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Cell Cycle Regulation & Cancer

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1 Cell Cycle Regulation & Cancer

2 Normal Cell Cycle Cyclins: proteins
CDKs (Cyclin dependent kinases): enzymes Cyclins and CDKs bind together to activate parts of the cell cycle

3 Normal Cell Cycle G1 checkpoint G2 checkpoint M checkpoint
If something is wrong, cycle will STOP

4 ABNormal Cell Cycle CANCER: when cell cycle regulations fail
Crowd out normal cells Spend less time in Interphase

5 ABNormal Cell Cycle Apoptosis:cell death( if damaged)
Cancer: no apoptosis

TWO TYPES OF TUMORS Benign: stays contained Malignant: spread to nearby tissue or other organs

7 Why are Tumors bad? Angiogenesis: when tumors get a blood supply
nutrients and oxygen go to tumor

8 Why are Tumors bad? Metastasis: pieces of tumor travel through blood to other organs


10 Causes of cancer Gene Mutations: changes in genes that control cell cycle What causes these mutations?

11 Cancer causes Carcinogens: cancer causing substances
EX: tobacco smoke, asbestos Radiation EX: UV light from sun, X-rays

12 Cancer causes Virus EX: Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Hereditary
EX: breast Sporadic (no reason)

13 Treatments Prevention!!!!!
Diet, exercise, healthy weight, no smoking, limit alcohol Screenings Catch it early! Mammograms Pap smear Colonoscopy

14 Treatments Surgery Remove tumor and surrounding tissue Radiation
Directly kill tumor Chemotherapy Drug treatment

15 Incidence Rates: Male (From CDC) Female

16 Death Rates: Male Female


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