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A drug that slows down brain and body reactions

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1 A drug that slows down brain and body reactions
Alcohol is… A Depressant A drug that slows down brain and body reactions The most widely abused drug among high school students.

2 12 oz. domestic beer 10 oz. microbrew beer 10 oz. wine cooler 4-5 oz
12 oz. domestic beer 10 oz. microbrew beer 10 oz. wine cooler 4-5 oz. wine 1.5 oz. large shot (80 proof)

3 Teens and Alcohol Influenced by: Peers Family Media

4 How Alcohol Affects the Body
Cardiovascular System Slows heart rate More blood flows to skin’s surface Core body temp decreases Excretory Kidneys increase urine production Nervous System Brain activity slows Reflexes become sluggish Coordination becomes impaired Digestive System Too much alcohol in stomach may cause vomiting

5 Other Short Term Effects
Slurred speech Drowsiness Vomiting Diarrhea Upset stomach Headaches Breathing difficulties Distorted vision and hearing Impaired judgment Anemia Loss of red blood cells Coma Blackouts Memory lapses, where the drinker cannot remember events that occurred while under the influence

6 Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC):
The amount of alcohol in a person’s blood, expressed as a percentage

7 Factors Affecting BAC Rate of consumption: The rate at which your liver breaks down alcohol Gender: When consuming the same amount of alcohol, a man’s BAC will be lower than a females Body size: Smaller people (by weight and height) feel the effects of alcohol more than larger people Amount of food: Drinking on an empty stomach increases the rate of alcohol absorption into the bloodstream

8 Blood Alcohol Concentration

9 When Blood Alcohol Concentration is…
Reflexes and alertness decline Judgment and self-control are impaired Reaction time slows Muscle coordination decreases Vomiting usually occurs Emotions become exaggerated, unstable, or violent 0.20 Confusion, dizziness, ad disorientation occur Vision and speech are impaired Blackouts are typical 0.30 Ability to stand or walk is lost Loss of consciousness may occur 0.40 Loss of consciousness usually occurs Death may occur 0.50 or higher Death usually occurs

10 What is the ONLY thing that can sober a person up?

11 Life Threatening Effects
Alcohol poisoning: taking an excessive amount of a drug that leads to coma or death When drinking, many think they will pass out before this limit Not true: alcohol continues to be absorbed into the blood for minutes after a person’s last drink Drinkers BAC can still increase after they become unconscious

12 Life Threatening Effects Continued
Warning signs of Overdose (alcohol poisoning): Cold Clammy Hands Slow or irregular respiration Vomiting while “sleeping” Cannot be wakened Person is unconscious Binge drinker- the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol at one sitting

13 Long Term Risks of Alcohol
Brain Damage Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Liver Damage Heart Disease Digestive Problems Alcoholism Malnutrition Cancer of the mouth and throat Ulcers Gastritis Inflammation of stomach walls Alcohol poisoning High blood pressure, stroke, and other heart related diseases Nerve damage Sexual problems

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