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What do you think of when you see the word… Alcohol.

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1 What do you think of when you see the word… Alcohol

2 What do you think of when you see the word… Drugs

3 What do you think of when you see the word… Cigarettes

4 What do you know already? True or False 1. Abuse of alcohol can lead to addiction. TRUE

5 2. When a person uses alcohol or other drugs for a long period of time, tolerance develops causing the person to need more of the substance to feel a “high” TRUE 3. Alcoholism is NOT a disease. FALSE

6 4. The brain and liver suffer the most damage when a person drinks heavily for many years. TRUE 5. There are signs to warn a person that his or her “using” may be leading to addiction. TRUE

7 6. Drinking and using drugs alone is a warning sign that may indicate addiction TRUE 7. Beer is “weaker” than vodka. FALSE

8 8. Because alcohol is a stimulant, it tends to pep you up. FALSE 9. The body can eliminate about 5 ounces of alcohol per hour. FALSE 10. Alcohol hinders athletic performance. TRUE

9 11. Alcohol does the greatest damage to the liver, brain and heart. TRUE 12. Alcohol is high in calories and has no nutritional value. TRUE

10 13. It is okay to have a couple of drinks and drive. FALSE 14. If you drink milk and coat your stomach, you won’t get as drunk. FALSE 15. Mixing drugs and alcohol is dangerous. TRUE

11 Why do people drink? Fun Tastes good Takes edge off Relieve stress More outgoing Expected by society Advertisements Forget about problems Celebrate Blurs reality “Something to do” Addicted

12 Why do teens drink? Peer pressure Need to fit in Curiosity To escape problems Encouraged or pressured by the media For the “high” To feel grown up To look “cool” Encouragement from parents on imitating parents To relax

13 What are reasons someone would abstain from alcohol? To drive Bad hangover Illegal Expensive Do things you wouldn’t normally do Can get sick Don’t remember things (black out) Can get grounded Against morals and values Not in control Lose job Damages your body Lose brain cells Liver and kidney damage

14 What has the same amount of alcohol? 5 oz. of Wine = 1 can (12 oz.) of Beer = 1 ½ oz. shot of Liquor = ½ oz. of alcohol


16 What’s in beer? 3-8 % alcohol Fermentation of cereal grains plus malt Hops may be added for flavour

17 What’s in wine? 8-14% alcohol Fermentation of grapes or other fruit

18 What’s in hard liquor? 40-50% alcohol Distillation of a fermented brew of grain, fruit or molasses

19 How does alcohol affect your brain? After 1-2 drinks BAC: 0.01 to 0.05 Systems slow down, relaxed feeling, slight decrease in fine motor skills After 3-4 drinks BAC: 0.05 to 0.10 Decreased fine motor skills, performance and responsiveness reduced, reduction in judgment, reaction time affected, appear more alert and talkative (0.08 is the legal driving limit)

20 After 5-7 drinks BAC: 0.10 to 0.18 Senses are dulled (speech, hearing, vision) Balance is altered – person may stagger Decreased sense of pain After 8-12 drinks BAC: 0.20 to 0.33 Reflexes decreased, body temp drops, blood circulation slows, respiration slows Unconsciousness may occur Further drinking may cause coma and eventual death

21 Path of Alcohol in the Body Mouth Stomach Small Intestine Bloodstream (Heart) Brain Liver


23 In the brain: alcohol goes to the brain almost immediately after consumption In the liver: alcohol is oxidized at the rate of ½ oz per hour Alcohol converted into water and carbon dioxide Water released through sweat and urine Carbon dioxide released through breathing (breath smells)

24 Your Assignment… Research a drug and prepare an information powerpoint that includes the following: Name of the drug and alternative names Description and illustration of the drug History of the drug Long term and short term effects of the drug Legalities of the drug in Canada Street price or value of the drug (small quantity; i.e ounce) Addiction support groups and/or counseling in Kingston Any other interesting information

25 DUE: ___________is the library research day My topic is: ______________________ BE CREATIVE!

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