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What is cancer? Is it contagious?

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1 What is cancer? Is it contagious?

2 What is It? Proto-oncogenes: genes that start cell division
Oncogenes: “cancer genes”, caused by mutations in Proto-oncogenes, cause cells to divide constantly Tumor Suppressors: stop cell division, if mutated they won’t stop it Then Cancer is a group of cells that “forgot” how to stop dividing

3 Tumors Tumors: a large mass of rapidly dividing cells Types of Tumors:
Benign: cannot spread to form new tumors Malignant (cancerous): able to spread to other tissues Metastasis: the spreading of tumors Tumors take away blood supply and nutrients from normal cells and interfere with normal cell functions

4 Causes of Cancer Age Radiation: UV light, x-rays, radioactive substances Carcinogens: chemicals that mutate DNA Gasoline, tobacco smoke, tobacco (chewed) Viruses: ex: Hepatitis = #1 cause of liver cancer Heredity Alcohol Obesity

5 Protection from Cancer
Avoid the above Keep immune system strong (exercise, sleep, avoid stress, eat right) Don’t drink, don’t smoke (secondhand included) Don’t sunburn!

6 Cancer Treatments Surgical removal of tumors
Radiation: beams of radiation target/destroy tumors Chemotherapy: use of drugs to treat cancer Target/destroy fast-dividing cells

7 Question (answer in your notes)
Hair grows from hair follicles, pockets of continually dividing cells in the outer layer of the skin. New cells are added to the base of a hair shaft, inside each follicle. Use what you have learned to explain why cancer patients often lose their hair when receiving chemotherapy and grow more hair after chemotherapy stops.

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