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Mitosis & Cancer: When Making New Cells Goes Terribly Wrong!

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2 Mitosis & Cancer: When Making New Cells Goes Terribly Wrong!

3 When is mitosis a good thing?  When you have to add or replace cells  growth & development  repair  replacement

4 When is mitosis a BAD thing  When cells reproduce & they are not needed  these cells take over organs, but don’t do the right job  they just keep making copies  cancer  damages organs

5 What is cancer?  Disease where body cells reproduce at an abnormal rate.  Mitosis occurring at a rapid rate – increasing the # of cells when not needed  Shape and nucleus of cell have been damaged.  Abnormal cells start to crowd and invade normal cells.

6 Why would cells just make copies?  If DNA gets damaged, cells stop listening to correct instructions  Carcinogens (mutations)  Causes of mutations:  UV radiation  chemical exposure  radiation exposure  viruses  cigarette smoke  pollution  age  genetics

7 Cancer Cells Developing

8 Tumors  Benign tumor  abnormal cells remain at original site as a lump  most do not cause serious problems & can be removed by surgery

9 Tumors  Malignant tumor  cells leave original site  carried by blood system to other tissues  start more tumors  damage functions of organs throughout body

10 Treatments for cancers  Treatments kill rapidly dividing cells  chemotherapy  poisonous drugs that kill rapidly dividing cells  radiation  high energy beam kills rapidly dividing cells side effects

11 Treatments for cancers  Surgery  Cut out tumor and some healthy cells around it  To decrease spreading  Biological Therapies  Use body’s immune system to fight cancer cells  Often used to lessen the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy

12 How can I help prevent cancer?  Healthy lifestyle and environment can help you prevent cancer.  No smoking  Eat healthy  Exercise  Sun safety  Early detection  Get tested (prostate, pap)

13 Cancer

14 Any Questions??

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