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HR1 – Recruitment & Selection Dee Mullner and Mary Smith Wednesday 10 September 2014.

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1 HR1 – Recruitment & Selection Dee Mullner and Mary Smith Wednesday 10 September 2014

2 Objectives By the end of the session, you will be able to:  Describe the Line Manager role in recruiting and selecting staff at the NHS LA  Comply with the policy, procedure and process for recruiting and selecting staff at the NHS LA  Utilise the support offered by HR during the recruitment and selection and exit process  Explore the challenges of recruiting and selecting staff and how they can be overcome  Understand importance of procedural fairness in recruitment and selection.

3 Equality and Diversity  All recruitment should be conducted in accordance with the principles of equality and diversity  Protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 are: Sex, Race, Sexual orientation, Gender Reassignment, Martial Status, Age, Religion or Belief, Disability, pregnancy and maternity  NHS Jobs is designed to filter out any unconscious bias on the above grounds as managers cannot see who is applying for the roles at the shortlisting stage  All interview questions must be designed and tested to filter out any bias and therefore is it recommended to use the same questions for each applicant

4 Programme Outline  Introduction  Your experience of recruitment and selection  Using interactive methods, mapping the procedure and process for recruiting and selecting staff at NHS LA  Break  Competency-based interview questions  Recruitment and contractual issues  Throughout session will be referring to a fictional vacancy – Project Officer

5 DISCUSSION: Your experiences of recruitment and selection

6 EXERCISE: Mapping the process of recruitment and selection

7 Walkthrough of the process of recruitment and selection

8 Pre-Advertising  Vacancy arises  Recruiting Manager responsible for completing and submitting Business Case to Departmental Director/Deputy Director of Finance and Head of HR for sign off and approval (for the purposes of financial funding and workforce establishment)  Recruiting Manager responsible for submitting approved and agreed Business Case to Head of HR who is responsible for submitting Business Case to ROC; Business Cases will not be submitted to ROC without Director/Finance and HR sign off  ROC approves Business Case  Head of HR informs Recruiting Manager of outcome

9 Advertising  Recruiting Manager responsible for submitting advert and Job Description to HR Adviser  HR Adviser responsible for advertising vacancy on NHS Jobs  All posts are advertised internally first  Vacancy can close early if enough applications have been submitted (some posts attract over 300 applications)

10 EXERCISE: Drafting an advert

11 Shortlisting  HR Adviser sends NHS Jobs link to Shortlisting Panel members  Shortlisting Panel review and score applicants on NHS Jobs (either individually or when meetings together as the Panel)  Rationale as to why candidates have not been shortlisted must be detailed and entered for each application and each area of competency  All decisions and outcomes made must be recorded and entered on NHS Jobs by Shortlisting Panel  Use of Person Specification to shortlist

12 Scr Screen shot of NHS jobs shortlist link of NHS jobs

13 Competency-based interview questions

14 What is a Competency-based interview?  Competency is more precisely defined as the “behaviours that employees must have, or must acquire to input into a situation, in order to achieve high levels of performance”  Competency-based interview questions will usually refer to activities a candidate has participated in, that can be used to effectively display evidence of a particular competency  Also use of other forms of selection – presentation, written exercise

15 Competency-based interview questions  Competency Based Interview Questions could assess the following:  Responsibility level (eg. planning, organisation and time management skills)  Commitment to Career/Career Motivation (eg. Learning & Development/CPD)  Decision Making (eg. analysis & judgemental skills)  Communication Skills (eg. negotiation and influencing skills)  Leadership (eg. problem solving and initiative skills)  Vision and Values or E and D (PEER – Professional, Expert, Ethical and Respectful)


17 EXERCISE: Writing competency- based interview questions

18 Interviewing and outcome  Interview Panel should include at least two people plus HR representative when appropriate  Other forms of assessment (exercise/test/presentation) might be used and taken into account  Interview Panel scores each applicant (0, 1, 2)  Interview Panel makes decision on who to appoint using scoring outcome and other forms of selection  Recruiting Manager responsible for contacting unsuccessful candidates by telephone with outcome of interview  Ensure feedback is offered to all candidates  Interview Panel Packs must be returned to HR

19 Contractual issues

20 Selection and Offer of Employment  Recruiting Manager responsible for informing HR Adviser who has been successful following interview  Recruiting Manager must have conversation with HR Adviser prior to contacting successful candidate with regards to starting salary  Recruiting Manager responsible for contacting successful candidate by telephone, stating starting salary  Recruiting Manager confirms start date with candidate only after OH Clearance and references have been received; HR Adviser will inform Recruiting Manager when these have been received

21 On-Boarding  HR Adviser sends New Starter Pack to new employee once start date has been agreed between Line Manager and employee  Line Manager responsible for completing, signing and sending IT New Starter Form to IT Helpdesk  HR Adviser responsible for undertaking:  ID checks (first day of employment)  HR Induction (first day of employment)  Line Manager responsible for undertaking Departmental Induction  Education & Learning invite new starter to Corporate Induction

22 Probation  Probation Period is for 6 months; this is detailed in the Offer Letter and Contract of Employment  Line Manager responsible for undertaking Probationary Review Meetings each month during Probation Period  Line Manager responsible for submitting Probationary Review Meeting Form to HR Adviser immediately after each Probationary Review Meeting  Probation Policy and Procedure is on NHS LA Intranet; Probationary Review Meeting Form is attached to the Policy and Procedure

23 Contract variations  Contract Variations can arise from the following:  Change to contracted weekly hours  Change of post (e.g. successful candidate to new post)  Temporary Acting Up  Contract Variation Letters are produced and sent to employee by HR; copy sent to Line Manager

24 Exit process  Employee resigns (e.g. retirement, leaving organisation)  Line Manager responsible for submitting copy of employee resignation letter to HR Adviser  HR Adviser produces and sends Confirmation of Resignation Letter to employee; copy sent to Line Manager  HR Adviser sends Exit Interview Consent Form and Exit Interview Questionnaire to employee and arranges Exit Interview with HR Adviser  Line Manager and employee responsible for signing Termination Form; Line Manager responsible for submitting form to HR Adviser in time for Payroll deadline  Data shared with Board and soon with SMT and SEG

25 Next steps and close

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