration Camp

7 Christianity Founder: Jesus Christ Date: 30 A.D.
Followers called: Christians Place of Worship: Church

8 Christianity Holy Book: Bible Number of followers: 2.1 Billion
1St five books of Moses make up the 1St five books of the bible

9 Christianity 3 Major Groups: Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Protestant Protestants include: Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Episcopalians, Christianity is the largest religion by followers and is in most parts of the world

10 Islam Founder: Muhammad Date 610 A.D. Followers called: Muslims
Place of Worship: Mosque

11 Islam Holy Book: Koran Number of followers: 1.3 Billion
Muslims believe that Muhammad was the last of the prophets which include Abraham and Jesus

12 Islam Two largest groups include: Sunnis and Shiites
Main religion of Middle East, North Africa, and Asia Number of followers growing at a fast rate 5 pillars of Islam: 1)Prayer, 2)giving to charity, 3)belief in one God, 4)fasting during Ramadan, and 5)a trip to Mecca once in a lifetime

13 B.C. to A.D. Timeline Calendars uses the birth of Christ as a way of dating history events

14 History of Religion in Europe
Wars fought because of Religion Crusades- Military expeditions sent by the Christian pope to capture the Holy land from Muslim Turks Crusades

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